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  1. Good for you, Phil. Keep the communication open, and keep checking in on how she's feeling.
  2. Excellent. You've already gotten him spanking. Set aside an hour or so, and ask him what things he may want to explore sexually (I know, it's not the sexual aspect in your mind, but it is in his). When it's your turn, explain to him that you find it comforting and sexual to submit to him for discipline spankings. I'd suggest a trial period to see if it works amd to tweak it. Good luck!
  3. Ni, AnnieMia! They'll be given at my house, just south of Denver. But your post makes me think that Youtubing them may not be a bad idea.
  4. Hmmm. Interesting. I am about to put together a series of talks on spanking, and figure that I could get maybe six mini-lectures from it. The idea of having hands on workshops and a certificate hadn't occurred to me.
  5. You're a 34 year old man. It shall pass, or at least you'll gain more control with time.
  6. Directly under your name is a search box. Click on the word Search. "All content" comes up. Click on "Members". Then click on Advanced Search and, if necessary, "Member search". Then specify "location". Note that "kansas" and Kansas" are two different search terms. Also, try "topeka" and "Topeka", etc.
  7. First Name: Steven Age: 61 Sex Orientation: Male Spanker/Spankee/Switch: Spanker Country you are from: USA State/Providence: Colorado
  8. A few suggestions. 1. Lecturing and scolding. 2. Corner time. Facing the wall, hands by your side holding what implements will be used on you next. No talking - you are to focus on what you did. After, I ask, "So, how will you avoid this in the future?" 3. Wood. Bathbrush or hairbrush.
  9. Hi, Jess. Fancy meeting you here! Let me take a look at my list of Colorado based spankers and see if someone might be suitable. Shout out to obafgkm!
  10. Well, I'll be darned.  Hi, jelena!

  11. No. The spanking was to be for punishment. As such, it should not have been pleasurable. By making it sexual, the spanker totally messed up the spankee's headspace.
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