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I've decided to start this group for male spankees and for those who identify as male and those who support, love and spank us. Whether you're spanked for discipline or erotic reasons, whether you're straight, bi or gay, whether you're just curious let's share and support each other. There's so much pressure on us to be "macho" and so on that owning and hopefully enjoying this side of ourselves isn't always easy. I struggled with my metal health for many years coming to accept this side of myself and I'd like to try and help others if I can - even if it's sharing part of my story.
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  2. Welcome Naughty Boy! I hope we can help.
  3. Hey I’m nineteen, I’ve struggled with a need for spanking since I was ten, when I looked back on CP from my parents with longing. My CP stopped when I was about seven. It was never very bad and hardly made my bottom red, but it triggered something that made me feel disgusting and wrong for years. When I was about thirteen I got my ‘scheduled adolescent horny craze’. As I dealt with my sexual desires I realized that I longed for something else, I was terrified when I realized that that something else was pain. As I came to terms with this I slowly eased in to spanking myself whenever my pa
  4. I am a heterosexual married man who has been self spanking for years, but need to take it to the next level to find snow understanding spanking partner that will spank my naked butt hard and make it 🍒cherry red and make it on fire 🔥burning for days afterwards. I am looking for other men with no sexual desires, but just supportive men that will understand my desire to be spanked and would like me to spank them and meet their spanking needs. Let me know if you are interested. If I am out of line don't mean to be just want to meet other like minded men who need help in changing our lives for
  5. It takes strong resolve to self-discipline that well. Good job.
  6. I did something careless at home today which could have caused a serious accident. Thankfully I stopped it in time but I'm planning to seriously spank my self as a punishment. Normally I'll rush into this but I want to think this through properly. I'm going to use the paddle and possibly a belt on myself if I can find a decent one followed by corner time and maybe some type of grounding. This is the sort of behaviour that I was never disciplined for properly when I was growing up and I still fall into bad habits sometimes. I want it to psychologically feel like a real punishment.
  7. Welcome to all the new members - Hope everyones well. Please feel free to introduce yourself.
  8. Hello my name is Rob n I've been fascinated with spanking all my life. As a true Spanko, I like to give AND receive otk bare bottom spankings. I've given alot more than I've gotten over the years but I must say I have a strong desire to let my guard down n finally get the release I need that can only come by being put over someones knees (preferably female) and having my bare bottom spanked to a nice shade of red.
  9. I am a heterosexual male, mid 50s. I am mentored/disciplined by another heterosexual male.... with a cane. It is administered in a traditional manner and it helps me control my negative impulses, and when my conduct does cause concern, the cane brings catharsis.
  10. Hello folks, I was born in 1942 and was spanked until I was 15. I don't know when I wasn't interested in this but I was primarily a top until I was 50 when I met the right woman. Then I was a well spank man for the next seven years but have been largely inactive since. While I do switch I am primarily a spankkee.
  11. I think that spanking is defined as striking the buttocks to cause pain or burning with hand or another object like paddle or belt. I also believe part of that definition involved making the buttocks turn a bright red to a cherry red during the spanking to clarify the definition to make a spanking effective!!
  12. I saw a very good psychosexual therapist recently and compared to my previous therapist I found her attitude to adult spanking was a lot more relaxed and positive.
  13. Well I haven’t been part of any study, but there’s no denying that my everyday productivity is better, plus my stress levels stay in check, and I’m more patient with others when I’m receiving regular spanking sessions. So how many people have better mental health and functioning from spanking, but haven’t been documented as such in the name of science? This probably holds true for a lot of us.
  14. Interesting study. I have read other sources, including an article by two sex therapists, who agreed with this outcome. Nice to know....
  15. I appreciate this is about bdsm in a wider context than just spanking but still interesting reading. https://www.nhs.uk/news/mental-health/fans-of-bondage-and-sm-report-better-mental-health/
  16. High friends. Glad i found this group, will elaborate on who i am later
  17. Recently I had a brief series of online therapy sessions with a psychosexual therapist ( I was sexually assaulted as a teenager by a group of women - an experience which affected me deeply and caused me deep shame ). In the process of our work we got onto my spanking fetish and whilst I had discussed it before with previous therapists this was different. Rather than looking at it's roots she helped me to begin to accept enjoying it. The thing I found helpful was how she got me to see it as a multifaceted thing - something that could be both punishment and as a sexual experience. Overall it was
  18. So true. In f/m spanking relationships, it’s definitely in the woman’s favor. That’s why guy subs are so private about this part of ourselves. The last thing we want is the world knowing we get our butts paddled by a woman. What you said about Miss Chawsee is so true too. I don’t know if you’ve been spanked by her, but you sound like maybe you have? Ever notice that she generally takes the spankee’s side? I don’t know if that’s because she’s a switch and knows what it’s like being on the other side of the paddle, or because she’s just good with guys, but I always appreciated this.
  19. Hey guys, I’m Tim. My regular disciplinarian is Chawsee, here on our forum. Spanking is a big part of who I am, and in the high stress life I lead, it’s a godsend for managing my stress levels and keeping me playing nicely with others. Submitting to a strong but caring woman and taking my rightful place over her knee is a very real need for me. It’s the only break I get from always being in charge.
  20. Thanks much, Miss Chawsee. i might have added that generally, society considers a Woman who paddles men as confident, strong, a leader, desirable, progressive, attractive, and several other positive qualities. i agree with those sentiments. i know You've mentioned an incident not quite as glowing as that, but my impression is that a community attaches no stigma to a Woman who paddles, as they do to a male spankee who yearns for Women (or even men as a last resort!) to paddle him. Instead, a community and society look up to and respect these strong Women. And You know we admire and respect You
  21. Thank you for sharing this, Ammon. I can see how this would indeed make for a very lonesome burden. I wish I could change the expectations that society places on males. It does far more harm than good. Please know that those of us who enjoy spanking wouldn't have you any other way. If it weren't for willing spanko men (God bless you fellas!), we'd be terribly lonely and unfulfilled.
  22. Yes, a male admitting the need for a paddling makes him un-masculine in the eyes of a community or society, and as you mentioned, he is not macho, tough, manly, or a leader in any community. People look down on him, won't trust him for anything, and will ostracize him. That increases his vulnerability and the need for discreetness, and decreases the possibility of getting a paddling. It can be a lonesome burden.
  23. This is written by a pro spanker but is helpful for both pro and non pro spankos. https://books.google.co.uk/books/about/The_Adult_Spanking_and_Discipline_Handbo.html?id=OxmStgAACAAJ&redir_esc=y
  24. My regular spankings came to an end last fall when my long time spanker moved. I self spank and do have a few guys that I spank on cam with. I enjoy private chat and welcome it when in the chat room, although I seldom post in public chat.
  25. The dictionary definition is "The act of striking the buttocks of another person to cause physical pain." I'll stick pretty much with that. I don't think the implement used or reason for the spanking are necessarily part of the definition. I do maintain that spanking involves the buttocks though and when I see people talking about breast spanking or pussy spanking it seems to me that they should be calling those something else.
  26. This is one of those questions that can be very subjective I guess but I'd be interested to see how others define spanking. For me it's a sharp slap or series of slaps leaving no permanent damage on the buttocks or thighs with the flat of the hand or a flat object such as a paddle, hairbrush or slipper ,for punishment or erotic purposes.

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