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rude rumps

rude rumps
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Very good artwork Rude, I especially like the Southern Principal... I think I'd like to meet her.   😬

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Hi Rudec it's me Fran I've had some issues lately getting into my account due to some signing in my account finally fixed it and so happy to say 👋 hi again and hope you still remember me ..love your latest pictures and was wondering if you ever got to the chapter's of your last issue about your boyfriend in the city..you usaly post updates on handprints and I saw you were working on more...hope all is well 😀 my most amazing artist and friend 😀 😉..love your biggest fan no matter what everyone else says xxxxoooxxx Fran 


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16 hours ago, Southern Father said:

Love your art,  the National Lampoon cover, the girls panties were pulled down.  


Thank you for your kind words :)

Yes...on the original cover it was a bare bottom spanking...but in my version its on white panties...at least at the start :)

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