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  1. Is there a painful spanking that you can't sit or sleep on your bottom or people are just exaggerating ?
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  2. There's an old saying in Spanish: "The devil knows more because he's old than because he's the devil". Not to compare myself to a devil (after all, I'm polite, eat all my vegetables, take care of all obligations), but rather because of all the years I've been on earth, rather than all of the years I've been a spanko. Sexuality and spanking have always been intertwined in my mind. Whether the bottom engaged with me for the sexual aspect as well, for stress relief, being in a position of authority while craving the feeling of relinquiishing responsibility, I was glad to fill their role. It mattered not; it was always sexual to me. But there has always been another element, quite powerful, going on that I did not realize until recently. It was an intimacy; an effefible feeling I can only describe as a deep intimacy, different from any other, than only came from spanking. And I'm not just talking about the seven years I spent with Angelfood, the love of my life spanko girlfriend (who left me, and died of cancer). Even and especially with those random women, each of whom I met in the old AOL chat rooms as a young spanko. Each of them, after a hastily arranged and impromptu meeting (I guess you could call it a spanko hook-up), where only first names (real or invented) were exchanged, a spanking took place (usually bare bottom). Then, we never met again. Yes, those encounters were terribly exciting. But looking back now, I understand. It wasn't just the sexual excitement; it was this connection, this deep intimacy, occurring at a level below the conscious surface. It was this, along with the sexual element (although it was only spanking, no sex) that was absolutely sublime. Fast forward a few years (well, more than a few). It's been about a year that I'm finally revealing more about myself here on SN because I've reached the point, thankfully, that I don't care who knows my favorite activity. And I no longer care to travel along distances for spanking, subsequently the opportunities are less frequent. But that's all well and good. As they (still) happen, I still enjoy every single one, just understand the dynamic better. Too much rambling, better stop here.
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