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  3. I love the table tennis bat (See? I can speak UK English!), but the spoon and the sawed-off yardstick are for me the nonpareils. I guess in my mind the more common the implement, the better it is for discipline.
  4. This is lovely. Thank you for sharing.
  5. That is a good idea, would not work for me, cause being brought up in strict Christian upbringing means the only way to appease the guilt was to completely get rid of it all!
  6. I was about 12 or 13; I mouthed off to my mother, she took a hot-wheels track and beat me with it, then told my dad that I hit her with it...... My dad dragged me by the arm into the basement, he said, "if you hit me, then you will really get it!" He took of his belt (my dads weapon of choice) and lets just say I would eat standing up for some time.
  7. Back in the 70's things like that were more exceptable, but today, unfortunately not so much.
  8. About 40 years ago, I was away on a business trip and my wife took our infant son down to my parents who lived about an hour away. She did something to anger my father, sadly I don't remember what it was, and dad pulled her panties down and spanked her for at least an hour. When I got home I gave her some more because we had a rule that if you were spanked by someone else, you also received a spanking from me.
  9. I dont know what product or service your company provides.. but if they spank their customers I'll damn well find a reason to use it! 🤪
  10. I look forward to the next instalment
  11. Tate999


    What a delightful bottom calling out for a bit of colour
  12. LOTS to discuss here! Years ago my cousins a boy and girl lived down the street from me. Their parents had what can only be called a whip. To my knowledge it was never used on them for real but the sight of it was enough to make them behave. The sight of is made ME feel other feelings. True spankos know what I mean! It was two pieces of leather mounted on a wood handle. The leather was a very thick heavy leather probably made form scrap leather from a horse harness or reins. I spend years trying to get possession of it but failed. One day while we were at their house and I saw it in its resting place the conversation shifted to it. A statement from their mother caught my attention: " We were fooling around the other day and I got a taste of it. That thing really hurts!" I tried to get her to explane fooling around with no luck. Make you wonder who are secret spankos. Absent experience with that item or something like it; and have lots of experience with the belt I must say a wood bath brush hurts lots more that a belt.
  13. .........and don't even think about using the "Visine" trick. 😁 All tho' that has never happened, there will probably be a day when someone who will try to get away with using it.
  14. Such a beautiful bottom, and exceptionally spankable as well......
  15. I loved this video! Great scolding & great spanking. And Kira is cute as ever
  16. Lots of hugs, Becka. We are all thinking of you:-)
  17. ((((((((((((((((((( Becka ))))))))))))))))))))
  18. When one is submitting to this form of punishment, and when one is using such punishment, extreme caution must be taken so as not to cause injury. The reason it hurts so much to be spanked hard there is because testicles are very delicate and easily damaged. Using a heavy implement like a paddle, or something which can be swung just as hard like a belt, may well be excessive. There are other lighter implements which are less likely to cause injury. The words play carefully and respect the body certainly apply here.
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