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  2. I have a lady who has spanked me a number of times in her home and she is more than happy to ask one of her lady friends to witness my spankings. Sometimes they participate even. It definitely adds to the embarrassment!
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  4. Hello all, I have been into the M/s, D/s, and Disciplinarian lifestyle for about 8 years now. There are several types of dynamics that I like to engage in but since we are on the spanking site, I will talk about how my Discipline and mentorship helps my partners. I have some life coaching experience too and I use some of my leadership skills in Disciplining my partners constructively. I have helped straighten out some partners with Discipline and Scolding. I enjoy providing structure and deciding ways in which my partner can live their life and turn out to be happier on the other end. My s
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  6. Again, I suggest a suitable position (supported, over a desk / bed / couch) and a switch. Sorry... nothing else.
  7. As to a broken tailbone i would want an xray that showed the coccyx had refused and was ok for normal activities. That is such a painful condition you would likely know if it had any movement or weakness. If nervous might use a belt rather than thick wooden anything. For generic ddd i would want to know more details (haha) and just use common sense.
  8. Spinal DJD is sufficiently common that many of us will have some degree of it with age. A broken tailbone is a completely different ballgame, IMO. I would not spank or be spanked with an injury like that. With DJD, as some have already suggested, positioning is critical. Physicians and PTs will generally tell you what positions to avoid and which to limit time-wise. Back pain during a spanking is the signal that you aren't in a tenable position and need to do something different to avoid injury. I think using information from your doctor, common sense, and your body's own alert system is
  9. Daddy told me Goodbye on 1/20/2021.  Yes, it broke my heart 💔, but I understand it's for the best for his family and mine.  Plans for a birthday spanking from him have been canceled. I don't plan on getting a bday spanking this year after all. That's okay.  NOT in search for a Daddy either. I don't want to go through any more heartbreaks like that.  I still need spankings in my life, but I'm not going to let that need consume my life, nor my thoughts.  I need some balance. I will find it. I'm also reconnecting with some vanilla friends and will be getting back to what I've strayed away from: my faith.   

  10. Maybe some kind of electric punishment underwear that could deliver a painful but harmless electric shock to the persons buttocks ?
  11. Thank you all so much. This room is filled such wonderful caring people. My question and explanation is pitiful. I always screw things up. I'll try again. Suppose, The Family Practitioner can't talk the spankee out of wanting a Domestic Discipline Relationship. Suppose, the spankee says it nothing else is effective than the a spanking, grounding the spankee doesn't go anywhere, Grounding from television and internet - the spankee, friend, spouse whatever is older and says ok, writing - spankee enjoys writing stores - says ok. Suppose, the spankee told the The Family Practition
  12. I was pretty young when my mum spanked me at home. I have snippets of memories, (though I didn't think much of them then), of my pants coming down and muy mum's hand smacking my bare bottom with me screaming tears.
  13. I've switched within the same session, but generally prefer to top first. No idea why that order but it appears to make that change of mindset easier for me. At parties, I've switched back and forth aplenty, too. Something about that environment makes it easier, I think. I do miss parties...
  14. I caned my partner in my office on the weekend, with the door closed and after checking no one else was on my floor. It certainly does that extra frisson of excitement, baring her bottom in a professional environment!
  15. If you're into the national party scene, it's a good way to keep tabs on when and where those are. You can also see who's going, which is helpful if you've been before and know a few people. It's also one of the better ways to meet people in real life, I think (not that there are many other options!). I like how you can join groups that skew to your more specific interests. It's definitely more impersonal than here, but that's a function of size. I gather women over there tend to get inundated with dumb (and brief) messages, but I've found that if you say hello in a polite, articulate, an
  16. I’m adding my prayers to that too then. That’s awful.
  17. When I spank my husband he is put in panties. It adds an element of embarrassment which he needs and it also helps put him in the right mind set. That is not to say they do not come during the spanking as I like to do that as well.
  18. The paddle I have in mind has large area where the strap could be secured to. I was kind of thinking of using a Chicago screw? basically a threaded insert that cold go in a drilled hole with a screw type fastener that would screw into it.
  19. It's tempting but I wouldnt risk it for professional reasons. The lady who made the threat would make a great mentor though. At the moment however she's very ill ( recovering from covid and other health issues ) so we're all praying for her.
  20. The gender ratio does not play in my favor. In my area anyway there seems to be a ratio of about 1 female for every 7 males. And then many of the women are attached or not looking or out of my age range. Bogus.
  21. The leather has to be Securely Attached, preferably w/ grommets into a slotted handle, as mentioned above. You should have confidence in your implement. Any other way such as improvising with gorilla glue, thumb tacks, etc do not work out very well. 😁 There is physics involved with impact, force, etc. One option would be to use a pre-made leather paddle & simply conform the handle to fit by hand-sanding the handle edges to your preference, or use a portable electric hand sander.
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