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  2. I hope that my last β€˜rant’ , my silly humor and blunt statement will be taken with a grain of salt. I can imagine a few people were taken aghast knowing my normally laid back temperament. There have been requests for Me to act in that manner in the past, it can happen with a prior discussion relating to her needs, her limits, as well as My limits. Be Well all, I don’t expect much response do to My age and the many Er’s in the big mitten .
  3. Hi! I am also looking for help in that same department 😊 (getting into shape and building better habits)πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ if you want maybe we can connect and see if that's something that could work ☺️
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  5. I dislike it, which makes it an effective punishment. I am a constantly-in-motion kind of person. Standing still for minutes at a time awaiting a hard spanking has definite deterrent value.
  6. "Good girl, bend over, spread your legs, obey me. NOW."
  7. dmirk

    Midwest travel

    Any miscreant young ladies I’m traveling checking out ballparks but am not limited to that. In Solon (Cleveland) tonight then heading to the Detroit area tomorrow, in Milwaukee for the Brewers game with a guy who lives out there. He saved my life with his stem cells so the 16th is nuts. Then heading up the side of Lake Michigan to the UP and down along Huron. Might hit as south as St. Louis. Not really expecting response but pm me if I’m wrong.
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  9. For whatever it's worth, I've been on this site for several years and I only just figured it out next year. (That's a joke, folks)
  10. Forgot to mention, I'm interested in spankers of any gender, as well as couples.
  11. Hi there. I got my COVID shots and am thinking it's time to emerge from the cocoon and try to find a spanking! A full length description of me and my interests is in my profile, but to summarize, I'm 51, GWM, 6'0", 185, especially into household discipline roleplays, but open to a variety of spanking situations. The main thing is I'm only up for hand spankings, not implements, not so intense that it takes more than a few hours to recover, not looking for sex, but within those limits I'm game for a thorough spanking. Hope to hear from you!
  12. 84. Sometimes, it is better hold back. When outnumbered, you will end up losing ground.
  13. Looks like the only thing you'll be 'giving' is kisses!!!!!!!




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      Awwww well mija we will see.

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  14. Back to 80, even with the EEs cheating.
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