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  2. @Hobbit: Joining the majority of those spanked at home: I too was, up until I was 12, and then lost interest as I did not like getting a spanking. Like a few others, later in life, I became very interested in giving or receiving a spanking, and I have been doing so for 24 years. This past school year, '18-'19, I was asked to spank a person to assist with going to an university; fully realized after awhile that this person had found other motivation. At 63, I still enjoy giving a sensual or a disciplinary spanking when asked, and naturally, I very much enjoy receiving one. Thanks for asking.
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  4. Hope everyone has a fun weekend. Stay safe!

  5. So I've had this ad up on fetlife with mixed results, but it seems a number of you lovely folks aren't on there so I thought I would relay it here as well! It’s my hope that you enjoy spanking, if not this isn’t the post for you (or site?) . I’m a young woman in my early 20’s looking for spanking as a stress relief, anxiety control and maybe a bit of punishment here and there when needed. I tend to favor longer scenes to shorter (please no “I have 20 min. and a car. Let’s go “ type messages) and enjoy a variety of implements although I have a fondness for leather and stingy thing to thuddy. Being local is critical to me, so no more than about a half an hour outside of Boston. Both male and female welcome respondents are welcome, but please be at least as old as I am if not elder to me. Be literate in your response and overall be polite please. In your email/message please include a brief introduction of yourself as well as your experience and interest as well. A message over 5 words is more likely to get any kind of response, and please understand I am not obligated to answer you.
  6. I was spanked as a child, but I grew up in the era that spanking was the accepted method of punishment. Parental spankings tapered off at about 10 - 12 or so, but not because I was too old. I learned to behave and avoid them. My final childhood spanking was from my Aunt at age 16. When I discovered adult spanking much later in life, I look back at that spanking from my Aunt as a trigger to my interest in adult spankings.
  7. The Stooges-Funhouse. As a former olde tymey punke rocque guy, I believe The Stooges to be INDISPUTABLY the greatest rock 'n' roll band of all time. Highly recommended if you have a hankerin' for rude, primal noise.
  8. Please be careful and follow some safety rules.
  9. Nothing like a three day holiday weekend. I hope everyone has some nice festivities planned and all spankings are up to date.

  10. Perhaps it could have ended like this...
  11. Using both to bring one to full submission, is a glorious thing for the ee/s. There is no way I can evade coming to absolute complete submission when these are used together! I’ve tried 😂
  12. Kce89

    2 Truths & 1 Lie

    Very interesting AG. I'll keep it in politics I guess. 1. I'm an Anarchist 2. I'm a Libertarian 3. I'm a Minarchist
  13. O - Oval shaped hairbrush
  14. No experiences involving spanking around music teachers but I do remember an ex-headmaster or mine at one of the secondary ( high ) schools I went to coming up and having a go on a toy Casio keyboard I bought into a music class. I was never that good really but he was able to engage really well with kids as well as keeping discipline ( just with his voice )
  15. waiting for test results is always stressful. hoping you get good news!!!
  16. Man that really sucks - I hope things improve for you.
  17. Until May 28th, you can get The Sims 4 (PC/Mac download) for free to play forever! ^_^ So downloading!

  18. When I was growing up I took piano lessons—I would ride my bike to my teachers house—I was probably 9 or 10 at the time. I remember mid lesson once one of her kids was acting up (she had 3) and she threatened him with a spanking with a wooden spoon. I didn’t get to see anything happen but she did say she spanked her kids. It made me instantly crave a spanking from her, especially because I didn’t really practice much. From then on everyone I rode over there, I imagined what it would feel like to go over her knee and get my bare behind spanked with that spoon... ironically, I did work as a piano teacher in my adult life for a bunch of years so i got to see the other side of the equation. Anyone else have any piano teacher or music teacher memories (or even experiences?)
  19. Add me to the list of ‘never spanked growing up but had the interest the whole time anyway’ group. I remember being so fascinated with spankings especially school paddlings (which my school still allowed but did not really utilize anymore).
  20. dmirk


    Welcome. Were I closer, I’d see if anything clicked. But I’m in NJ and only get out your way maybe once a year. Good luck and if you want to talk drop a line.
  21. I’m a female in the Cincinnati area in need of a lot of help. I recently turned 18 and I can now start looking for outside help, I am looking for an older male to help me better myself and my life. This is my last resort to try and better my life and I’m really hoping it works out, thank you for any help or interest.
  22. Welcome! If you are ever looking for friends my little and I are up in island county
  23. My gf and I are up in island county and are always looking for friends ! If you are still active here sassylassy
  24. 👰....so lucky 2 have celebrated w friends @ a beautiful wedding this eve. Wishing the happy couple nothing but happiness & blessing on their new life 2gether.
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