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  2. Hi Charlotte, My theme is mostly disciplinarian. My girls get spanked for breaking their rules, or getting too sassy, or not being nice to each other, etc. So I would imagine, that if you involve swimming in your fantasies, I would assume the role as your "Coach", who isn't happy with the effort you displayed in practice or at a meet and you would be taken into my office for some 'motivation' over my lap and potentially over my desk, as well. Starting over your swimsuit, then eventually, out of it, as one can't really pull down a swimmer's suit like they can a pair of panties. Of course, if you were to display disrespect in the locker room directly after a meet or practice, it's entirely possible that you would be spanked, right there, in front of your teammates. Repeated infractions may even get your spanked in front of them without a suit on, to both embarrass you and to firmly make my point. Ironically, I've had that same fantasy, but being a coach of a women's hockey team, instead of a swim team, as my sport of choice is ice hockey. Mulege
  3. ...well, crap. I forgot the "2 people in between" rule. I think that puts us back to 196. Sorry, people.
  4. Niceeeee topic…..hmmm themes….I would say def more lingerie or something I can spank over then take off. Maybe “layers” is my theme….idk. Also I’m working on some role playing ideas there the theme is gonna change a lot hopefully soon to keep it spicy. Then we will have several themes.
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  6. I'm naturally submissive and had to work hard to be more assertive in the day to day. To be clear I would only be submissive to a partner in an agreed relationship whether it be to a Dom/me or a mentor, but I found out early on that I feel safe and comfortable with clearly defined rules and structure and that I'm more at ease and happier in a submissive position 😊
  7. I guess it's sexual foreplay. She likes to blow me afterwards. I realize this may set off you BS. meter, but it's true.
  8. People come here for their own reasons. People who share honestly from real life experience are the spine of this thing. At one time we were all want to be spankos, so honest people seeking inspiration and information will read the content on the site before contributing. There is nothing sexy about my story. " middle age man asks middle age woman for his first spanking" sure enough some strangers here took interest and offered encouragement and inspiration. Thanks to them. It's hard to blame lonely people who replace real personal intimacy, with internet intimacy, its all they know. I noticed a moderator saw some inconsistencies in my original posts and called me out on them. I guess I set off his bs. meter. I was good with it because I understand the problem.
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  10. If you have an intimate partner ask them. I asked my longtime wife for a spanking seemingly out of the blue( I had been thinking about it for a while ). She thinks it's a bit weird but it's been great. I am about to ask for my 3rd. The embarrassment adds to the whole thing. Ask someone you trust.
  11. I'm into ball stretching. I wear stretchers pretty much 24/7 these days.
  12. I would probably go with domestic disipline, good starting place.
  13. And Troublemaker, you get the prize for being the first member to join the club! A gold star to you. Such a good girl! No spanking needed.
  14. Welcome. So glad you've joined us. We've grown by leaps and bounds in a short while.
  15. I gave her a little spanking during sex on our wedding night and she seemed to like it but told me later she was okay with play but a real spanking was not ever going to happen the tables have turned. I am now spanked by her regularly
  16. Sometimes I wonder why I like a good scolding. I don’t think it’s because I like to be talked down to. I think it’s more that someone is holding me accountable for my actions or non-actions and telling me they know I’m capable of doing better. I used to despise hearing how disappointed someone was in me. That was the worst! Now though, it’s almost a cleansing. Hearing how disappointed someone is and then having them tell you that they are going to spank you for your behavior just makes me feel a bit better.
  17. How a spanking feels during or after can depend on you as much as the spanking. Yesterday I gave myself a reasonably hard spanking with a wooden paddle. Really a 15" cutting board, maybe 6" wide with ~3" handle, 1/2" thick purchased at target that I use as a paddle. It is one of my favorite DIY spanking toys. Yesterday was very similar to many previous spankings and hurt about the same during and immediately after. Today however, 36 hours late I still feel that twingy, uncomfortable feeling you get when sitting after a spanking. I have rarely had that type of reaction and never from this paddle. I do not know what was different, other then spanking a little slower and maybe just a bit harder. I'd call that a moderate spanking, which is my goal. I wish I knew however as I really, really want another one.
  18. I remember that one. Sorry to say it seems to have just disappeared.
  19. Hello, everyone! Thank you for the invitation! It's great to see almost 40 folks have joined this group. I am a spankee and have been on this site for several years. I'm looking forward to the conversations, even if they don't involve spanking.
  20. For sure. I think there’s just so many storytellers here that try to pass themselves off as the real deal, who spread bad advice and share outlandish scenarios and then get tons of responses…it can be disheartening sometimes and for those who really struggle to get what they need in their real life to see that and compare themselves to it... I guess I don’t quite get the need to be fake in a non roleplaying or fiction writing scenario. I get it’s the internet and a site for spanking fetishists at that, but man it can be discouraging to see such obvious BS here when I know so many of us just want to be authentic in our spanking journeys.
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