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    I was feeling very sad and vulnerable after some posts on here that really got to me...even made me cry. So I kind of disappeared into my cocoon for a while. Eventually I felt better. I know I kind of overreacted but talking about my spanking interests on the internet with strangers is still very new for me and also I now realize I kind of regress when thinking about spanking so my adult emotions and judgment aren't totally engaged... Anyway I made some art about how I was feeling coming out of my cocoon...so here it is. And also I made a little FAQ to answer all your questions about this art piece here so there's no controversy DISCLAIMER/FAQ Is this you? No. I don't have wings and I'm not a fairy. I'm also not computer generated. Is she an adult? I'm concerned! Rest assured she's an adult. She's 758 fairy years which is exactly 21.347 human years. What's the legal drinking age for fairies? I'm concerned this could be promoting underage drinking somehow. I'm not sure. It's possible she may have imbibed illicit dandelion wine and nibbled on magical mushrooms in her secret garden. I'm sorry this information may disturb you. You've offended my personal moral ethical code which allows only for spanking of real people! I'm so so sorry I offended you! Thank you for educating me on how wrong it is to spank make-believe magical beings! Are fairies real? Yes. I've seen them firsthand while taking hallucinogenic substances. I'm sorry if this information offends you. But remember please don't say you don't believe in fairies otherwise she'll disappear. Why is she naked? Nudity offends me! Fairies don't wear clothes. If they do it makes them turn into tiny plastic figurines which would then be neglected by little girls and get chewed and slobbered all over by the neglectful little girls' puppy dogs. Was she spanked as a child? No. This type of fairy is a squishy green larval thing until maturity. So spanking them while young would squash them like bugs. Do the wings make it hard to spank her? No. She can kind of fold her wings out of the way when needed. What kind of flowers are those on her head? What kind of butterflies have wings like that? I'm not sure. And if I had any inkling of an idea I'd be afraid to post it here because someone would probably reply with a long tirade about how utterly ignorant I am about botany and entomology. Why isn't she wearing a diaper? Fairies don't wear diapers because they don't excrete anything from those parts of their bodies. All their waste products come out their fingertips...that's where pixie dust comes from in case you didn't know. Where does she live? What's her address and real name? Fairyland, 107 steps from the 7th toadstool on the right. And sorry I didn't give you her FULL name...it's Very Rude Fairy but she hates her first name so never uses it. Can she fit on a pin? No she's a fairy not an angel. I'm TRULY sorry if my picture triggered theological arguments for you. What happens if you put capsaicin cream on her butt? It will turn her bottom into a jalapeño pepper. It's a type of sympathetic magic. Please don't do it! Will she spank male humans? Does she like to be whipped with seaweed then have ginger stuck in her bottom? I don't know. You should ask her in chat. If she says no or isn't interested ask her again...and again...because the best way to make new friends is to repeat the same thing over and over! I don't know you at all, but can I send you a naked picture of me from 20 years ago and one of a girl I had a crush on in college so you can make detailed 3D models of me as Peter Pan and her as Tinkerbell, then make a 30 minute animated film of me spanking her? Sure! Absolutely! I have no other purpose in life than fulfilling highly personal fantasies of people I don't know! This is so unrealistic and the colors are all oversaturated! This style of art makes me want to puke! Why do you do it? It's called fantasy art. Some people think it belongs only in black velvet paintings. I'm very sorry I do it. It may be because I had very bad influences as a teenager like Heavy Metal magazine and the Brothers Hildebrandt. Hi. I'm a 32 yo M very fit tanned 182# sparkling blue eyes and sandy blond hair. Will you dress up exactly like that in the picture and let me spank you til you cry? I could come over tonight. Sure! Absolutely! Meet me in Central Park at 3 am. Come naked and dressed as a fairy too! I'll be there! This is disgusting. It's garbage. You're disgusting! You're garbage! Ooooh! Thank you for telling me this! I'm a submissive so of course I just love to be insulted by people I don't know on the internet! Please do tell me more! That's a cool picture. I enjoyed looking at it! Whaaaat!?! Enjoyed it? For the love of G*d...LOOK AWAY BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!
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    Today I was talking to my vanilla bf of 6 yrs about spanking fetishes and people who have the same fetish I do. I said something like "Well, y'know, it'd be easier if you had the same fetish." And with a straight face he replied "So it'd be better if I liked to be spanked too?" I just looked at him and lost it. 😂
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    I noticed there are some fellow old movie lovers on here!! So here's a little illustration I did... I imagine the starlet is kind of a Judy Garland type about 19 or so and there's a scene at the end where she gets her comeuppance from the dashing leading man. But she's not 'showing enough emotion' so the director tells the actor to lift her skirt and spank her for real..
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    I strive to do more, be more, I encourage the same within you We stand together, help one another grow and flourish Nurture each other and ourselves Delight in each other’s accomplishments With you I rise, With you by my side I find wings I forgot I had Pleasure never known I rise up and bask in the beauty I take it all in and continue to reach further and higher Learning, growing, being With you I rise, I watch as you rise with me Revel in seeing you reach new heights To journey with you and share our experiences While you guide me along my chosen path I am there with you along yours Trusting, cherishing, caring for each other With you I rise, Together, We rise higher
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    Hi , I'm Christi and I'm new to this whole spanking scene. I thought I was nuts for a long time but it appears to be I'm not alone. Just looking for conversation with others and insight from those who share my interest . Thanks, Christi
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    Hey, I am new here. A little about me: 22 F with way too much free time on my hands ... Regretting that I never went to college. But thinking I might rectify that with a little teacher/student role play online for what I would like to imagine college to be like. Are there any teachers who are into spanking naughty students or setting tasks to be completed and graded? Any resources for where I could find some fun play like this ...? I am young but love to think about what it would be like to be at a proper "training" school ...having to complete assignments, proper posture, sitting on pebbles for added discomfort, stinging lashes on my ass, thighs, hands, tits, etc ... This is my fantasy training school after all ... School uniforms, rules, discipline, all of it ... Sorry this is kind of a stream of consciousness post of just some stuff I have been daydreaming about in my free time ...
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    Isn't "I'm going to turn you over my knee and spank you 'til you can't sit down" an everyday phrase? Well at least around here it is...
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    Hi everyone! I’m a novice spankee living in Phoenix. I’ve been interested in spankings for a very long time. Watching videos, reading stories. And now I’m ready to jump in and explore this for myself. I’m hoping to make friends and meet someone for regular spankings that I can form a deep bond with.
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    This is going to sound like the strangest thing on earth - Be grateful for every last inch of that hateful strap. Remain as limp as you can and take the pain through the whole of your being. Accept it all as a precious gift because one day this is going to be a fond memory and you will long for the simplicity that right now you don't even realize you have.
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    Hi!! Thanks to everybody who chatted with me last night! It was quite intense...not sure I could do that every night...but it was fun!! I enjoy doing spanking art (mostly 3d style) mostly based on my own strong memories or fantasies. I told some people in chat about my complex relationships with belts LOL. Well this little illustration is based on my memories of getting hard belt spankings from my boyfriend when I was 19. Ah nostalgia!!
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    I completely disagree. If you don't take time to reflect on the things that went wrong and what made it go wrong, you're likely to repeat the same mistakes.
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    When I start talking to people here, it is usually just somewhat generic chat, sometimes leads to meeting, but very rarely leads to a long lasting bond. Brattygirl02 and I started communicating 5 years ago thanks to a mutual friend mouthylilangel. She was going through some personal crisis and needed someone to talk to. Things were a struggle at first as gaining the trust for someone to open up to you is not an easy thing. Fortunately I have a degree of stubbornness any EE would be proud of. Never did either one of us think it would develop into what it is today, a tight bond like she is part of my actual family. The growth I have seen has been a constant source of gratification and I am very proud of her and to have been her mentor/father figure for the last 5 years.
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    I think this is so important and I admit I'm kind of baffled when people don't see it. For me spanking is such an intimate thing that I can't imagine it without a deep relationship. I enter a completely different 'space' and am completely trusting someone who in turn is focusing on their feelings of being in control and giving something intimate to me. But I guess people are different and for some it's more of a causal thing...maybe more sensations and milder feelings.
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    After a rough start to my week I woke up more determined and ready to conquered my goals.
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    Hey AG!?!? You find an ee for that lap yet?
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    Here is the whole 18 pages of "The Boarding House" for anyone interested. I would appreciate constructive feedback. I have never shared this much before. The Boarding House.pdf
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    Please don't stop sharing! I enjoy reading your work alot...it's very introspective and I feel like I can really connect with the moods/feelings you're expressing. I'm not sure why some people feel compelled to be so critical of other's self expressions on here...it always takes courage to put yourself out there and people should try to be supportive not tearing others down (or at least don't say anything if you can't say something nice as my mom taught me!)
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    I've met Firelight91 and purr in person. I've become friends with many other people and exchanged photos/video chatted with them and can confirm that they are who they say they are. I would suggest another thread where we do just that: confirm who we know to be a genuine real person and not a fake persona, not necessarily having met them in person.
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    One of my favorite aspects of spanking is being over my dom's lap, and the embarrassment and shame of him lowering my bottoms until my bare, completely nude bottom is exposed to him. It's freeing knowing I'm completely in his control
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    "You can be vulnerable and still be powerful. You can have a gentle heart and still be rock solid at your core. You can be calm as a breeze but fierce as a tiger. The best people embody both sides." - Anthony Guistardi
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    Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms and Grandmas out there.
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    I know this has been gone over before, but I am still being asked about it. Opening up to medical professionals about our spanking lifestyle can be tough. Do you have to do it? No, but it does make it easier if you ever go in with bruises or marks or worry about them hounding you over those marks. Many of us in certain dynamics don't want to postpone a spanking, even when there is an upcoming Doctor appointment. It can make some of those appointments uncomfortable. I am a submissive, which means, I have been to the Doctor's multiple times with marks on me. I've been doing this for 30 years so it was bound to happen. Honestly, the marks were seldom seen, but you never know when something is going to come up and they are going to ask you to disrobe and put on a gown. Every Doctor who sees me knows my lifestyle. I have been open and honest with all of them. Did I tell them the day we met? Nope, I have to have the Doctor for awhile and feel comfortable with them. I don't tell every Doctor I have to see. I tell the Doctors that I will have a long term medical relationship with. How did I do it? Sometimes I just decide to tell them as we are talking about my history and sometimes I wait until they see a mark and ask a question. I'm pretty matter of fact. I tell them I live a different lifestyle. I am a submissive. I have a boyfriend who is my Dominant partner. There are times that I am spanked and you might see a mark, bruise or paddle rash on my bottom or thighs. I want to let you know so it doesn't cause any problems down the road. I don't usually give a long explanation, but I do answer questions if I am asked. I've had some Doctors just say, "Okay, thank you for telling me." Then I've had others ask me if I am being abused or controlled against my will. I usually laugh or smile and tell them No. I am in a consensual, happy and loving relationship and I refuse to live any other way. Usually that's enough and the end of it. For me, telling a Therapist, Psychologist or Psychiatrist is easier than telling a medical Doctor. They have heard it all. I have always told them right from the beginning. I feel that it helps them to better understand me. I use the same general explanation and answer any questions they have. Once they are assured that I'm not in an abusive relationship all is well. So far I have been lucky and all 3 I have seen have been very understanding. If they weren't I would quit and find someone who was. With a therapist I have always been asked how I got into this lifestyle? What started it? I tell them my story. I'm not ashamed of who I am. For those who have asked...No...I have never had a Doctor want to call the police or report anything and I've had a decent amount of marks a few times. I'm not telling you this is easy. It can be a little nerve wrecking to do. It's not something you have to do, but I wanted to share my experiences with talking to medical professionals. Telling my story to them has given me the benefits of better understanding, not having to worry about them seeing a mark and not having to explain something over and over again. My being open has also helped with my meds as some can cause easier bruising, etc. My doctor knows not to prescribe something like this, and if they have to, then to let me know so I can be careful. Don't feel ashamed about who you are . We are all different and they know that. If you want to tell a medical professional about your lifestyle...be direct and to the point. Let them ask questions and answer them with short and honest answers. There is no need for a long drawn out explanation or having to make excuses.
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    Hello Littleone Yes it's been a while , now all you young men to adult men, you too can be properly disciplined,I can put a little color in your backside, I am and have always been and equal opportunity spanker. So please all you out there in the University of Michigan area the Eastern Michigan area and in fact there are several institutions of higher education all around me in this area so young ladies young man it's time to be held accountable
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    I am so very sorry that you experienced that. And it sounds like you tried to make sure you followed the safety protocols. The only other thing I can think of that you didn't mention that is a good idea is asking for recommendations. See if you can speak to people he's actually met with. Obviously, he's not going to tell you the people that had bad experiences so if he's really skeezy then it still might not help. References aren't foolproof by any stretch of the imagination but, talking to other people can help you kind of get a feel for him. Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee that someone will behave as they have promised to. Always listen to your gut as well. Sometimes everything may seem fine but you just get that little feeling that tells you there might be a problem. Even if you can't put your finger on why, always listen to your instinct.
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    If you truly regret not going to college, 22 is hardly too late to start or complete a college education. There are also lone wolf learners, who can outdo college learning by prodigious and systematic reading and, these days, online lectures even if you don’t go through actual online college classes. I don’t get much out of online role play discipline. But if you want to discuss rectifying four years later your not going to college or self-directed learning in all seriousness, I’d be pleased to counsel you.
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    Longest given being a spanker was about thirty minutes. I swear that butt was Teflon coated cast iron!😚
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    Sore, tired and feeling lighter... grateful.
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    I AM LOST I am breathless I am lifeless I am lost in my own skin My days have no meaning No beginning and no end I am fragile I am vulnerable I am lost in my own mind My dreams take me places My heart may never find I am a dreamer I am a wanderer I am lost in my own fate My heart holds out hope That some day I will escape I am waiting I am anticipating I am lost inside the past My soul holds out hope That I will find my way back
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    As a single disciplinarian, my philosophy has always been Swift 'n Just in addition to Absolute Consistency. Otherwise, they don't think that you actually mean what you say. Only on occasion I might delay it for a few days, maybe an entire week, to allow some time for them to think about it. 🙂 I have noticed a higher success rate when Immediate & Consistent.
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    As a Dom-still see myself that way but presently do not have a sub: to answer the question Do I feel I have a right....? Yes I do. But that only comes when I am given that right by a sub. Otherwise its abuse. A sub would signed a contract with me, wanting me to guide them and leave decisions to me. The level of control over their life varied from person to person. For instance for some years with the total approval of her husband-he is a good friend of mine-a sub gave me control of some aspects of her life. I was not going to get into areas of her life that were those of a married couple. Finances etc...So "control" obviously had its limits. Did I enjoy helping others, having some control over them.. For sure, but it's based on a true desire to support emotionally, help them to keep to goals they had and guide them in ways that make them a better person. Every Dom or Domme has to make sure the feeling of control over someone does not take over where one starts to treat them like second class individuals, no longer respecting them. Looking after any one who gives us control over part of their life is an honor but also a huge responsibility. We have to respect the person we are guiding. Davyd
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    From what you share its appears that her needs for accountability and spanking are not met on a regular basis. It can get frustrating for any ee when the E appears not to support them well enough. A lot of folks find a time in the week-some Saturday morning, others on Sunday that is reserved for review. Having something like that might help her. Wish you both the best as you become more consistent in helping her behave! Davyd
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    The topic of spanko and vanilla relationships has come up alot when I chat with people here. Basically all my relationships have been vanilla but I've usually gotten my partners to spank me. Their interest in it has ranged from 'yuck why would you want me to do that' to latent spanko tendencies coming out. I did have one true spanko boyfriend and some of the chats on here have sparked memories about him. It's an interesting story so I thought I'd share. One thing to keep in mind though is this happened in the 80s....there was no internet and I wasn't part of any spanking community. So we had to figure it out as we went along and some aspects were less than ideal...like we didn't have safe words or talk about consent at all. Nowadays I suppose it would've been different but who knows...we were young college kids and not exactly deliberate and rational about it. Anyhow here's the story as I remember it... The art school I went to is in the same town as a well-known Ivy league college…and also famous for its pizza. My parents weren’t well off so I had loans, financial aid and also had to work during school to pay for it. So at night I was a waitress at a pizza restaurant. I was 19 at the time and going through my goth girl phase wearing black dresses and ripped tights, black combat boots, black nail polish and lipstick, and a little silver nose stud (fortunately my hair was already dark enough so I just left it alone and let it grow long). Anyway one night at the beginning of the semester a bunch of kids from the Ivy league college came in and ordered pizzas with complicated toppings. I was daydreaming and distracted as usual and managed to bring the wrong order to their table twice. This tall and quite handsome guy about my age suddenly turned to me and said, “Do that again young lady and you’re going over my knee.” My heart may have literally stopped…I’m sure I blushed all the way down to my ankles! But as shy as I was I couldn’t help myself and said something like “Well maybe I’ll bring the wrong order again then!” I knew he knew exactly what I meant. I’m sure he said this sort of thing often to girls just to see if he’d get the right response and he did from me alright. He managed to flirt with me a little more but the group he was with just ate their pizzas and left quickly and I was sure I’d never see him again. Well a few days later he came back…alone. There was much flirting and he gave me his number. I got up the courage to call him and soon ended up visiting his fancy dorm room. I’ll call him Hans. About 5 minutes after I walked into Hans’ dorm room he had me over his knee and gave me a HARD spanking over my dress with his hand. This quickly progressed to spanking over my panties with his hand and then a quick little whipping on my bare bottom with his belt. The feeling of that night was indescribable…much more powerful than when I ‘lost my virginity’ and all Hans did after those spankings was kiss me goodnight. Yes he was a spanko alright… I continued to see him very regularly after that and there was always a spanking. The spankings grew more intense and we experimented with many different implements…always regular household objects used ‘creatively’. There were spatulas and cooking spoons of many types, belts, switches from a cherry tree in front of his dorm, ping pong paddles, a ‘smashball’ paddle, a fraternity paddle he found somewhere, different varieties of hairbrushes, rulers including an old slide rule, the strap from my purse, dowels from the hardware store, and even an electrical cord once (not an experience to be repeated). He was also very adept at dropping little hints right in public that he was going to spank me, and getting me very excited indeed before even touching me. Yes I was really in love. This all seemed like a fairytale but there was one big problem…Hans’ parents. They were a well-to do Jewish family originally from Europe, and I was a not-too-well-off, oddball Catholic girl from a small town. This all came to a head one weekend when Hans’ parents visited him and he had the very bad idea to invite me to dinner with them. It was at a fancy French restaurant with four different kinds of forks. I was totally unprepared and came in my usual black skirt and combat boots. I tried to be polite and demure but I was doomed from the start… Shortly after that fateful dinner they informed Hans that he’d be going abroad for the summer to study French and European cultures…in other words as far away from that nutty little Catholic girl as possible! I pined away for him that whole summer hardly eating and waiting for the postcards and letters that came less and less. When he returned I found out he’d met a girl from another Ivy league school while in Europe. I went over his knee several more times and kept thinking our relationship would be all alright but I was heartbroken and finally told him I never wanted to see him again. I never did but looked him up on the internet years later and he was of course quite successful...and I assume still a spanko.
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    When a heart breaks.... it doesn’t break even 💔
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    I'm for sure one of those. I refer to elders as Sir or Mam, I would probably call a mentor-like figure Sir or Mam as well. If I am being scolded or know I messed up. I 100% use Sir. It's just that respect thing you know?
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    Here's a little homage to comic books I made. I didn't actually like super hero comics that much but they're so iconic! I've always loved comic books though...when I was little it was Harvey (Little Dot, Richie Rich, Hot Stuff, Wendy the Little Witch) and Archie, then as a young teenager ElfQuest, then as a young adult underground comics (Lynda Barry, Peter Bagge, Daniel Clowes). Anybody else like comics?
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    Oh my god...I've already gotten all these too and I've only been on here less than a month!! I've gotten the one asking what I'm wearing several times...my favorite was the guy who suddenly asked out of the blue if I was wearing "red PJs with little teddy bears and hearts on them." Um no...sweatpants and a 20-year-old sweatshirt that's in complete tatters from decades of washing machine abuse. But he's still not satisfied..."do the sweatpants make your butt look cute?" Um no again...I've been doing boring color correction work for 10 hours straight and haven't brushed my hair in two days so I look kind of like a homeless person, ok? Then there are the ones that start with "35 yo M switch, sandy blond hair, 180# athletic type, hot body." That's cool...but I'm not casting for a porno movie at the moment. I also get the 20 rapid fire questions alot asking about my complete intimate sexual history starting from age 4 and then moving onto exactly where I live and what my real name is. Um...do you think this might make me a wee bit uncomfortable? And of course they give one word answers to any of MY questions. It makes me feel like I'm chatting with one of those customer service bots... And then there are the perseverators who keep asking me the same thing over and over. If you keep asking me if I'm interested in something and I keep saying no...maybe you should stop asking and move onto a topic of mutual interest eh? Then there are the ones who say they're 27 years old and living with their mom who still spanks them completely naked every day. Um...that could be an interesting fantasy but having a conversation as if that's really happening is just...bizarre. On the other hand I've met some very cool people already...some great conversationalists who've literally made me laugh out loud or made me so comfortable I've talked about stuff I wouldn't bring up with my (non-spanko) best friends. And one guy convinced me to do a roleplay which I was reluctant to do because I'd never tried it before. But he was very gentle and took it slow and it was alot of fun. Well that was a long rant huh??
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    I get those a lot. My favorite was a guy who opened with, "How's your hairbrush?" I responded that I used a comb. I understand this is a spanking site and I understand you may want to talk about spanking, but I'm not here to play 20 questions. If you're going to quiz me and expect me to share, you'd better be willing to do the same. Some people, as soon as you turn the question on them, they can't handle it.
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    So very many in pm. I would like to have a conversation with someone, not just feed their fantasies.
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    I had the same experiences growing up and it WAS very confusing. My parents had no idea what was going on with that and were just using a form of discipline that was very common and acceptable when I was growing up in the 70s. But I think this is one of the good arguments against spanking kids (and there are lots of other good arguments too)...most aren't spankos of course but for those who are it's very confusing and has connotations the parent doesn't intend. I used to wonder if getting spanked growing up 'made' me into a spanko but now I believe it's hardwired and the experience just shaped some of the particular aspects of my spanking interests. I don't think this is all that different from vanilla sexual interests in adults being formed by childhood experiences...it's often uncomfortable to think about these associations for many people but I think they're pretty common (like men who respond very strongly sexually to breasts, having subconscious associations with breastfeeding from their mothers.) As I grew into an adult I formed new associations with spanking with adult activities but the childhood associations still remain too to this day. I no longer feel bad or guilty about this and just accept it's part of who I am and the experiences I've had.
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    When I first joined this site, it was for my relationship. I knew nothing about spanking for any reason other than the quick slap or two during intercourse. We had issues mostly stemming from my attitude. Shocker there right? It wasn't that I couldn't control my attitude or my anger. I have a horrible habit of letting things build and build until I explode. Unfortunately, that explosion tends to come out on the people I care about the most. Why, I can't fully say. Maybe because deep down I know they're the ones that will never leave. Regardless over time, it does put quite the strain on the relationship. If we want to get technical here, most of my rules were designed and set by me. He just decides whether he agrees or disagrees and adjusts them how he sees fit. They're things that I struggle with that help keep my day to day life and sometimes even my mental state in balance. My life isn't micromanaged with some sort of punishment for every little thing. And contrary to popular belief, I'm not in trouble nearly as much as some think. He's not trying to change me. He fell in love with the person I am. He's trying to help me become someone I am happy with. I'm not sure if I even answered this right but let me just say, if I merely wanted to be spanked, I could have that. It's not the spanking I crave. It's the way I feel cared for, the way he makes me feel secured, what his dominance does to my mind and heart. Within my relationship, spankings simply came to be another part of it.
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    I think it is slightly unfair to call AG judgemental for stating his opinion on wondering "what if". How was he to know the underlying meaning behind this without any details? I tend to agree there is generally no point looking back but instead moving forward and I may have made a similar comment to AG simply based on what was written in the OP. I don't post this to be argumentative at all and it's a terrible thing you've had a traumatic experience but it seems like you're expecting him to be a mind reader and condemning him because he's not.
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    Respecting ones needs is a huge deal in this "lifestyle". We are dealing with very sensitive and often emotionally charged subjects. If someone cannot do something as basic as just respecting you as a person. Then odds are they have no interest in respecting your needs as a spankee/er. That will lead to pressuring you to do things you dont want to do. And that generally results in causing far more harm then good. Unfortunately being a spanker and just that. I dont often see things from the spankees end. But I can say I have been messaged by other spankers (generally in the 50+ age group) telling me my ways are wrong and Im too young to know the needs of spankees. Or even older spankees thinking because im 23, im too inexperienced or flat out incapable of giving a spanking. If my age is too low for you thats ok, no hard feelings. But assuming things that just are not true and borderline insulting is not.
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    You come across as very judgemental at times to someone you don't know. This poem is about a variety of situations in my life but in particular was about the time I was 18 and decided to go home a particular way with a friend one night and landed up getting attacked by a complete stranger simply for being in the wrong place and at the wrong time. I have struggled with years of ptsd and depression because of this but despite all that I'm still here ( some days I reckon I'd have been better off dead ). Yes of course I can't change the past - that's obvious but as the attack also caused me years of disassociation and some memory loss trying to piece my life together is an ongoing struggle. So utterly sick and tired of people who haven't got a clue about my life situation offering advice when it's not been asked for. And yes I've had therapy and medication - whatever. It's never going to go completely but I live with it. 😠
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    You're not the first pantie boy to upraise them for proper attention. I spanked a man yesterday sending him home bottom ablaze, being caressed by white panties with a beautiful lace trim.
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    I don't agree with this. At all... You sound mean.
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    (trying to hide under the chair - Hiding under a straight back chair? I must have lost my mind)
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    We love the Brits!!!! You guys not only gave the world golf (well Scotland might claim that one... ) but lead the world in spanking naughty youth (and adults) for longer than I can remember! I think that if you guys restored legally the use of the cane you might see a recovery of the British Empire.. The lack of clarity in your government actions would change quickly with the "best of six" given to all parliamentarians.
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    Hi! I’m Amanda. I’m originally from up north but have been in South Carolina for 10 years now. I’m looking for a male disciplinarian to help me stay on track now that I am back in college working towards my bachelors degree.
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    I fail to see how anyone can expect a 'real' physical punishment without any marks! The only thing I can think for you to try is to cover the backside with a cold, wet cloth or tea towel. This has the effect of making the capillaries which carry the blood beneath the surface to recede from the surface. It can reduce cane strokes, so could possibly be of some help in reducing bruising, although I cannot guarantee it will work - it is not something that I have done in recent years. These days, if someone wants a punishment session instead of a play session, then I insist they be able to have at least some marking/bruising. But that's because I'm getting old and seem to have run out of patience with people who expect me to work miracles! One of my pet hates is when I see/hear someone saying "I can't wait for my next punishment" - not much of a punishment, then, was it? To me, a punishment session/scenario is completely different, psychologically as well as physically. Punishments should be carried out from cold and, of course, to make them realistic, no safeword is in place... can you imagine telling your aunt, teacher, etc. that you had had enough??? My personal spankees dread a punishment as they feel they have let me down. It impacts on them greatly, as a punishment should. When I am faced with people who want, for example, 24 of the very best of the cane, cold (no warm up) but with no marking, I tend these days to attempt to explain to them and to suggest alternatives, e.g. line writing, timeouts, withdrawal of privileges, sanctions, enforced activities, etc. One thing I would never guarantee is that I will deliver a session without any marking. I cannot possibly know how they will mark up if I haven't played with them before; I cannot be certain they are being honest with me regarding any meds they may be on (in particular blood thinners, anti-coagulants, etc.). There are just too many variables, e.g. how often they play, what the weather is like, whether they moisturise regularly, etc. for me to be able to honestly gives guarantees. If people aren't happy with my approach, there are plenty of numpties out there who will promise the sun, moon and stars in order to get someone to play (with or without fees).
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