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  1. Some bad girl better correct her age on here since I have chatted with you for many years and know you are now in  your mid to late 20's, at least, though you still misbehave like a teenage child, full of mischief and extreme flirting, and mocking authority.

    1. Bratspanker42


      I agree 100%, I too, through the years have chatted with this lovely little minx and though she flirts and teases much like a teenager, and acts much like in other ways, badbecky needs to be spanked for a number of reasons and for not updating her age, she definitely is trying to hide her age.

  2. If I'm in a certain naughty type of mood I long to be spanked hard to tears the tears are like a release for me. when the spanking starts I want it so bad I feel excited but also scared and at 1st I will lift up b butt inviting the spanks and I will do this until it really starts to hurt and then I often wonder what am I doing? This hurts but I like having another person have control over me and not know when the will stop how severe it will be and what will be used. Right now I could use a hard spanking
  3. what does you rnick name here mean?

  4. hi bad girl i am bad becky i guess we both are bad and need spankings?

    1. ginan


      How bad are you two?  I was spanked Wednesday.  Misbehaved during bible study.

  5. I said yes even when dating as a teen I would tease my b / f it took him some time but he figured out I wanted/needed a spanking when I did that I still do this with my emale roommate when in a certain mood and she will spank me
  6. For me I get excited when I am told I am going to get a spanking having to wait for it for 15 minutes or more is even worst scolding as wait I and then beginning pulled otk and looking at the floor hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm hand on my tight jeans butt and I can senses when its brought up and down I love the 1st 4 or 5 smacks and I often raise up to meet them I like starting across jeans paddle and hand feeling m jeans butt at times Then spanker taking my jeans off for me makes me feel like a very bad little girl and a good panties on spanking hand or bath brush otk and until I am crying Then corner time panties at knees more scolding before being put on bed 2 pillows under waist for a 25 belt strapping bare this often will have me crying and so wet and excited
  7. seems like u r a little brat i spank bad girls at times if intrested e mail me at standbye1@cox.net i know how to spank because i have been and am spanked often myself
  8. hey whats up how are you

  9. me to dad would say go to my room get my belt out and u better be laying over that bed when i come in young lady
  10. You look great in anything you choose to wear.

  11. Hello Becky, if you ever get to NJ I would like to give you an old fashion OTK spanking like you received when you were younger. 22 is not to old for the brush.

  12. Hello Becky, if you ever get to NJ I would like to give you an old fashion OTK spanking like you received when you were younger. 22 is not to old for the brush.

  13. at times i need it severe and to be all red marked up welted and even some blue or purple marks that lasts for days or week or more if im going to get it this severe it'sbest if i am bound/ties so i can't get away or turn over etc starting out slow and working up to intense and strong fast lashes or paddling I love to touch and look at the marks then for days sometimes even smacking myself more on them Anyone else do or like this?
  14. hey i am a 23 year old male in Davenport, Iowa. I have been looking for a partner all over the place to spank, or be spanked by. email me back if you want to talk

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