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  2. Not getting fixed so I guess we just live with it. SN is costing someone money so we are grateful for what we have. Maybe a link that accepts donations to fund the site would generate some cash to upgrade the fandongledoohickey or whatever it is that makes it so slow?
  3. 152... I am liking this trajectory. And...No cheating EEs...I have installed security cameras so even if you thought you could get away with it...nope think again.
  4. I don't see what could stop anybody underage from creating a profile here. It's not like we check IDs at the door. I also don't see much incentive for someone underage to accurately and truthfully report their actual age to anybody on this site. That would be the equivalent of them telling on themselves and thus ruining all their fun. If you're an ER who hangs in Chat and/or engages routinely with younger EEs on this site it's best practice to steer clear of anyone declaring themselves younger than 25 years of age, or at least be especially astute and careful in your vetting procedures if your plan is to eventually meet in person... Oh oh whoops, ha ha, that reminds me SN is not a hook-up site anyway so of course you wouldn't be doing anything like that. 😸
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  6. You should drop a line to our longtime forum colleague @gravano... he has spent some serious time contemplating and experiencing this scenario first hand. Also you could try doing a search for his username here on SN and check out some of his more recent posts. (gravano let me know if you're uncomfortable with me referring people to you, but I know your immersion and knowledge gained in this subject matter would be of benefit to others.)
  7. Tate999


    We had been chatting for about 6 weeks and decided it was time we actually met. Jan is fun divorced and only ever been lightly spanked before. The meeting was a local pub for Breakfast as she had work at 12.30. I wanted to leave time to take her home if we clicked. I will add here Jan has asked me to write she will be so turned on reading and knowing this is about her. Meeting her outside as you never let a lady, let alone a Babygirl walk into a place by herself. We greeted with a cuddle. Jan chatted a lot and was very nervous she had been given strict instructions. Black matching underwear and stockings with a dress that I could easily check on her underwear. She chatted constant knowing how nervous she was I let her talk with the occasional question or comment. ordering and eating breakfast. After a while I decided it was time to test just how submissive she was and how open she would talk about The Baby Girl she describes herself as. She fiddled with the buttons on her dress nervously before showing me her black bra. Just a glimpse but enough to show she was obedient. After 15 minutes chatting about the babygirl open enough for the next table to hear, a reminder about safe words and what they meant and our second pot of tea. Time I took you home I told her I am going to unwrap my parcel and spank your bottom. Jan started to shake a little but looking me straight in the eyes and after a minute or two nodded Yes Sir. We Drove the short distance to Jan's house and she let us in. I could see how nervous she was but at the same time excited. We headed for the lounge and she stood hands by her side in front of me, we had spoken plenty about how I would unwrap her delicious body. Her Dress buttoned up the front and I started at the top slowly unfastening them all the time staring into her eyes she was almost shaking. She went to remove her Cardigan, Smacking her bottom she got the message and hands back to her sides. Gently reassuring her my fingers trailing over her lovely breasts, and down her tummy, her dress laid open her matching bra and panties on display. Slipping her cardigan off i gently kissed her followed by her dress. My fingers trailing over her delicious body she was trembling but a smile on her face said it all. Her Hands obediently behind her head slowly inspecting her, Jan's bra slowly removed and knowing her nipples are wired to her clit pulling them, her face melted as I kissed her with a long slow kiss. Her Period meant her knickers had to stay on. Hands on the couch i whispered in her ear as she bent forward I spanked her bottom and top of legs for a good few minutes. "Stand" she faced me a few hard spanks and twists to her now hard nipples and lovely tit's her face grimacing every so often. Go and get your leather paddle and flogger I instructed she almost ran up the stairs and was back presenting them to me her lovely nipple begging to be played with. We had about 20 minutes of impact play her bottom tits and back flogged and paddled. with lots of rubbing in-between her coming very close to her limit on many occasions before I gently rubbed and massaged the offending area. I took a seat on the sofa and told her to kneel in front of me, her hands went to my belt and I told her "No" flogging her lovely tits and playing with her nipples Please Sir she kept saying I want to please you. Eventually i released my throbbing cock and allowed her to suck which she hungrily and gratefully did. Only allowing for a few minutes before sitting her back on her haunches hands behind head. Leaning forward kissing her softly before biting her nipples Jan was gone her pussy begging for attention' it got a few from the flogger before sitting her up, head on my lap and 20 minutes of cuddles and kisses with lots of gentle rubbing. Jan was told to see me out as she was and the look of horror on her face, but was going to obey. As we headed out the lounge i slipped her cardigan on her after all they are her neighbours. A long kiss and I was gone she only had 5 minutes before work. The promise next time she will be shaved and spanked far more,
  8. I think for a reminder or maintenance spanking a 4 or 5 is perfect. For discipline 6 must be good enough for most spankees.
  9. Oh...I love this chart. I dunno...my hand spankings otk maybe 5 or 6....wood paddle wacks 6 or 7...belt....6 or 7 and up to maybe 10...depending on severity of my transgression. Are there any charts for severity when getting the cane or rod....or a whip? The markings are different for those implements.
  10. Hello all, I'm male 34 and have always thought spanking was very exciting. I've never had the chance to actually spank a women though, and I'd really like to give it a try. I'm willing to travel to any of the neighboring states, RI, CT, MA, NY. Hoping to find someone who's interested!
  11. First off, Happy St. Crispins day!! We few, we happy few, we band of Spanko's. Unfortunately this is where the humor ends. On this site under community guidelines and rules, it clearly states that in order to join this site (as well as any others) you must be aged 18 or above. Lying about that age while creating a profile is a critical mistake as its put in place to protect underage people as well as people of our own age in TTWD. By joining the site as a minor, under the age of consent, you not only jeopardize the site, but yourself, and also any person you interact with while on the site and or sites. FURTHERMORE, actually meeting up with one of these people, after they have fully disclosed their own age, fully indicating that they are a minor and below the age of consent is not only egregious, but is totally and flat out NOT acceptable and illegal. You will be reported to police in your locality, I can personally guarantee it. Please keep in mind that regardless of the age of consent laws for your area, the site clearly states " Must be age of 18 to join Site." Some states the age of consent is still 16, 17 in others. The age of consent laws of your local area, does not take precedent over Site/ Community guidelines and rules. If your Not 18 years of age, you do not belong on this site. If your meeting up with minors under the age of consent, you do not belong on this site either, and you can and will be hunted down and reported. Period. End of Story.
  12. A good spanking and scolding from a stepmom is one of my go-to fantasies. I have others, but that one in particular stems from growing up. I had a next door neighbor who i spent a lot of time with since my mom wasn't home when I got home from school. I know this woman spanked her daughter, and I really wanted to know what it would be like to get one from her. I think a big part of the attraction is that getting punished by your parents was expected. Someone outside of the family, including someone that your father just married would be far more exciting. She doesn't really know you, so for you to be able to trust her to discipline you - and for her to earn that trust - is pretty special. It would be a relationship you discovered and not one yu were born into.
  13. Love the picture. Can't say I've seen that one before. Who is the artist?
  14. We are too far away to meet (Canada) but would love to chat with you about this kind of relationship.
  15. If anyone ever succeeds in meeting someone from these random notices, will you tell us about it?
  16. Yesterday
  17. Actually, it is unlikely that any spanking of any duration or intensity will help her depression. Though it can relieve some run-of-the-mill stress for some, relying on spanking to help with depression is unwise. I hope she is getting professional help. I also agree with Ruby that 10 minutes of hand spanking is unlikely to leave marks or bleeding unless there is a pre-existing break in the skin or an underlying blood clotting issue that makes bruising very easy.
  18. Well, a 10-minute handspanking isn't likely to draw blood (and may not even leave the tiniest bruise), but it likely won't fix depression either.
  19. I just sent you a message. I am located in south central Alabama.
  20. I’m seeking a realistic punishment session. I’ve had a rough year and need to get it together. I’ve been slacking at work, missing goals, eating poorly, wasting money, and just being lazy. I can’t keep this behavior up. I’ve met with someone before and backed out after it started getting hard to take. I need someone to be firm with me. No way out until the punishment is over. i know people say it’s dangerous not to have a safe word, but does anyone have experience with a no way out punishment session? Restrained with no safe word?
  21. Hey all I have a question how can I go about spanking my partner safely while giving her a proper punishment? my lady has asked me to give her a real punishment spanking to help fix her depression. She wants it done for 10 minutes but I don’t want to leave deep bruises or draw blood. I’ve spanked her before but during sex or foreplay but not for 10 minutes over my knee. Advice?
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