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  1. Where Do I Start?

    Hi Gentle Disciplinarian,

    I’m new to the forum — never even allowed myself to venture beyond “thinking about being spanked.”  I’m definitely a bit of a “late bloomer,” but I would like to learn more and, finally, experience what I’ve wanted for many years — to have a disciplinarian/mentor to help hold me accountable.  How do I even begin?  Would this forum be the right place for me?  Thank u for ur time.


    1. caningabottom


      Although not addressed to me, this is a good place to start and learn.

      There are many people here you can talk to about what you are seeking.

  2. Can I ask you a question?  can I message you?   I want to be a good girl here.  Sir.

    1. Jelena50




      How do I get a good reputation?

      what do people do to lose it?  and what happens when they do?

      are you or who the policeman for this site?

  3. I joined yesterday and clicked the site for a validation e-mail, but still have not received a reply.  The e-mail is correct on validation page - ginan91475@gmail.com.  Can anyone help me on this.


    Thank you,



  4. oohhh you changed name ?

    1. Fiona


      awwww gentle uncle !!! :)

    2. Fiona



  5. Snowy and cold. day. jammie pants and warm beverages it is then

    1. AKS


      That's my tomorrow. 8 degrees and ice.

  6. dariachick is better at her job than three others at her company and a computerized bot.

  7. Hi, Can you please delete my profile?

  8. Hi STT, can you please delete my account?

  9. Hi STT, can you please delete my account?

  10. good morning all have a wonderful sunday:)

  11. new avatar looks like ows

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