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  1. Hey all, just getting back to the site after being away for a little. Figured I would say hey again just to re-introduce myself. I am a mentor that is looking for guys that feel they need someone to help provide guidance, direction, support and motivation. Most of my experience has been with guys looking to improve their grades in college. Always up for just chatting and meeting new people too. So, feel free to say hey. Oh, and I'm 32yo not 25 like my profile says. Btw, how do I update that???
  2. Hey all, back on the site after a break. Figured I would put up a post just to say hey and that I am available in the area for those that are looking for a mentor. Have a good one guys.
  3. I am fine with providing both discipline and fun for the same spankee, but would probably want to establish some ground rules so that things remain clear.
  4. Work as an after school teacher and youth program director. So, I get to work with kids from 1st grade through seniors in high school.
  5. I agree, that it shouldn't be based so much on the actual grade, but to what degree she applied herself. So, if she slacked off then it seems fair especially if you had already established the goal of getting straight A's. I would just make sure that that is the case and that it is very clear that that is the reason.
  6. Hey, welcome. If ya wanna chat, hit me up.
  7. Thanks for all the input so far. Appreciate it. Would love to hear more.
  8. Hey all, I have been looking around the forums, and I have found a lot of posts on tips for new ee's. I was wondering if there were things that new er's should know too. Any suggestions on things that make things easier, safer, more comfortable, more effective ect. for both involved would be great to know both during the initial contact and then during the first session. Appreciate the advice.
  9. Hey, how's it going? I am new to all this and would be interested in any help, suggestions, advice or whatever that you could offer. I am looking to provide discipline for males college age to later 20's around Hampton Roads. Not sure what else to put on here. So, if ya have a tip or are interested in seeing if I can help you out, hit me up. Have a nice day!
  10. Shades

    Mid Atlantic

    Hey, kinda new to this. I live in Va Beach. Spankings for males college age to mid 20's. Hit me up and we can chat.
  11. Shades

    New guy

    Heya, figured I should get around to introducing myself. I am 25 and live in Va Beach. I have been interested in spanking for a while, but have no experience. I am here just to explore and learn and meet other that are interested. So, yeah, any advice or if you would wanna talk that would be great. Laters
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