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  1. Yeah, I'm gonna go with AfterGeometry. You feel upset because you never gave consent. Maybe things worked out okay in the end, which is great, but you're bound to be shaken if you never gave consent. This is a bit of a convoluted metaphor but imagine you were in a car with your friend and running late for a meeting. All of a sudden, she grabbed the wheel of the car and drove you both right through a field that was known to be full of landmines. It ended up being a shortcut. Yay, you arrived on time! And miraculously, nobody got killed. Even though things worked out, I wouldn't blame yo
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  2. The love and trust I feel of my partner allows me to be submissive beyond belief. It is so sexy and arousing to both he and I. I am the fetishist but he indulges me and has great satisfaction administering the spankings. I love knowing that he enjoys what he is doing to me. It is very loving, affectionate and playful, yet we have seen wilder moments. I receive daily or bedtime spankings with the hairbrush. Usually. We role play and it make it that much hotter. I have been over the bed with my with handcuffs on me and just my ass sticking out on my knees. This we find very arousing. He
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  3. Good advice from @spanky59. At the same time, you have to pick your time and place and then jump in there - you won't want to keep fantasizing about it forever. You can meet someone online, but that is really not the best way to go - many fakes, abusers, creeps etc. out there. I believe you are near Fresno. There is a large "kink" community in Fresno and I have a friend who used to be very active there. If you join Fetlife, you can research groups, events, members (over 5,000 in Fresno). There are local munches in Fresno and Sacramento (I have been to that one) where you can meet like-m
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  4. I too can relate to what you're describing. For as long as I can remember I have LOVED the thought of receiving severe and intense spankings. However I grew up in a very conservatively Christian household. It went without saying that my desires were "sinful" and an "abomination to God". The few select friends I shared with became disgusted and eventually left. Oddly, the fact that I only want women to spank me made things worse. Not only was the desire to be spanked sinful, but now somehow the Christian community saw it as a variation of homosexuality. When I was old enough and finally
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