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  1. McHugh


    Anyone from Nebraska on this site?
  2. I'd love to, as well. Message me!
  3. In Omaha Nebraska. Will travel a reasonable distance. Want to be stripped naked and whipped severely. Prefer female would accept a male dominant. I know lots of people look at these posts. Wish more would respond.
  4. With a variety of implements...flogger, cat o' nine tails, single tail, strap, paddle. Naked.
  5. Whipped, please. Several months ago.
  6. I am im the Omaha, Nebraska area. I need to be whipped. I need to be whipped badly. I need to be whipped as hard and as long as you can do it. Female, preferred, but will also submit to a male.
  7. Sometimes the reality doesn't match the fantasy. On the other hand, maybe he just isn't very good at it.
  8. I always prefer to be naked when I'm beaten.
  9. Hi. I joined this site several years ago but then drifted away. I am an older male submissive in need of constant and severe correction.
  10. @nahtygrl192 just saw your response to my post. If all these years later, you're still interested in online discipline, I am, too.
  11. In need of constant and severe discipline...heavy spankings, floggings, whippings with whatever implements might come to hand. I need to be stripped naked and bound if you so choose. I would love to meet a woman for online discipline sessions. I have several instruments of correction that I would love to use at your direction. Also have a webcam so you can observe and direct.
  12. I''ve been stripped naked and whipped in a public setting. It was, of course, consensual.
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