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    When a stranger wants to talk to me about my sex life, I find it extremely trashy if nothing else. The act of sex is a very personal thing that is between the two people involved. I find spanking to be similar to this. While far less intimate, spanking is still a private event between the spanker and spanked. When talking to others about these "events" I purpose restrict or obscure information to protect identities. And only really talk about my personal experiences with others in pieces to provide knowledge or examples to others. I dont just message people and ask for people to recite there personal and rather intimate experiences with me. I dont think that's right. Other peoples personal experiences arnt others erotica, unless that is the wish of both parties. Anybody feel the same?
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    My conversation with my younger but authoritative colleague and friend this week has made me consider for the first time the possibility of having a younger female mentor/spanker. Obviously approaching my colleague is out of the question - I would never have a relationship with a colleague - too many possible pitfalls but my conversation with her did spark that thought. I wouldn't feel comfortable being spanked by someone much younger than say 35 but I do feel more comfortable with the idea now.
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    I'm a great believer in the humiliation aspect of spanking and discipline, as I have no doubt bored everyone who would listen. I'd be interested to know what methods other spankers use to impart humiliation, and what methods female disciplinees find most humiliating. And if a non-corporal method is relevant or it's just a part of procedure, please describe that as well.
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    I had a really moving experience at my place of work the other day. I was talking to my colleague who on this occasion was duty manager for the day - She's 7 years younger than me but sometimes is in a position of authority over me. I really like her and she's been a great person to have around. We were just chatting about various places in London and I mentioned the place where I was 10 when as I said "I was normally well behaved but on that occasion I'd been really badly behaved and it's the closet my Dad every came to smacking me" She said gently but firmly but with a slight tut tut and a shake of her head.. " Warwick....naughty boy ! " I could have hugged her...having that sense of emotional closure has healed a deep pain.
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    When buying a paddle either small or large does anyone aim for a particular shape? If so why? is there any advantages to having a square over a circle paddle? In addition to shape, what about size? Do you prefer large or small paddles? I could see a benefit of a circle shape hand paddles. If it is the right size one well aimed swat will cover the whole bottom. Instead of trying to with multiple strokes to pain a bottom red. But it would be harder to spank the upper thighs and sit spots (a favorite of mine, if the situation calls for it). Which is where a square shaped hand paddle would be far more useful. The situation gets reversed with larger paddles. A large rectangle paddle can potentially cover both cheeks but will have difficulty hitting sit spots/thighs safely. While larger circular paddles are the reverse. Next I would see circular paddles/paddle like objects being less comon with the exception of the bath brush. While square shapes are super easy to come by, i.e. Cutting boards and a regular hairbrush. So for that reason there could be a price difference. My preference would be square hand/small paddles as I like to take my time to thoroughly spank a naughty bottom all over. Since I am not a robot with laser focus (especially with a potentially excited, squirming, dancing, red bottom). The advantage of one well aimed hit covering the entire bottom is lost. Also sit spots are a must for the sassy bottom. And I like circular larger paddles for roughly the same reasons.
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    I agree. Someone you work with, could cause a problem down the road. Glad you have discovered what you think will work for you. Happy for you
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    Soo, my spanker and I have been kicking around the idea of committing to weekly maintenance spankings every week for one whole year. I find that I am the best version of myself when I am taken over her knee and spanked on a regular basis. My mood is better, my attitude it better, my productivity is better, my overall life is better. However, we run in to trouble in that spanking always takes a back seat when life gets busy. We are hoping that committing to 52 spankings in the new year will help us get over that bad habit and reach the point of living this lifestyle 100% of the time. I am hoping that putting this statement out there into this community will help us stay on track and be accountable to our commitment. Hope you guys are open to hearing about this journey of ours from time to time!
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    That would be unprofessional so I wouldn't.
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    I have spanked for discipline and fun virtually every woman I have had a sexual relationship. I like the feeling of dominance and control when a woman submits herself to me. I like intelligent, educated confident women and am not attracted to openly submissive females. I love the visual and feel of a woman's butt, back and legs when she is OTK.
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    I’d have to call it a need. I mean I survive when it’s not happening but I’m not happy.
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    Agreed completely.
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    Agreed completely.
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    I am a Experienced Spanker in the Phoenix area. I only Spank females. I love to host. I enjoy Spanking at all levels. If your new, I`ll be very careful and will not expect you to bare your bottom for the first few times we meet. I will always take the proper time and understand your limits and will respect them. I`m looking to meet someone weekly or close to that . I`m discrete and expect you to be. I`m a lot of fun , yet Strict . I make a very good Mentor. Lets meet and see if we connect. You may get back to me in my private message.
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