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  1. I am 31 f Arizona single was spanked a lot growing up esp early teens at times i wanted to be spanked hard and cry? I want to marry a guy who will spank me when i am bad or just because i or he wants it? Im not making any promises we need to talk and i dont want to lead you on like we will get married go slow I am surprise you are a virgin i have been spanked by ex b fs 2 knew what the were doing and gave me what i wanted Latter
  2. Famos word to kids actin up while dad is driving
  3. My b f when we were teens kept a board like a paddle in his truck he would spank me with-it if i sassed him or did something he didn't like it was usually right in his truck since i am a small girl but a few times he went tothe woods took me out of truck for a even harder paddling
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