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  1. I’ve often fantasized about me and another guy getting spanked by our wives for looking at too much pornography. Then having our wives put us in chastity while they enjoyed each other.
  2. badboysbehind

    after my spanking

    Also, is that you’re butt up there?
  3. Serena Williams, Amy Schumer, Tina Fey, or Mikaela Shiffrin.
  4. badboysbehind

    after my spanking

    What I do while I’m on my knees is entirely up to her.
  5. badboysbehind

    after my spanking

    Exactly the same. And then I want to kneel in front of her and thank her for the spanking.
  6. Give yourself 10 hard swats with the bath brush for each post on this thread, with 5 minutes between each round, for forgetting to include what you need to be spanked for in your last post. Ive been wasting time at work looking at spanking photos on my phone. What punishment should I receive to set me straight?
  7. I'm straight too (or identify as such), but the added humiliation would turn me on so to speak.

  8. If you find someone to direct your selfspanking, that can feel a little more like a real one. At least there you’re not in control of how many swats you’ll receive.
  9. A man would make it more real if discipline is what you are looking for

  10. I’m a straight male and I’d be okay getting spanked by a man. In some ways it might be even more embarrassing and effective.
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