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I've decided to start this group for male spankees and for those who identify as male and those who support, love and spank us. Whether you're spanked for discipline or erotic reasons, whether you're straight, bi or gay, whether you're just curious let's share and support each other. There's so much pressure on us to be "macho" and so on that owning and hopefully enjoying this side of ourselves isn't always easy. I struggled with my metal health for many years coming to accept this side of myself and I'd like to try and help others if I can - even if it's sharing part of my story.
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  2. I'm very sorry to hear of your wife's illness, @Spankmered57. That's a lot to bear, for both of you. 😢
  3. If your tastes run to M/M spanking I recommend the many novels by Misha Horne which are available on Amazon. They can be borrowed free if you are a Kindle user
  4. I would love to have my wife spank me. Because of her strict pentocostal background and other issues think it is totally perverted, she used to do it playing around then she would stop. She is really sick with uterus cancer now. I have a overwhelming urge to be spanked abd want to spank others and self spanking just does not take me to the level i need to go. I dont want to get into the gay sexual part of spanking, just pure fiscipline that will change my bad negative behavior. When i get transportation i could go to some of the spanking groups in st. Peterburg florida and tampa tanners.
  5. It's funny, I have always wanted to spank my wife's ass. That's the only thing she doesn't like. I never considered being spanked. Recently she was really pissed at me and I thought maybe she wants to spank me. Eventually I asked for it straight faced and nervous. She did it, it was good. The next day I changed my role to spankee on SN. I'm happily married and thankful for spanking #1. I realize there are people here who aren't partnered. It must be difficult to build trust to do something so intimate with anyone you meet. If you want to be spanked ASK your partner it's not easy, I got quite a buzz from just asking. I heard angels sing when she said ok. I'm new to this, but I'm in with both cheeks.
  6. What types of spanking material do you like to read? My tastes run from FM spanking erotica to blogs and articles exploring real life experiences. I recently discovered some writers on Medium. If you are on that platform check out JC Cole who is writing about his experiences living in an FLR. The author Brooklyn Maxwell also publishes spanking erotica there and Tender Moon does the same. Enjoy. And please share some of your favorites
  7. Hey Gang, It's wonderful to see so many new members join us. Welcome! The Male Spankee Support Group is the "man cave" for male spankees. This is where you can bring up questions, talk about frustrations, and find camaraderie amongst other guys who understand where you're coming from. Here, you are understood and appreciated. I am Chawsee, a female spanker who was asked by UKspanko, the group's founder, to come aboard and support you guys. Please introduce yourself and share with us a little about yourself. We're happy to have you join us. Warmly, Chawsee

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