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  2. Consensual adult spanking is just that. Consensual and between adults. So long as it's 2 consenting adults, more power to them. I've been spanked by Females older than me as well as younger than me. Recently, I have been spanked by a Female who is younger than me by a dozen years. I find that dynamic quite fascinating. A younger female punishing an older guy. A younger female holding an older guy accountable for his actions. It just goes to show, it's more about who needs discipline and who can carry out administering the punishment, regardless of the age of the adults involved.
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  4. The females on here are naughtier than?  😮  Now, who needs a spanking😛 ( Exhibit 1 )







    The females are Naughtier..jpg

    1. SpankeeGal


      You noticed it's just gossip, not proven factual evidence 😛

    2. goodboy_will


      @SpankeeGal  She is whispering because they are in a library.   😛

    3. SpankeeGal


      @goodboy_will who cares if it's a library, still gossiping, not facts.

  5. We were at the chiropractor today who has a pretty open plan office. 3 divided rooms but no doors, and open on both ends, all in a row. Hubbs went first and forgot to take off his glasses. I made a joke that I had failed in my wifely duties as glasses protector. The Dr. Laughed and said hubbs should reprimand me. I blushed and kept quiet. When we we to switch places hubbs pushed me towards the wall. Took me a second to realize what was up, then I spun on him, looked him straight in the eyes and loudly said "NO NO NO ABSOLUTELY NOT!" Blushing furiously. He laughed and sat down and my adjustment went on unevenrfully. Whew that was close! Lol
  6. We are starting to repeat ourselves 🤣
  7. If you live near Little Rock, AR I will be glad to.
  8. Pshhh I only play when I'm on a break😁 it helps keep me saneish
  9. Some years back I won a sports wager that I had placed. It was a 4 game parlay so it was a nice payout. A male friend of mine asked what I was going to do with that money and I said "for starters, I'm booking at least a couple of spanking sessions with this beautiful disciplinarian" and I showed him the pics on the female professional disciplinarian's website. He said "shoot...pay me....I'll spank you!" LOL. I laughed and he said "I'm serious! I'll spank you all day long for that kind of money". Then I got a little nervous because I wasn't sure if he was joking or not. I told him "you know that there is a far and away better shot of you winning the lottery and being struck by lightning on the same day than of that ever happening,. right?" And he said "ahh..hell...I'll dress up like a woman if you want me too. You like being spanked by blonde females, right? I'll dress up blonde wig and all! I'll be the stereotypical airheaded blonde while I beat you good". Of course I'd never be spanked by another guy but I had to admire my buddy's motivation LOL
  10. AG is banned for taking such a long time to ban me.
  11. V The very villainous unknowingly AG values EEs specifically Spankeegal undivided attention that's why he keeps seeking it.
  12. Just a thought or concern....perhaps it may not be ideal to be focusing on such subject matter when you're simultaneously working at a high stress occupation...but then again, what do I know? 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ perhaps it helps you focus. . 😂
  13. How can I get a spanking on vagina and a yelling lecture
  14. I'm wanting spanked on my vaginal area and I dont want my fiance to stop when he does it I also want a lecture while he is doing it
  15. Very good general advice...especially for someone who is very lousy at self-discipline. I've never heard it explained quite this way, but I like it!! I feel disappointment in myself quite often. You would think it would cure my problems, but no....the second I get stressed, aggravated or busy taking care of others, self-care and self-discipline go right out the window. Disappointment in myself is rough, but having my significant other disappointed in me is much worse. I'll take the physical pain of punishment or discipline any day over the pain of his disappointment. Reading this hit home right now. I did something that I am feeling immense guilt and disappointment over. He was very disappointed as well...BUT, he opted not to discipline for it and it made it even worse. The pain of discipline hurts the one not following their plan, but the pain of disappointment can hurt many. This advice can definitely be used in both the vanilla and the spanko world. Great post AG!!
  16. I just gave myself a maintenance spanking with the paddle..   

    1. selfsp12


      About an hour ago, with a light bathbrush and a paddle. For stress relief, quite satisfying and reasonably sore. All in all very good.

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