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  1. Another ghost on this site, it happens all the time.
  2. This sight seems to have an issue with connections..I've been on here for a number of years; and have seen what you mean. Fetlife is a better choice, you will get more responses. You will also see posts on here are several years old, and the people that post it come and then ghost.
  3. How often does your wife do this? Have you two made a video of this?
  4. Nobody is hiding, there are just so many people that say they are looking. Then nothing happens.
  5. I have enjoyed having my cock and balls spanked.
  6. I enjoy having my cock and balls spanked sometimes, when having sex, but that is it. Watching a woman do it in a video is sexy to me.
  7. It's a year after your post, this is the first time I am seeing this. I am available to give spankings.
  8. I would put it in for the spankee, however to add to the spanking having her do it in front of me is a bit more intense .
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