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  2. Betteroffkinky

    New Primary Spanker Needed in SE Michigan

    I feel your pain my disciplinarian has left the scene as well and I’m searching.
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  4. Subhub64

    Being over heard

    I don't think y'all got what I was saying.. my wife wants to show off the fact that she is Dom in our relationship. She has already told her that she makes me stand in the corner and she is wanting to show her daughter how to be Dom and the benefits of being in charge in a relationship.
  5. oldsalt

    online roleplay

    A quivering grown up guy who enjoys online fantasy type roleplaying with imaginative like minded girls. Think we could have some fun times - from opposite sides of the world......... Wot you think?
  6. "Dysfunction is invisible when it is the norm.

    People will often congregate in a conspiracy of mutual stagnation.

    No one has to feel inadequate if no one ever progresses."

  7. Kce89


    Welcome to the community! Best of luck in finding what you're looking for.
  8. AfterGeometry

    Being over heard

    Or you could just wait and have your discipline session after she leaves that weekend.
  9. shygurl

    Being over heard

    Radio or TV work great, so do quieter implements.
  10. shygurl


    Welcome to the site. Please follow the safety guidelines and good luck in your search!!
  11. sunshine19830

    Poll: Do you prefer bruises, or just a reddening??

    As an EE, I've found that a bruised bottom can leave an impression all week long, as you're sitting on it at work. I'm not talking a ton of bruises, but just bruised enough to make it very uncomfortable to sit. Those are the memorable ones.
  12. Accountability

    Update on Site [Change of Ownership]

    Congratulations, COL! Looking forward to many more years of enjoying this great community.
  13. Curiousnaughtygirl

    Spankos and education level

    Oh cool, I actually just saw the poll...and yup Bachelors degrees win out. :-)
  14. Curiousnaughtygirl

    Spankos and education level

    What's the education trend that you notice? I have a Bachelors degree. Is that consistent with what your noticing? And yes, I agree that the higher stress jobs trend in this community.
  15. CK5


    Hello, My name is CK! I am new here and I’ve never been spanked before. I am seeking a disciplinary spanking in or close to Connecticut. Is anyone from around there? Thank you in advance!
  16. Curiousnaughtygirl

    Where are all the Western/Central NY Spankees

    44 year old BBW, caucasian, in Rochester NY who needs a warmed red bum. Like to squirm, place hand in way so you have to remove them. Also interested in using spankings as a motivational tool for weight loss. Enjoy digital penetration and/or toys immediately after a bum warming. Looking to keep it simple. Only in receiving mode, at least in beginning. Also have fantasy of being fingered in the (empty or nearly empty) back corner row of a movie theater. I wear a skirt and you lead me to straddle your knees where you finger me and caress my breasts while I struggle not to have an orgasm. I believe in code words, Safe and Sane experiences.
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  18. StrictGent

    Texas Spanking Parties

    It is, come on down!
  19. I am male looking for a female spanker in Northeast Ohio for some spanking fun. I a responsible, stay in shape and good looking (I am told). Please let me know if you are interested. Thank you.
  20. SpankerGeek

    Update on Site [Change of Ownership]

    Thank you very much!
  21. Poison's

    new male spankee here

    Welcome to SN and good luck!
  22. Poison's

    Being over heard

    I agree with Gator. I have kids myself. As long as she won't be right in the next room, you should be just fine.
  23. dmirk

    Older men

    You're no fun. I'm well into my 60s...
  24. Gator

    Being over heard

    turn up the radio you'll be fine. good luck!
  25. Subhub64

    Being over heard

    New here but have read for a while decided to finnaly sign up and post I know this is coming in my future. My wife and I have a Flm the last few years been married for two. We have talked about and she is planning to discipline me while her adult daughter stays over one weekend soon. Weather she will be able to hear anything that would depend on my wife. Yes the ideal is exciting to me but also makes me uncomfortable at the same time and worried I will try to get out of it. Witch will upset my wife. Should I just not worry and just submit.
  26. rebecca-shaw

    online roleplay

    Hell Everyone A Bratty grown up girl who enjoys online fantasy type roleplaying with imaginative like minded guys
  27. Cooking a traditional St. Paddy's dinner. Smells yummy!!

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    2. shygurl


      I'm one if the best cooks you'll ever meet. I know how to do things.

    3. AfterGeometry


      Thats cool.  😎😎😎  I can dig it.  

    4. shygurl
  28. shygurl

    new male spankee here

    Welcome to the site!!
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