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  3. Someone to discipline me d/s and role play
  4. Oh yes! A red bottom of its own can be achieved any time, but getting instructions on how to do it - the control is key. For me, it involves my submissive side in the process, which overall improves discipline massively
  5. Count is at 178 from what I can tell. @OhRedhead needs to wait for 2 people to post before posting again. Now....176.
  6. Breasts and wings for me.
  7. 10% thighs 20% sit spot 70% ass cheeks. Pain is a part of it but the humiliation of taking pants off bending otk and corner time after does just as much as the actual spanking in my opinion ..
  8. I totally agree! Also, don't go into a meeting with the mindset of desperation to be spanked. You need to get to know and trust the person who will have you in a submissive mindset.
  9. I think the people who want to have a directed spanking probably desire the being controlled aspect of spanking, where you may just be aroused mentally and physically by the pain. Just a guess. The years I have spent chatting with spankees it seems no two people want/need the exact same thing with this fetish. It gets very difficult for a spanker to understand that sometimes.
  10. I’ve been reading a lot of chats lately where spankees want a directed self spanking. Since i never had a problem with spanking myself it made me start thinking. Maybe those individuals need the mind part of the spanking not just a red butt? I just needed a sore bottom, lol Thoughts?
  11. 1. I was born and raised in Michigan 2. I was a professional photographer 3. I love and appreciate music however I don't currently play an instrument. I may take up piano 4. I really enjoy sports cars 5. While I switch now, I started out this lifestyle on the receiving end for 32 years
  12. Hello, I understand your feelings, I live near Lansing Michigan if I can be of help. Rick.
  13. Yes, my discipline is very thorough and painful. Throughout the years, I've learned how to take and process the pain with both the mindset I get in and physically through allowing my whole body process the pain and breathing. I always accept what I need to endure. I know it works and see that the end results are worth it. I'm very fortunate and appreciative that I have a friend who understands what I need and cares enough about me to take on the task to provide me what I need.
  14. Thighs are definitely a spankable area, but only with the informed consent of the spankee. One should never automatically go there without discussion beforehand. I would agree that depending upon the implement, both the backs and fronts of the thighs can be effectively spanked, and often that may be quite a bit more painful than one would expect. If one is using an implement which creates more intense sensations like the cane or an extension cord, then care is needed particularly on the fronts of the thighs because it will hurt significantly more than the same level of intensity applied to the bottom.
  15. Ever notice that "Take your panties down" seems to sound so much more intimidating and ominous than "pull your panties down" even though its the same instruction? 

  16. Of course self spanking is not as good as in person. BUT when a spankingis needed self spanking fills the gap. I have a female friend who lives just a bit too far away for in person. She directs me over cam when I really NEED a spanking.I have also directed others by phone and cam. In person is always best.
  17. I tried with directing a spanking through Skype and wasn’t happy with the results. Not saying it can’t work but it will never be as effective as the real thing.
  18. Oracle...thank you for your kind words. Looks like we both share a love of music....but you are much more advanced. Keep making beautiful music my friend!
  19. You are too kind...but thank you. I have enjoyed getting to know you better as well. You too are kind, understanding, and intelligent....with lots of life experience to offer. Playing guitar for me is a blessing...I love doing it. I get to play and sing now and then at church, at my husband's coffee shop, and sometimes weddings and such. Sometimes my daughter joins me...she has a beautiful voice and I have tried to teach her to play as well, but she is more oof a pianist....lol. It gives me joy....lol.
  20. Yes....I have thighs....lol. But, if you mean "spanking the thighs"....yes....mine have certainly felt the belt and the cane. And...sometimes, the fronts of my thighs as well. It stings there the most.
  21. I'm not sure what you're wanting? I don't thing you need a guide for the act of self spanking; hold paddle, smack bottom. Do you want someone to discipline you and tell you to spank yourself. If that's it, are you wanting a role play situation or a D/s relationship? Denny
  22. I would think that it would be polite etiquette to check with someone first before jumping into your role play scene. 

  23. Here is how it worked for me in a prior relationship. We lived together and I was HoH. There were erotic spankings. There were disciplinary spankings. Those were severe but rare. Because I was worried about abuse, they only happened when there had been a plain violation of a a clear-cut rule previously agreed upon. Then there were what might be called dominance-reminder spankings. These were her idea but I came to like them. At random times, sometimes several times on the same day, sometimes at intervals a few days apart I would simply say something like: "bring the paddle," or "strip and lie over the end of the couch." Then I would admister a spanking that was enough to cause discomfort but no more than that. The idea was to remind her that I was in charge 24 hours a day and therefore make her less likely to transgress in a way that would lead to more severe consequences. Very rarely, if she felt too much time had passed between a maintencance spanking, she would request one by laying out an implement. I would ask, "what do you need?" and she would tell me, e.g. "I need to lie down on the table and get twelve with the strap," or whatever. In those situations, I would do exactly as requested. H.
  24. You can also turn on or off comments on photos by managing a photo or an album. A lot of members are not aware of this.
  25. Smells like a troll to me
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