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  3. When I went to get my daughter, Ambers mom , Debbie told me that morning when she went to wake the girls she found Buffy with her head under Ambers night gown . " it seems their bad habits are returning" she said . I told her I would come back later . " yes and bring your Dr bag ." They need a stronger reminder." I suggested Buffy be treated as amber was. " she is going to be scrubbed back and front with the fingernail brush" " Yes very good " Be sure you clean her properly " I will loan you my " grooming " tools . To reach those sensitive pubic hairs she is supposed to keep shaved . The sliver small tweezers make that an unforgettable experience" " Be sure you have a towel reading because Buffy is likely to wet herself."
  4. How bruised are you talking...can't sit down black and blue or slightly red?😉
  5. I don't agree with caning. That would leave scars for someone who was maybe just going through a rough patch. This is more about the public embarrassment than the pain.
  6. A bit of corner time contemplation Andrew?😉
  7. Don't they do this is other countries already.... I saw a judicial caning on some criminal and it was rough it tore his butt open😨 It's a bit middle ages though along with thumbscrews and the rack Oh and the ducking stool I think a telling off and a finger wagging is sufficient for most reprobates nowadays....what do you all think? 😄
  8. I was thinking a paddle and up to 10 swats. This is more about the public embarrassment than the pain. Also thinking it would be a different paddler every time. Even if there are 10 people lined up there would be 2 or 3 different women to do the paddling. They along with the ee would be chosen at random from a lottery so it would hopefully avoid acquaintances. It would only be for high misdemeanor crimes like breaking and entering or theft. Not minor crimes or traffic offenses. Just obvious crimes that required premeditation. They knew they were committing a crime well before they actually did it.
  9. Rereading my answer the distinction I make between this and DD is that in DD in consensual non-consent, but it my experience recounted above the EE has absolutely no ability to consent - it's very much more akin to abuse.
  10. As much as I'd like spanking to be more ubiquitous I think it is an activity that should only take place between consenting adults. I spent some of my younger years in a country where the cane and whipping were common place. I think using it in a disciplinary fashion brings out a lot of sadistic tendencies and as the punishment becomes more easily worn the sadism increases. The cane was also used in workplaces (including govt workplaces) to punish adults and was fairly unregulated. This does not foster responsibility and ownership it instils fear and stunts the mental maturity required to navigate the world. Saying that though I'd 100% consent to this being within the choices an adult can make, a professional disciplinarian who you'd sign up for that monitors your progress and punishes you if you do not meet your own goals. This would be on par with a counsellor or a coach set goals/objectives perhaps even paid for by your employer but independent of their influence.
  11. For me, it's more that I've never really been spanked by a guy. I'm not opposed to it, I'd take a spanking from one. Yes, to me some spanking has a sexual aspect to it but if it's discipline, maybe roll play, something like that, I like receiving not giving and I like the loss of control and the being spanked more than anything.
  12. IIRC, I had to manipulate something in the app to search in a way that would make anything show up. It appears now in order to search like that you have to be a paid member, which I’m not, so I can’t say for sure now.
  13. It honestly depends on the person. Are you OK with being spanked over bruising? Is the spanker OK with doing that? Wednesday is a few days away and the bruising might turn by then as well. However, if you aren't comfortable with it -- than no matter the dynamic, your consent is first and foremost. For me it gets a strong point across and typically doesn't require more than a hand and lighter swats with a brush. For discipline, I actually think it works best for me to be spanked over bruising the following day to get the message clearer.
  14. Interesting phrase, dignified chastisement. I completely 'get' it. My guess is that many won't get it at all.
  15. A lot said on this but all I know is that between jr high and high school, I had strong visions of mature woman giving me a hard spanking. Not the pretty cheerleaders but the strong powerful female adults/authority figures. Show me a picture of a stand pose model and my thoughts are not spanking. I was lucky to live in major cities after college where serious female ERs were readily available with AOL getting us all online. Yes, you got mail often meant an experienced female ER advertising made me jump with excitement for upcoming visit. Is that sexual? Yeah it is but to me only due to my wiring. I was worried when young that I was confusing sex and violence (spanking). However, I am as vanilla as they come outside getting a real spanking when opportunity presents. I own 3000 books and I broke my last pair glasses so currently taped. CFNM and she is serious about a real OTK? You say you have a sadistic streak and a spanking bench ? My wiring loves this and I am rarely disappointed. But two guys? I am not wired that way. But I think it’s great if others are. I started in early 80’s and was outed more than once. You get a bit embarrassed but no really cares. However, that did lead to curious females asking questions and I did take ER role reluctantly as safe choice. I am not wired “to hit girls”. But as one gets older you no longer see black or white but grey so now good as ER with female EE. Wiring to strong on M/M for me.
  16. Thank you. Thank you for reinforcing the behavior often practiced by predators. Be it far from me to suggest that every hungry predator is dangerous. Indeed, the ere is the game of "take me, make me"), which is a term I began sharing when the consensual, and especially the oxymoron consensual/nonconsensual aggression leads the Top to force the "victim" in participating in acts of debasing nature. Naturally, one act of a debasing nature might find acceptance and/or stimulation in one and repulsed by another. I believe you understood what I had shared. I am grateful that you reinforced that. Negotiation is important. However, making sure the parties fully understand and appreciate the terms are vital to safe, sane, and consensual interactions. If there is any doubt that both (or all) are not on ground with one another it's a deal breaker. And that is the problem. When one pushes one past established boundaries -- I would hope that a safe word has been decided on -- the violation has occurred. There is not a chance that one can return the spilled wine to its bottle. All one can do is initially minimize the stain. Thereafter, work through it until the stain is gone. However, that is not often the case when a newbie gets taken. It is important to speak out. I would see this in the DDLG communities and/or Doms who had an agenda not disclosed when the sub was taken hostage so to speak. The Dom places the sub above a ll in their world. She is his. She will serve only him. She waits on baited breath for this chap, who she feels privileged that he chose her. In these cases the woman is suffering from low self-esteem. He builds that up (bravo one shouts) only to convince her that they need her to have a sister. Convinced that this will both lead to better serving her Dom, but also, have someone close that she can speak with. Many times the game turns sour and the winner is the shithead who gave no warning to the sub that he had once convinced she belonged to him. Shakespearean tragedy. The Daddy Dom referenced above reminds me of the the bower bird here (I have this on Fertlife). Oh, by the way, there's also a binkie. The old boy fits right in! https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=the+austrailian+bower+bird+mating&ru=%2fvideos%2fsearch%3fq%3dthe%2baustrailian%2bbower%2bbird%2bmating%26FORM%3dHDRSC3&view=detail&mid=D499AB4E8C2C43591401D499AB4E8C2C43591401&&FORM=VDRVSR
  17. Someonesgonnagetit site made it through the carnage of fosta/sesta. Checkout the many Disciplinarian interviews. I have talked with both Lisa and Jenn but not met either yet. The moderator of site appears to screen whom he lists so it’s a matter of personal preference and location. I am a big fan of leg lock and Jenn is supposed to visit DC in the fall.
  18. If I am ER, knit over the knee thigh high leggings on EE (females only) while her bottom turns pink. The thigh highs are very flattering and you can enjoy many colors. Fashionable with skirt up. I agree with BottomSwitch on the bare but do enjoy her panties pausing at thigh, then ankles then floor. I am typically the EE and enjoy a strict ER when she makes me pick up mine then into Corner.
  19. Ftmbrat

    Would you ever?

    No i don't have any desire to have children, but i have named pets after book characters, although they do not have professional responsibilities a child would when grow to an adult. If you had a er/ee or ee/er relationship would you to be cheeky buy/bake them a butt shaped cake? Either as birthday or just because you were thinking of them lol
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