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    I certainly didn’t mean to criticize you, StrictGent. You just articulated my number one reason for being here: I want to help people who have doubts about their sexuality in spanking that need to feel OK and support them in both exploring and finding someone appropriate. (And not me, I’m not in the market, So my motives or altruistic) But, before they find a partner, they probably need to be reassured that there’s nothing wrong with them. It took me years and thousands of dollars of therapy to reach that point. I hope I might help some others just a little. You also pointed out something that keeps me up at night and worries me. I’ve tried to make a contribution here and it can be easily ruined by just one of these people who jumps in and causes the kind of trouble we’re seeing on this thread. i’m feeling very discouraged about the site overall. I joined because I couldn’t believe I found a site that was respectfully talking about spanking without a bunch of explicit things posted in bad taste and abusive and argumentative nonsense. I did my best to make a contribution to try and help younger people and maybe even older people who were unsure of themselves. I am fortunate in that I have a great partner but just wanted to help others. I’m not wanting to meet anyone, and wouldn’t even do it if the world’s most attractive young woman wanted to be spanked. It’s not what I do. I don’t know what’s happened, but in the last month or so (maybe two) there’s been an influx of new people that do not seem to respect what I understand the core mission of this site to be. I know the people that wanted discipline spankings were at the core of this group. They also had a big enough tent to include those of us who saw spanking as meeting a different deep need, maybe related to psychological integration, in my case. The challenge from my perspective is that there are a number of new people who appear to be here for sex. The worst of them make posts right on the main forum using very graphic words to ask for sexual spankings. Unless I completely misunderstood, this site is supposed to be an alternative to sex. There are plenty of places that do that. Of course, I’m a member of Fet. But we could come here and get away from all of that and have respectful conversations. Others criticize people’s preferences like we are seeing here. Many of these new people don’t have a complete profile even and say that they’re from someplace like Mars. If they don’t have the respect to even tell us where they are, what are approximate age ranges, and tell us something about themselves, I don’t think we should allow them to post. I’ve contacted moderators about this and they don’t deny the problem, but I don’t think they actually understand the gravity either. So far, they won’t appoint any of us to help Or take a more active role in leading the conversations to remain respectful I suppose I’ve given up because it’s certainly not my site, and after volunteering (along with a couple of others) and being told that our services are not wanted, I don’t know what else to do. Is my understanding that the people that actually started this site are long gone and when I checked once, very few of the current owners or moderators login much. i’m still willing to make some kind of effort to help and would love to hear suggestions from other experienced members who may be been through this in the past. Thanks again for your post!
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    one, uhhhhh, one uhhhhhhhh, oh darn it, one thirrrrrrr, where was i? ummmmmm, one thirt ummmmmmm one thirty ?
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    So many new implements hmmm. What to do what to do.
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    Hey friends, I'm taking a break from SN. Will likely check in again down the road, but am leaving for awhile, and didn't want to do so without saying goodbye. There are some wonderful people here. Gonna miss you guys. 👋
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    I was chatting to a new member awhile ago, all was good, I was a bit tired from recovering from a foot surgery.We chatted, texted, exchanged some information, I explained my reasons for being tired and promised to contact her the next day. The next day, it was as if the information and our chat had been hacked, it was gone. The last text through the site she said was ‘Hi this site is odd lol’ I can’t seem to agree more-, I see more players, ghosters , fake imitators than I can ever recall. Have fun and good luck trying to find a sincere person, I have wasted many hours here my self.
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    You just posted to unlock them? We discourage one time posts just to unlock a particular team Hope you continue to play.
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    I feel you're talking about me here. I gave an evasive answer to the location question because I wasn't sure how much I wanted to share in the moment that I joined this site, and I haven't gotten around to writing an about me because I'm still not sure how much I want to share, and I'm not actively looking for anything but discussion right now. My intention is to (assuming we can edit our profiles) change my location to where I really am if/when I decide to actually look for a potential partner(s). And while I'm not here for sex, I'm not discipline oriented either. Does that mean I'm one of those people wrecking the site, as you seem to feel? (On topic for the thread title, I've proudly identified as a weirdo since grade school, so this is really just another layer of it.)
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    I haven't noticed anything like that, just some people I disagree with sometimes.
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    Also note that the authors characterized spanking as gender slanted, appealing to females far more than males. I suspect that would ignite quite the discussion here.
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    There is nothing wrong with the good old fashioned wooden spoon especially when applied to wet bottom ! Also as a variation of the traditional wooden spoon have had a spanking with a silicone spoon mine happens to be bright red to match my bottom when used! This spoon really hurts I got extra as I could not help kicking a wriggling and clenching when applied bare over the knee!!
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    Don't get bummed out. Keep looking and find the people who don't suck. There are plenty out there. Some people suck, but not everybody sucks.
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    I suspect that a lot of those so-called vanillas fantasize about getting a nice sweet spanking from us perverted spankos. They do not know what they are missing.
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    I say, I say what kind of gibberish are you speaking 1 say say it's time for 128
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    You must be extra careful when sending messages on electronic devises also. I drove a commercial truck cross country from 2008 - 2010. One lady I met up with regularly was a real estate agent. She would not meet me anywhere near the city where she worked because her picture was on a lot of home for sale signs. She called me one day and left a voicemail saying, "The next time you come through _____________, I could use a spanking.". After hanging up, she though, "Cliff left a new greeting on his voice mail." Then she looked at her phone and realized she left the message on Clint's voice mail. Clint was a real estate attorney. Clint never mentioned her call.
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    I did not mean this to be a negative post, my thoughts were that in years past there was more sincerity when someone sought or were seeking to help I, know life circumstances have changed, I am going on 62, not 40, I know the world is much more unsafe, the Corona virus, etc... As many Er’s know it can involve huge amounts of time plus myself anyway, come to care for and be concerned about the ee, it is not pleasant to be ghosted, a simple ‘I found someone else or I am not ready right now etc ..’ would be a kind gesture. I didn’t wake up one day 30 some years ago and decide I wanted to spank women, it was something that was encouraged that I do by the original Moderator (like Coco) and a few of her friends, I since have worked hard, through therapy, study and a fairly vast array of different personalities. I am around recovering from a foot surgery and hopefully this time it will work better. Be well All , Rick 🙂
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    128 Awe thank you Anna💙💙
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    @HannahKae love the new profile picture! So pretty 😊
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    A good spaghetti!! LOL too funny
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    @Daddy_Rob wow, what a great trailer! I want to watch the movie now! I've read a memoir, and I unfortunately cannot remember the author or title, by a woman who became a nun in the same era. She described self flagellation of that sort, and it was required of them, I think on a weekly basis. Apparently that was the norm in many orders before Vatican II. (She ended up leaving the convent.) I have a good friend who is a Catholic nun, and her order is nothing like that, but I have the sense it was pretty liberal to begin with. They don't do that kind of penance at all, at least not that my friend has ever mentioned. But seriously, it seems to me that those orders must've attracted the spankos. I can see that being who has the easiest time with celibacy: people who are, as Jillian Keenan puts it, fetish oriented and not sex oriented.
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    Interesting question! immediately made me think of a movie another member on this site recommended to me, Novitiate. There was a specific implement she wanted to use during our chat session and it was this rope whip thing they use in the movie. The movie is based on real events about the reforms the Vatican II put into place in the 1960s. The plot is about a teenager girl who despite not being raised to be religious decides to try and become a nun (the movie goes into better detail specifically why she wants this). There are multiple references to the use of corporal punishment including the actually use of the rope whip on oneself. Normally not my type my movie but watching the trailer gave me chills and I couldn't get it out of my head so I decided to watch it and it was pretty good. I put a link to the trailer below this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6QrP53BEug
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    A good spaghetti. Goes well with the wine and candles. And they can have a good spumoni for dessert. If your friend still wants to know, do the thing that spanko kids do so well: get out the dictionary and open it to that page. You'll see all the other sp words. Surely there's something you can convince her you meant....
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    You're probably right, Jon. But I get fed up with dumb stuff and have to vent occasionally. I also worry someone young and new might come here and see that stuff posted without challenge, and then have doubts about their sexuality and spanking needs.
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    BINGO! This about sums it up with regards of women spanking men or f/m, doesn't work because spanking is about control, women grow up seeing men as authority figures and for them to get spanked just doesn't compute. Plus the other prior comments, in that its weird, abnormal, etc.
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    I don't know who all they polled to come up with this chart, but I'm glad to see spanking at the mild end of the spectrum. So to vanilla people we may be freaks, but we're kind of the innocents of the BDSM world.
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    Sounds like it's time to make some new friends.
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    HI I am a switch from the jersey shore love to talk and meet others.
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    ONE... TWO... THREE.. you aren't listening.....lol For me personally, as a mentor, I rarely give a specific number of swats for an infraction. My experience, as Poison noted above, is that the mentee starts concentrating on the number of swats left and can use this to help them actually get through a spanking because they know that they just have to hang on until the number assigned is reached and it is done. A finite length of time has been defined in which the number of swats will occur. A great part of what makes a spanking effective is in NOT knowing when it will end. If a mentee has broken a rule, there is uneasy anticipation and knowledge that the spanking will end when the mentor has determined that the point has been made and is understood, and that they have NO control in when that happens (this obviously precludes the use of a safe word if one has been established). I also do not use a specific number of swats because although i may very well understand the pain tolerance of my mentee, each circumstance is different. What is their mindset in relation to what they have done? Is there something going on that would make their pain tolerance lower/higher that particular day? It's not always possible to determine what their bottom will look like after a set number of swats....Yes, I could adjust the intensity and/or speed of the swats, but in general prefer to use my judgment as the spanking takes place. As far as a certain number of swats for moving, I just use the least amount necessary to keep movement to the minimum the mentee is capable of. After all, a spanking HURTS and expecting no movement isn't realistic for most. One circumstance in which I sometimes use a certain number of swats is if I can tell a mentee is very close to their upper limit of what they can tolerate yet a little more is needed to drive the point home. In that case, I may say "ok 15 more", for example, which will bridge that gap so the mentee can hang in there just a little longer until the spanking ends. Just my personal preference ... I know there are many who use counting, even aloud, as part of the spanking and that it can be an effective approach as well.
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    162 Thank you. might eventually get this game over
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