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    For a long time people have assumed so, but there are plenty of people on here who were never spanked as children and yet have lifelong fascinations with spanking.
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    Male here, and wife is one of my spankees, and yes she will probably get a spanking sometime over the Christmas holiday. Holidays just seem to lend themselves to spanking fun. We are so busy the holidays usually give us more free time, and what better than to enjoy some good spankings in the free time. Others that I spank, usually do not get spankings on holidays, Christmas included as scheduling and our and their family things take up the time. Hope everyone that wants to gets or gives some good spankings.... Merry Christmas to all!
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    Experienced Spanker in SW MI looking for men (straight, gay, bi, etc.) who need to be spanked by a man. I have been actively spanking men for 30 years. Stress relief, mentorship, make bonding, motivation, correction, discipline, punishment, or just because it’s fun. I’m 57.
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    Well, to answer your question, for me, I have someone who gives me a spanking that I really need.... whether is for discipline or maintenance, or even, stress relief. I am mostly spanked for discipline on a weekly basis and, every other month, spanked everyday for a whole week. And, since I have being getting spanked for the last three years or so, the spankings that I get are normal at some point and, painful sometimes. But, that is okay with me. That way, I would know that I should behave better. I do control myself sometimes not to cry or scream when the spanking gets painful. And, the only time I really do cry or scream is when I want to relieve stress and the heavy burden I carry on my shoulders. I do submit to him and, follow his directions each time he spanks me. And, for him to take control, I am always asked to strip off my clothes myself and, present my nakedness to him. That way, I would know what I should have or shouldn't have done. His sessions are always long with short breaks in between, but never pass a minute. And, I always end up with a red, sore and, painful bum. And, I am always rewarded with a good bum massage for being a good girl.
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    Just from my own experiences of being spanked as an adult it was definitely worth it as it allowed me to get over the guilt of having the feelings/obsession about it that I'd had for years. Letting go and having someone else have complete control over me in a safe manner was very liberating.
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    Yes its hard to find female spankers. I'm married to a vanilla so I have visited a few professional spankers. Lady's Wicked Playground Lehigh County Pa MissLydia MissKat and MissLisa ( She is now on her own in Philadelphia Pa She gave the harder bare bottom spankings.)
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    Nothing is wrong with wondering. Nothing is wrong with exploring. Nothing is wrong with giving yourself the freedom to choose. Nothing is wrong with adapting as you learn more about what makes sense for you. Nothing is wrong with enjoying your journey, because it is as unique as you are. ~red~
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    Wondering isn't unheard of, it's a normal desire in men who know they are out of control, and need a new way to correct their behavior. I can tell you first hand, it hurts very badly. If done by a woman who knows how to administer a thorough spanking with say a hairbrush, will leave your ass throbbing and in pain. My wife delivered my first real adult spanking last Sunday night, and believe me it was not sexual or exciting, it was just very painful. I had suggested a disciplinary wife arrangement, due to our relationship crumbling in the last six months. Mostly my fault, and in texting in anger, called her the "C " word several times. I was very disrespectful and to top things off it was our fortieth wedding anniversary this past July. We were very close to divorcing, and I didn't want that to happen at our ages. We have used spanking for erotic adventures in the bedroom, both sharing the spanker role, and both feeling the sting of having their bottoms warmed up, although, no where close to the severity I experienced on Sunday. I got sixty with her wood hairbrush, it's a rectangular shape about three inches wide, and five inches long, then the handle. It's a hardwood and although she'd used it on me in play, and I thought I knew how much it would sting, I was sorofully wrong. She raised her arm high and followed thru crushing the solid wood into my checks as hard as she could. This had an immediate effect of burning my flesh and getting me vocalizing right from the first swat. I was twisting my hips trying to avoid that wicked piece of wood to no avail, she simply grabbed my right hip firmly, and broth the brush down even harder. I was trembling from the pain and although I didn't actually cry my eyes were filled with tears. After the sixty with her brush, she grabbed a ladys tawse I had bought her recently. It's about A foot long an inch and a quarter wide and 3/8" thick. The business end offs hardened leather and although it doesn't look like a vicious instrument, I can attest, it hurts like hell, especially on a bruised punished bottom. I got twenty with this little mean strap, making my jump and beg for mercy. We agreed if I tried getting leniency, I would get six cane strokes well laid on. My Lady missed my begging or ignored it due to the condition of my ass I suspect. But she did apply a week earned six strokes after I was kneeling on the chair she'd been stirring on. When it was all over, I really questioned myself for suggesting this treatment to help mend our marriage, and improve my behavior, my disrespect and bad habits. Three days later I was figged, then caned twenty very firm strokes. My ass was still bruised from the spanking a few days prior, so it renewed the pain from that spanking as well. It was my first figging, and that's a an entire punishment in itself. She only have me six cane strokes to start, abd had no intention of delivering more. As the ginger started getting to it maximum heat in my anus, I asked her to cane me more to distract the feeling of the ginger. Ask she said was really? Then laid on fourteen of the hardest cane lashes she's ever administered on my buttocks, switching sides half way thru. I was trembling from the assault on my person, the incessant ginger still causing my ass to twitch and cause mmy rectum to convulse, and burn. She'd wanted it inside me twenty minutes, and that's exactly how long it stayed in. It takes the first three to five minutes before you start to feel anything. Then it's a steady climb on the heat meter until about twenty minutes, then it's supposed to fall off after that. It was still burning when she pulled the root out. Again it wasn't pleasurable at all. I did leak milk out of my penis and she thought I was enjoying the ginger! I told her no, I didn't know what else it would do to me. It can cause leakage due to being in anal canal, just like a butt plug. The heat starts off reasonably easy to endure, but at about six or seven minutes, the heat becomes the only thing in your world, and your mind is drawn to focus on the building fire in your ass. Anyway hopefully this description helps you decide if you really want to trek down the submissive, punished husband road. My wife wasn't sure if this would readily work to help fix our situation, but in the last six days, she sees the changes in my attitude and behavior already. She's become a true believer in the benefits of disciplining me. She has stated she should have started this thirty years ago, but now it's going to be a new life we live. Weekly discipline night is now Wednesdays, no matter if I've been good or not, it will be at least a maintainance spanking. I don't know what that will entail as yet, but she had said it will be painful, as this is punishment! The first spanking when it was over, she proclaimed, it hadn't purged her hurt feelings from my vicious texts to her in the past. She stated ten sessions should be about right to completely ensure I am properly punished for those misdeeds. So I have nine more sessions of that severe level of punishment to look forward to. Max
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    Thanks everyone. There's a woman at my gym that wants to. Thinking about letting her.
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