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  1. Female looking for disciplinary spanking

    Get your advice from shygirl, she wont give you bad advice. Welcome to the site, and take your time. I am also in the northwest.
  2. Northwest Washington Spankings

    Thank you. You also
  3. Northwest Washington Spankings

    Have a great night.
  4. Northwest Washington Spankings

    Happy halloween!!!
  5. Northwest Washington Spankings

    Hi , since you have 29 views and not one response. I thought perhaps its time to answer myself.
  6. Astoria Oregon

    Seattle area .
  7. Northwest Washington Spankings

    Hi I am Christopher and live in the Gig Harbor area . Willing to travel to other areas in the state of Washington and Oregon. Spanking has always been a part of my life, from personal relationships and to being a mentor ( which means only spankings, nothing sexual). I have had a spankee wanting sex after, however we discussed no sex and that is how it ended. My word is my bond and that is something i take seriously. I am open to questions, so if you are a spankee looking for someone to hold you accountable. Then we can talk about that.
  8. Hello, Gingerstep, i am Christopher

  9. Quiet Objects?

    A switch is so effective and so quiet!!!! In fact you could be sent out to fetch your own switch as part of the punishment.
  10. Daddy/Mentor spankings near Seattle

    I am a 43 year old Male that can provide the kind of paternal or mentor spankings, that one may need. Are you in need of being held accountable for your actions? Perhaps there is guilt you harbor, which keeps you up at night or even distracts you. We can chat here or you may contact me with email christopher7402@yahoo.com
  11. Seeking Spankers in Washington

    Hi I am in Christopher in the Gig Harbor area, and welcome to talk anytime.
  12. Hi Mari, its been some time since we last chatted. How have you been?

  13. Offering spankings for a woman that wants to be spanked for misdeeds, or erotic play.
  14. Couples Spanking offered

    Ok let's talk more.
  15. Couples Spanking offered

    I am a spanker that offers couples spanking, as well as one on one spankings.