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  2. I like the traffic light system. Amber usually first. This means give a small break, hit less hard etc. Red. Everything stops immediately and chill the atmosphere. All role play etc ends. To be honest I haven't heard Red called and the key really is good communication and understanding about what both parties want out of the session.
  3. Mr Jenks September 1907 Not the easiest few days at Winterbrook. The arrival of Miss Lucy and Miss Charlotte has entailed a great deal of upheaval. The preparation of the girls’ rooms did not go smoothly. I am starting to wonder if Alice was a good choice for the position of lady’s maid, she can be a little scatter-brained at times but her outburst the other day was inexcusable. Hopefully her experience in Sir George’s study will have taught her a lesson. I do hope so, for she will be very much in the public gaze and Sir George will not hesitate to punish her again if she transgresses. That young lady will end up with a very sore bottom on a very regular basis if she doesn’t mind her ways. I not sure what I expected Miss Lucy and Miss Charlotte to be like. The last young female member of the family was of course Lady Catherine, but she came as wife to Sir George and was brought up to the ways of the gentry. I have a feeling that Miss Lucy and Miss Charlotte would probably feel more at ease in the servants’ hall than they do in the drawing room and at the dinner table. I have observed their manners at table and although they are polite and are obviously trying their hardest it is clear that this is far from what they are used to. Yesterday evening Miss Charlotte went to eat her soup with her pudding spoon. I quietly indicated the correct implement but I know that it did not go unnoticed by Sir George. The sooner a governess is appointed the better. That’s also true with regards to their book learning. I was waiting on Sir George in his study this morning when he was trying to ascertain what they both knew. Now, no-one wants a blue-stocking but every well-bred woman needs to be able to converse about art and literature, to have an appreciation for music and to know something of the history and geography of these isles. It was clear from their answers, or rather their lack of answers, that the extent of their education has been very limited. A village school and then some lessons at the vicarage are not sufficient preparation for the life they have now entered into. Sir George was very testy with them. That can sometimes be his manner but I think that his ill mood had more to do with the fact that he had had a very bad night. He had confided to me as I shaved him before breakfast that he had spent much of the night on the thunder-box. He was of the opinion that it was something he had eaten and was all for me complaining to Mrs Rokeby. However, when I pointed out that the remains of the dishes had been enjoyed with no ill-effects in the servants hall he reluctantly agreed that there must be another cause to his upset stomach. I am certain that Mrs Rokeby would have taken great exception to the suggestion that she had inadvertently poisoned him with her cooking! I suggested that an extra glass of whisky before he retires might settle his digestion. The arrival of the girls has also occasioned much in the way of unhelpful gossip and speculation amongst the younger servants. This afternoon I was passing along the lower corridor on the way to the wine cellar when I heard loud noises coming from the game pantry. I poked my head around the door to see what the commotion was. Mrs Rokeby was seated on a stool in the middle of the room. Over her knee, her skirts raised and her bare bottom rudely displayed was Violet the scullery maid. In the corner, sniffing back her tears was Rose, the kitchen maid. Mrs Rokeby gave a nod in my direction before continuing what she was about. “How dare you speak about your betters like that!” she admonished Violet. The hairbrush she was wielding was cracked down hard on Violet’s bare bottom, leaving an oval red mark. Violet gave a yelp of pain. “How dare you be so rude!” Another smack with the hairbrush. “Such saucy language!” A third smack. “A mind like a gutter you’ve got my girl!” A fourth hard smack. Mrs Rokeby is a substantial woman and she wields a hairbrush with considerable force. She gave poor Violet a dozen stinging smacks, each smack accompanied with another rebuke. By the time she had finished Violet’s bottom was very well marked and the girl was weeping openly. I waited until the punishment was complete before asking the cook what it had all been about. “These two little madams,” she said fiercely, gesturing at the two maids who were both now standing facing the wall, hands on their heads “were meant to be down here plucking some pheasants. But, oh no, they weren’t interested in getting on with their work, they just wanted to have a good gossip about Miss Charlotte and Miss Lucy. Such filthy talk, Mr Jenks, you wouldn’t believe. All about how when Mr Freddy came home he was sure to have his wicked way with the both of them, them being such pretty girls. Lots of talk about exactly what he might do with them. Well I listened outside the door for a moment or two and that was plenty long enough, Mr Jenks, plenty long enough to hear all the filthiness I could ever want to hear! You would have thought these two had never been to church in their lives! ” I wasn’t surprised that the maids had been gossiping. Any changes in the life of a household cause the servants’ tongues to start wagging and nothing as exciting as the arrival of Miss Lucy and Miss Charlotte had occurred at Winterbrook for many a long year. Violet and Rose had been well-chastised by Miss Rokeby so there was no need for me to punish them too. I simply informed them that such gossip would not be tolerated and that if it came to my attention in the future then I would deal with them myself. It was a stern warning but I’m under no illusions that it will do any good. Pretty girls are certain to get the servants talking and if that’s what the maids are saying I shudder to think what the speculation amongst the stable lads and footmen is! Sir George in a foul mood, the servants agitated, two new members of the household who aren’t quite quality. There’s going to be trouble at Winterbrook, you mark my words.
  4. Arrivals Lucy Middleton September 1907 My stomach fluttered as we approached the Hall, up the driveway. Winterbrook seemed much grander than I had ever imagined. The view was designed to impose, to humble, it seemed to me. I still did not quite know what to think about all the changes in our situation. Of course, I was upset that dear Papa was gone, but he had been so unwell in recent months, I could not but help consider it something of a blessing for him. His pain was at last over, and for that I had to be thankful. Intermingled with the sadness, though, was a feeling of excitement. Over the past years I had grown weary at being forever stuck in Devonshire with only the quiet pursuits of the countryside to amuse me. I longed for more. I had read so much in novels, journals and periodicals of the amusements to be found in London. Theatres, parks, Harrods, where there were all sorts of wonders to behold, and indeed purchase. There was even a “moving staircase”, which must be a sight to be seen. And now all of these things would be a mere twenty-five miles from our new home. I looked over at Charlotte. She had been quiet most of the journey. While I was revelling in the sights we saw from the carriage as we changed stations in London, she seemed lost in thought. I know that she is feeling our departure from Devonshire much more than I am. I had tired of the company we kept there, but she was much closer to several people and was feeling their loss. I reached over and squeezed her hand to let her know that I understood. The carriage pulled up to the front of the house. All the staff were lined up to greet us. There must have been quite twenty of them. What on earth do they all do? At home, we had Mrs Tregaron, the cook/housekeeper, Dotty the parlour maid, and Dick the garden boy who we shared with the vicarage. I suppose there is rather more house to attend to here than at home. A footman opened the door to the carriage and Charlotte was helped out. I followed her, looking curiously around me. A dour looking man, who introduced himself as Jenks, the butler, welcomed us to Winterbrook Hall on behalf of Sir George. He said our maids would show us to our rooms, and then Sir George would interview us in his study in an hour, when we had taken some light refreshment. Maids indeed! Apparently, now we live in such grandeur we each must have a Lady's maid to assist us. I felt like snapping that I am perfectly capable of dressing myself, but when Alice, my maid, was introduced to me, she seemed like a pleasant enough person, so I held my tongue. Alice and Maria, Charlotte's maid, showed us upstairs. My room is large, with a beautiful aspect over the lawns at the back of the house. It is decorated nicely enough, though possibly not in the way I would choose if I had control over such matters. I asked Alice if she could fetch me a glass of water to drink, but when she returned, ten minutes later, her hands were empty. When I enquired as to the whereabouts of my water, the girl looked completely confused, and then confessed that she had forgotten to get me one. She seems to be something of a scatterbrain, but as I have no need of a maid, this will hardly matter. An hour later, Sir George's study door opened and Jenks announced us. I was curious to meet our new guardian. He sat behind a large desk, cutting an imposing figure. We walked in and I went to sit in a chair opposite him, but before I could quite sit, Charlotte pulled me to my feet, glaring. She curtseyed and even though I thought this entirely silly, I felt it best to copy her and so made my own reverence. Frowning slightly, Sir George started speaking, without inviting us to be seated! “Charlotte, Lucinda, I would like to welcome you to Winterbrook Hall, and also offer you my deepest condolences on the reason for your arrival. I hope you have found everything satisfactory so far. If your maids' conduct falls short of that which you expect, please make Mrs Fuller aware so she may deal with them as appropriate.” At this he paused, and stood, turning away from us and gazing out the window. “I have given much thought to your education. I originally considered a boarding school for you, but found the establishment in question to be far too liberal, so I have seen fit to place an advertisement for a governess, who will be responsible for your continued education until you are of marriageable age. You will learn all the arts and accomplishments fitting for a young lady under my protection.” I could keep quiet no longer. “But Sir George, Charlotte is nineteen and I am seventeen! We are far too old for a governess. Why, we stopped taking lessons at the vicarage fully two years past! I really have no desire to continue with lessons for another four years!” I heard Charlotte let out a gasp at my outburst. That girl is far too timid sometimes, I'm sure she has no more desire than I do to be stuck in a classroom for years to come. However, Charlotte's desires, whatever they be, soon fled from my thoughts when I saw the look directed at me by Sir George, who had turned away from the window and was now glaring at me. “Miss Middleton, control yourself please. I am your guardian, and what becomes of you is my decision. If I say you are to have a governess, you will have a governess, you will mind her, and you will dedicate yourself to all your lessons. It will go worse for you if you do not. And I would remind you that well bred young ladies do not speak to their elders in such a disrespectful manner. In this instance I will forgive you, as I am aware you have had a difficult few weeks with the passing of your father. If you ever speak to me in such a way again though, I can promise you that you will feel the full force of my wrath and my hand.” I tried to outstare him, but his look was so intense that I was forced to drop my eyes. I am not about to spend my days shut up in a classroom when there are the delights of London to be experienced, but it seemed prudent to agree with my new guardian for now, as his strict countenance was a little intimidating. However, I am determined to get my own way in the end. I always do.
  5. I live in Tampa Florida looking for spanker, that will use spanking to change my negative behavior through spanking. Male or female, particular spanking relationship, no sex or relationship. Been self spanking but need to take it to the next level. If interest message or inbox me.
  6. I live in Tampa and looking for a spanker, who will help change my negative behavior, if interested inbox me or message me.
  7. Reading through this thread, I have more concrete thoughts on the subject than I really expected. -For pre spanking corner: pants off, panties on. Mid spanking corner, obviously I’d be bare. Post spanking corner is not my jam. That’s huggle time. -I always arrive at the appropriate headspace (be that submission or contrition) more easily and quickly when the spanker is the one who takes the panties down. -The location that “gets” me the most? Is somewhere between mid thigh and my knees. I’m not really sure why. I think it’s more of a sensory thing. It’s a sensitive place for me and I think it keeps my panties somewhere on my radar if that makes sense? And thus, keeps reminding me that they’ve been taken down. -As to if they come off altogether? If it’s a “good girl” spanking, my preference is for them to be off. It’s a physical freedom thing. If I’ve not been a “good girl” then everything above applies. Though I will say that there’s something to be said for panties that are pulled down and then ultimately kicked off during the process. But that depends in some ways on positioning. Fun topic to think about.
  8. Yesterday
  9. It’s the absolute worst. 10/10 hate it
  10. I get it. About the same age and similar spot with my wife. She’s getting better. Honestly, the more she spanks the harder she’s willing to go. She’s just not “strict” when it comes to spankings. My advise is send her all the articles/blog posts she’s willing to read. Try to talk to her about it. Show her examples of what you’d like your bum to look like. It’s all hard. I totally get it. Feel free to reach out if you’d like to chat more.
  11. yes , i believe it does , wishing to improve but of course failing , which need to be paid for .
  12. i was sbout7 when i realised that i actually liked being spanked the slipper , mum introduced me , and of course nearly every month i was otk , i have through he years accepted the cane , slipper , strap . willing to accept all implements .pity st albans is too far for me to travel.
  13. i wished to be thoroughly spanked , by a male or a female , bare and otk . it works for me , keeps inline
  14. Im looking for a girl who is interested in relationship where she would have rules and punishments. I am lifetime spanko and I have a good bit of experience being dominant. Im really looking for someone I get along with in vanilla ways. I want to meet the love of my life not just a kinky fling. I live in Atlanta, in a fun part of the city where I can walk to restaurants, bars, parks and music venues. I work as a Cinematographer and I’m very passionate about cameras and lighting. I consider myself a creative person and I love photography. I have a good sense of humor and I love to make jokes about most things. I’m really into music both playing at home on my speakers and going to a live show. I am 420 friendly, I like to have a few drinks as well and a mushroom or two on occasion. I consider myself outdoorsy and I like hiking and camping. I have a kayak Id love to use more as well as a bike and an electronic skateboard. I love plants and I have a bunch of houseplants. I like to play video games with friends to cure boredom and I have a collection of silly hats that pretty amazing.
  15. Two very good posts by Underpants and Ammon . In Underpants case his wife gives him a swat in public and I doubt seriously whether anyone has complained. Ammon obviously believes that a wife swatting a husband is not serious matter. A few of the posts talking about infringing on people rights watching a swat is a little drastic. When my husband doesn't act his age he will be corrected. It is not a kink in our case but a form of discipline and he does not enjoy it even with his interest in spanking. Good for the young woman making her man accountable. I have had no reprocessing swatting my husband. We have had some issues with hotel / motel spanking which I have posted in the past. That is the good thing about this forum hearing and learning about other people opinions on a subject that influences our lives , whether we agree or not. Ms L
  16. Well, I was born in the sign of water
    And it's there that I feel my best
    The albatross and the whales, they are my brothers
    It's kind of a special feeling
    When you're out on the sea alone
    Staring at the full moon like a lover
    Time for a cool change 
  17. Another topic on burning buns quoted UCLA professor and neuroscientist Hermes Solenzol. The professor observed that the nerves that lead to specific areas in the brain is that the pain branch into "the cingulate cortex, an area that has an important role in motivation." We've often discussed whether spanking can improve behavior. This may help explain why a good paddling helps us improve, and why it likely needs to take place regularly. i've always felt that sound paddling helps me in many ways, at least for a while. As the pain and sting continue for many days, they remind me of what i should be doing and how important it is. i'd guess that for a paddling and strapping to motivate, the spankee would likely have to desire improvement in the areas under discussion. For lasting improvement, i'd think the paddlings should continue regularly and consistently. A single paddling could improve motivation and behavior in the short term or even possibly medium term. But, soon it wears off. In that sense, a good paddling is very beneficial, whether it's a one-time or infrequent paddling, or if it's consistent over time.
  18. i was in a restaurant recently, the Saturday afternoon before mothers' day. Nearby to where we sat was a young couple, probably very late 20s or early 30s. Just before they sat down, She planted a couple of firm swats on his backside. Nobody seemed to notice much, but they intrigued me. It didn't seem unusual at all, even in conservative Utah, at least not to me. They seemed like a completely normal couple in every way. i thought it was wonderful!
  19. Thanks for the heads up on closing Cane-iac! Hopefully someone will take their place, or purchase the family business. What a unique thing to have for a family business!
  20. Spanking court could be an option...A few times when the highway patrol or police pulled me over, i would have really preferred to just have had a paddling on the spot, instead of a ticket... Could we do that?
  21. i am plugged 24/7 except for necessity and anal caning. When spanking my butt OTK, my Dom Husband has me leave the plug in and spanks the base of it with the wooden spoon.
  22. Age really is just a number. Ironically you have to get old to realize this.
  23. Yes I had bought my gf a nice wooden engraved spanking hairbrush & she warned me she’d pull the car over and I didn’t believe her. Wrong! She pulled over in a Target parking lot, took me into the back seat, pulled down my pants & underwear, put me across her lap and tanned my bare bottom. I was so scared someone would walk by and see through the windows.
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