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  1. Does anyone remember receiving birthday spankings when growing up with an extra hard "to grow on" ending spank? If you did looking back did you enjoy them? I remember them well recieving them from my Mom and her sisters. And yes I did enjoy them and now wonder just what their intent might have been. What say you.
  2. Otk is the most intimate and I would assume along with the use of the hand on the bare bottom. To a spankee there is nothing like laying over the soft lap of a maternal disciplinarian or the firm lap of a paternal disciplinarian. I find it to be the most loving position. Most of us understand that love spanks.
  3. I am curious being a Spanker I was wondering what were the preferred methods of spankee's regarding the instruments used and the most favorite positions. Being raised and still living in Texas it use to be that the belt was used quite frequently and usually in the standing position holding the spankee by the hand and whipping her or him around the room while scolding loudly. Also the over the lap position was popular using the hand and sometimes a hairbrush. My Grandmother believed in the use of a switch.Anyway I was just curious about modern society and today's preferences. Thank you.
  4. I travel Houston, College Station sometimes Austin
  5. SamSpankus_67

    Texas Yall

    College Station and surroundings here.
  6. Hey Pet5, That wasn't very nice. Is it you are just not slender? Why on earth would you make that statement based on what I said? There are many spankee's who love to regress and role play parental spankings they remember so well. Are you in the sadistic/masochistic range of whips and chains? That is rather odd to me however because it is not my thing I would never call you creepy.
  7. I am a older spanker who believes that a good spanking will help your behavior. I live between Austin and Houston near College Station and can travel within that range. Very safe as I have good character and enjoy the discipline aspect of spanking. I will spank males however I prefer that they are on the slender side. I love to role play the fantasy females may have as well as males as me being the Father figure or student Teacher and many more etc. Thanks
  8. I am a tall older male who would love to meet those who are in need of parental type spankings. I spank both females and males however I prefer the males to be on the slender side. I believe in scolding, a firm otk bare bottom spanking and corner time with spank spot on display.Sometimes punishment is administered by my belt depending on your misdeeds.I am looking forward to meeting you.

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