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  2. That a hairbrush spankings ‘hurt like the devil’ is exactly the point, Young Lady. I have a couple of hairbrushes that have never been used to brush hair…..😏
  3. Not sure I have a favourite! I definitely don't like hairbrushes! they hurt like the devil and they should only be used to brush hair! 😂😛
  4. How does anyone ever get anything done?!  😂I could stay and play on this site all day! 😀

    1. Tate999


      Perhaps you need a little reminder of your chores 

    2. lilmissnaughty


      Hey!  I said I could! I didn't say I would! 😝😇

    3. Tate999


      Any excuse to warm your pretty little bottom 

  5. Even if they enjoy being spanked, I'm not sure how many partners would "love" a true discipline spanking - the kind that doesn't start until they wish it were over. At least that has been my experience.
  6. You are correct - this forum is for general spanking discussion topics, not personal ads.
  7. I was laughing so hard at this! The emojis or whatever are so hard to tell apart.
  8. Today
  9. Zhal


    Hello and welcome. Look around, get to know people, and if anything comes up as a red flag to you make sure to note it. Stay safe.
  10. picitusu


    Hello 🙂 I am a newbie into the world of spanking, I used to deny the fact I had any interest or sort of like towards Spanking, but now I have just come to accept that its a part of me and to be open about it all.
  11. One person's "cringe" is the next person's "woo hoo!" 

    1. rubyredd


      Can you give an example? 

  12. I don't understand. Of course there are people here. We have multiple conversations going on, regarding a multitude of topics, with a wide variety of voices. If you are referring to EEs not responding to your inquiries, may I suggest you keep your advertisements in the appropriate section and perhaps more people will see them or respond.
  13. Tampa Florida looking for spanking partner or group who would spank my naked bottom cherry red, burning and on fire for days afterwards. If interested message me inbox me or email Ray Miles at rmiles2057@gmail.com
  14. I am still looking for a spanking partner make or female who would spank my naked butt to change my negative behavior, just a plotonic relationship. I have been self spanking for years but now I want to go to the next level. I am married and my wife thinks spanking us perverted. So I do need to be descret about my spanking partner. If you know anyone that will spank a 64 year old man, and I am open to switching. You can inbox me message me or email raymond Miles at rmiles2057@gmail.com
  15. It is spankmered57 again here is my phone number 8136489848 text me first so I know who it is, also send me an email and text so we can set up a time to talk about your spanking group!!
  16. Wow, hard to decide being made to drop my pants, bare my butt, and bend over, the feel of the hand connecting with my rear end are two very high points for sure, but probably favorite part is corner time after would with the ER scolding my harshly emphasizing his point with harsh smacks to my already cherry-red butt. I may change my mind as others offer more ideas.
  17. I am definitely interested in your group. Been looking everywhere I can to find a good spanking partner or group that will meet my spanking needs to change my behavior. I have been self spanking for years, now I want to go to the next level to gave someone spank my naked butt cherry red burning on fire for days afterwards!! To change my bad negative behavior!!! I live in Tampa Florida. Could you send me the details for your next meeting, and we can message back in forth through email or message me. My email is rmiles2057@gmail.com my name is raymond Miles. Check out my profile, and get ba
  18. @overmykneemiss don’t be so sure your age works against you. There are lots of us who adore older men!
  19. Yikes!!! Just realized which finger was pointing!!☝ My bad. Sorry. No disrespect meant!!
  20. When you sass your ER one too many times....


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