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  2. You have definitely mentioned a couple of big ones for me! A post-spanking "check up" message is always helpful.... Sometimes even with the crying, tears, scolding and lecture.... Sometimes processing through it all can take awhile.... especially if it was for something more severe... And a single message later on after, just a little check up..... Can be the difference between feeling lost and discarded when the gravity of all that happened hits, or comforting reassurance, that it's okay, you've been forgiven, you are still cared about, and we can move forward. I'm glad you mentioned th
  3. Thank you Chawsee for your response~ Regarding romantic relationships, this is completely off the table for now, at least until I finish my degree. I recognize I'm at a pivotal point in my life, an understand that seeking a relationship in my current mental and physical state is not the best idea.... I plan on waiting until I finish my associate's degree, or at least a year before I try to get into anything again.... This was actually my second divorce, the first one lasting between 10-12 years, which actually ended on good terms..... and this one...... I was honestly married for onl
  4. I had taken a course on "Values & Self-image" Last semester, and one of my assignments had to do with affirmations. At first I was dreading it, but I appreciate that our professor wanted us to make our affirmations *personal* In our own wording... We had guidelines to follow of course, but I wasn't limited the affirmations I hear repeated over and over elsewhere... I could phrase them in a way that my brain could actually recognize as my own voice, and it was far more effective! The affirmations in this case actually have started to work, and I (usually) begin my day with them, and it
  5. THANK YOU for this!!! Oh my goodness.... part of my program is daily meditations, however I have *not* been doing them for the reason that meditations have always caused me extreme anxiety, whereas it seems to relax others.... I've always felt uncomfortable during meditations, the last thing in the world I want when I'm stressed, is to tune in to my own body, breathing, sensations and thoughts..... But what you described here, that mentality, that mindset, that pause I feel in the moments you just brought up here.... That I understand and can do, and if I can approach meditations that way..
  6. I absolutely agree with you!!! Seeing some of these responses has made my day, and has made me feel positive and encouraged to see so many genuine responses. I also feel the emotional and mental states can be more important than the physical, and while I had assumed this was often overlooked, I'm glad to see I was wrong in my assumption, and love the ideas and consideration being expressed here Both from the EEs and the ERs
  7. Hello~ I have decided to try my hand at seeking out an online mentor/disciplinarian... I am a 36 year old female, and the main thing I need help with is accountability to tackle some difficult goals and tasks over the upcoming year. I've been making an attempt to turn my life around, and get back on my feet again... But I have had to challenge quite a few limiting beliefs on the way, have had to leave my comfort zone and push myself to do new things.... I have a lot of goals as I've just recently returned to school, and want to finish my associates degree, I need to get my health
  8. Diet and sleep.... The two things that could be the most helpful, and yet the two things I immediately sabotage first! I struggle from binge-eating disorder, and those late night binges are usually what gets me during those patches! The challenge I've signed up for is keto, and I have had the most luck with low-carb diets before, (It's how I lost 60lbs in the past) and I've actually been keeping those carbs out of the way for 3 weeks.... The "cravings" I mentioned were actually for discipline and spanking... My blood sugar and cholesterol levels were pretty good when the doctor checked last w
  9. I've decided to reach out for some thoughts and input on managing some of the "big feelings" of my current situation... While I have been into the whole spanking scene as an 'ee for 15 years.... This is truthfully the very first time, I have been without either a romantic parner, or an 'ER... at least for an extended period of time. Single life itself is relatively new for me, then to start dealing with being a lone 'EE.... (I at least had some domestic discipline off and on within my marriage) I got married right out of high school, without ever having dated beforehand, and was marrie
  10. Going to throw my two cents in here... "safe words" are just that "SAFE" words! They are not "This is difficult" words, or "I don't like spanking anymore" words, or "Can I be done now?" words.... safe words are meant solely for **safety** . I think a lot of people tend to have misconceptions about the use of safe words and their purpose. (Of course all this is arbitrary and I can only describe it as I see it) Let me pose two scenarios. 1.) You are with your romantic partner, you two love and trust and adore each other, and can read each other like a book... Full trust, full commi
  11. I have asthma, so this is a genuine concern for me. I had a struggle with this during a spanking last year, where I found myself having an asthma attack mid-spanking where it felt like I could not get enough air.... The one spanking me at the time was very new to spanking, and did not pick up on this.... I had never had an asthma attack during a spanking, and found myself a bit unprepared... This is where safe words come into play... While ideally the spanker would notice or pick up on such things, I feel the 'ee has to take some responsibility for themselves as well... especially if
  12. Thank you! I love that you brought this up!!! To be honest, this is something that I do not normally think about, but as you have mentioned, I can see is extremely important.... I'm feeling extremely grateful, because it's brought to my awareness an issue which I actually have experienced, and yet had not fully considered from my partners angle... But it is absolutely true.... as an 'ee, there have definitely been times I have mentally "shut down". Over the past 15 years.... There have been countless spankings, yet I can recall just 2 occasions, I could say things had gotten extremely
  13. Spanking dreams are the best dreams! I have about one per year on average.... Usually it's some random person I know, either a coworker, boss, professor, family friend etc... take me over their knee, and each and every time, I think it is completely real, I get full of a "Well this certainly changes things!!!" type of excitement, only for me to wake up grumpy and bitter that it was only a dream. Although for some reason this always did result in me acting oddly submissive and subdued toward said person for at least a couple of days.
  14. Thank you so much! I'm really glad to hear what I thought were ramblings weren't just ramblings ^_^; Thank you for making me feel welcome again!
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