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  1. cromah

    Spanking Uniform

    David, My mistress a little does differently the punishment other way. I have to take my clothes off so she makes binding me naked to the spanking bench only. She used to beat my bottom and soles with cane and sometimes I have to kiss her feet but she does not take me off, she just orders it to me.
  2. cromah

    Spanking Uniform

    Dear Spankedmedic, My female boss is a very sever lady she is almost never satisfied with my work and diligence so I get the cane from her in her villa on all Fridays. I am naked naturally under the beating. I’m tied to a whipping bench.
  3. cromah

    Spanking Uniform

    KinkyLur You have truth perfectly naturally but I would be much more liberal in connection with the uniform. I would entrust the clothes to ladies since I would like to get corporal punishment from women exclusively. I would have a proposal in connection with the shoes only possibly I would suggest wearing open sandals for them. It is necessary to kiss the cane but I think it’s more pleasant the feet kissing than the shoes. croma (cromah@citromail.hu)
  4. cromah

    witnessed spankings?

    Dear markiee, I do not have a wife yet I have only a spanking girlfriend. There is one of them who sometimes beat me with cane as foreplay. She did not enjoy particularly spanking the men but she realizes that after thrashing our sex will be more enjoyable for her too. At one of the periods of time when university is closed, she used to help a mistress. She did not want to believe my wishes at first but she got into the game already for now and she gives me a good hiding with pleasure.
  5. Switchspanker_CT You're right, quite heavy to find an f/m woman but it is not impossibility. It is possible to do this beating as foreplay. A smart lady is easy to argue for the f/m because she will get out of her pleasure soon and the women like getting married generally. What's happening in the bedroom, no one has anything to do with it
  6. cromah


    missbehaved Yes you are right. The most correct one would be the corporal punishment restoration according to my opinion.
  7. cromah


  8. The self beating did not occur to me this far. The mistresses usually trash me with cane and whip. I am tied naked down onto the spanking bench under the beating. I get the cane and whip on my ass while I am looking at a spanking video.
  9. From a physiological point of view, the body reacts in the same way. Under the beating just some it's possible to have an orgasm, than during normal sex. From a health point of view this thing has no harmful effect.
  10. Yes you are right we are pretty much like us but I like get the cane and whip etc.from women only.
  11. cromah


    I’m interesting in f/m spanking too are you a mistress?
  12. cromah

    A Fantasy Section?

    The fantasy and the reality are because of that two different things I think longer time necessary it, that let the partners realize for example how it is possible to apply the cane of imaginary world with a success in the reality.
  13. cromah

    A Fantasy Section?

    Hi Bastroptk' I have favourite stories, what I took down from the net I would send some with pleasure from among them and we could discuss them but the f/m interests me only. I would be able to write femdom stories based on my own ideas in English possibly, but I am afraid of it there would be many grammatical mistakes inthem.
  14. cromah

    A Fantasy Section?

    I like the idea
  15. cromah

    Hi from Lakewood,Colorado

    Hi theresa8872 I welcome you we may be friend but there is the problem I’m a male spankee only unfortunately.