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  2. Apologies for the random bit at the beginning and the size of the text. I wrote it out on my phone and it copied over odd. Can't see how to edit it
  3. Testers Blah Today I got a spanking for the first time from the guy who I hope will be an ongoing mentor. We are working to set some rules for self improvement. Slightly limited by the necessity of not leaving any real marks. Any advice on this would be welcome. It wasn't a real punishment spanking. He took me over his knee and slippered me. I have no idea how long this went on for. I'd forgotten how much a spanking can hurt! Then he tried each of his straps on me and I chose one to receive 10 strokes from that I counted out. This was an intro spanking. Done over clothes. I'm still feeling it three hours later. I'm hopeful that this is going to lead to good things
  4. In my area munches are pretty much just meet and greets as well. Invitations usually specify street appropriate clothing and behavior. I'm shy in groups of new people, so I tend not to have a great time at munches where I don't know anyone. But then, the only way to get to know people is to go out, so there's the dilemma. If you generally have a good time in groups of friendly strangers, then you should be fine.
  5. First of all, in my region anyhow, there is a difference between a munch - wine and cheese social networking but no actual activity - and a spanking party. As to the latter, the emphasis in my experience has been on having a wide variety of options, including more or less privacy and activity only between couples who arrive together as well as ones who may meet and interact on the spot. Ordinarily someone is designated to monitor any difficulties. H.
  6. I think of a good spanking as a hot date. It doesn't start until well into foreplay, and always naked. Always a hand spanking, sometimes otk, sometimes lying side by side on the bed. Lots of warm up and gentle caresses between spanks. At some point, there is clitoral stimulation. Spanks build in intensity from mild to moderate, not getting hard until climax, immediately followed by kisses and cuddles and soothing, loving words. A very good spanking indeed! Hard and sound spankings are synonymous to me. Punishment spankings. Anything I did that was bad enough to deserve a spanking would require a severe one. It would be prefaced by a Q&A in which I'm to confess what I did wrong, and why it was wrong. Who it hurt, or could have hurt. What it damaged, or could have damaged. What the consequences (besides the spanking) are, or could have been. It would be otk, or bent over. Fully clothed, but bottom bared. Skirt bunched up around waist and panties around knees. Always with an implement. No warm up and no stopping until bottom is bright red and well marked. Followed by my apology, and his forgiveness and reassurance. I guess we're all different...
  7. "Did you get a head cold ?" "No quite the opposite !" - Brilliant !
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    And hasn't visited in 12 years...
  10. Oh, the Elvis - Jenny spanking is classic! Great little dialogue the next morning... Thanks for Weeds.
  11. Hey I was wondering I really want some bruises. But my ass seems to never bruise. Any suggestions on how to make it purple. Iā€™m so frustrated so is my husband.
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  13. I'll never attend one. I'm shy about spanking. But I'm curious. Is there public spanking right there at the party? Is it between strangers? Or is it more like a meet n greet, with wine and hors d'oeuvres and people talking and exchanging contact info?
  14. For me, all three terms are synonymous. We do seem to like different adjectives, words or phrases that speak to us. For example terms like "old fashioned", "whippin", "licking", "thrashing", etc. I don't why it is, but if someone told me I was due for a "good spanking" it would affect me more than if they just used the word "spanking".
  15. where in the northwest are you located
  16. 37 M (may switch with F) Wildmonkeysus@yahoo.com
  17. Wildmonkeysus@yahoo.com 37 M (may switch with F)
  18. For me they ALL apply. Tw o months age I got a panking that had them ALL.! It was with an oak paddle with holes. It hurt so bad i didn't even hear the first 5 spanks. I didn't here the rest either over my screaming and crying!
  19. I never really thought about the women's ages before, yet it does make sense that the sites would do slow release so they can keep the youthful appearances longer. At the same time, there are those who look young despite actual age.
  20. A fellow Leo! Hope it is /was a great day!
  21. Surprised no one mentioned the spanking Elvis Presley gave Jenny Maxwell in Blue Hawaii. He even tells her "what you need is a good oldfashioned spanking" just before he turns her over his knee. And more recently, who can forget what is maybe the greatest TV Spanking of all where Mary Louise Parker is spanked by her drug lord boss in Weeds? Best of all she is spanked over a pair of skimpy black panties, and she is shown examining the red on her bottom afterwards. Wouldnt have had that in old (30s-50s) movie and TV spankings. Some folks on certain spanking sites lament that spankings have mostly disappeared in film and blame it on the feminists. However it is all too true that old film spankings often involved the "taming" of a strong-willed woman, or depicted women as scatterbrained and irresponsible(think of episodes of I Love Lucy) and such attitudes are rightly criticised. And what is really offensive is the argument by some that only M/F spankings are "natural" because all men are supposed to be dominant and all women submissive. Totally narrowminded and disrespectful of both men and women, not to mention people in same-sex relationships. Someone posted how he would have liked to see a strong man spank Xena Warrior Princess. All I can say is that I might (but not quite) feel sorry for any man that had tried that! If anything Xena would have been doing the spanking! And of course F/F spanking would have been just the thing for the show. Perhaps the only one Xena would have taken a spanking from was her mother. And the actress that played her mom the innkeeper looked big and tough enough to do it. Now that is rather pleasurable sight to imagine, the mighty warrior princess across her mother's knees getting her bare bottom paddled good! I believe I have seen come to think of it ,spanking art of Wonder Woman getting spanked by her mother the Quuen. True that more recent TV shows did have some spankable bottoms. I have often thought what a pity there was no spankings on Baywatch. Oh, actually there was. In one episode Pam Anderson gave fellow lifeguard Newmie a hard smack on the seat of his swim trunks!
  22. Happy happy happiest of birthdays to you! -hugs- šŸŽ‚šŸ°
  23. I would say that I give My Wife a Good spanking OTK on Her knickers, a sound spanking is on Her bare bottom, and for a hard spanking She bends over my desk,knickers down and I apply the paddle vigorously to Her bare bottom...! Hope this helps. Foxy.
  24. yes spanking teen brandi was only paid $400 to 500 per scene to take a bare ass belt whipping ,while the web site made $100,000s off each scene plus the girls faces are out there forever
  25. Just curious, so I thought we might have a bit of word fun. What do you consider a good spanking, a sound spanking, a hard spanking? Do you differentiate? Can you get or give a hard spanking that isn't good or sound, or a sound spanking that isn't good? Ideas from both sides of the paddle are welcome.
  26. Welcome to the site.....Enjoy....I'm happy to chat. Foxy.
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