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A club for those in the UK or who like to visit

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  2. i wish I was near N Wales. i would bring a dozen canes along to make sure things are dealt with
  3. As an adult school boy its nice to go into role play mode and get spanked in school uniform and have corner time is there anyone in east london/ essex
  4. Hello all on the UK site. I a permanent ASB and have been all my life. I have a normal balanced life but my ASB self is always there. I wear school uniform 100% of the time in some guise and have a small classroom where I am set genuine lessons. I am looking for a real senior teacher whom I may visit or who would visit me. Strict code of conduct on both parts. Hope to hear from someone soon. My permanent teacher would appreciate some help.
  5. I'm in the UK as well - another Essex geezer !
  6. I assume the site is very poorly attended by UK Spanking enthusiasts? New member but would also like to chat primarily to UK People. Different spanking likes and dislikes to US members I would say Tom
  7. Hello people. I am new on here . From Essex I get spanked in school uniform I have corner time. I like the role play.
  8. HI everyone,glad to join a UK group on here. Spanking who would love nothing better than an otk spanking with someone taking their slipper off to teach me a lesson.. Hope to chat or DM with anyone
  9. Hi all, I'm new to this whole thing and looking ultimately for a Christian dd/TiH relationship, but in the shorter term looking for a mentor around my age, and to find out what exactly it is I'm craving.
  10. hi if you are interested in school caning interection
  11. Just dropping a quick message to introduce myself. Nice to meet everyone
  12. New in here but not to the lifestyle. I am 59 and as the first line says, I am not a new kid on the block. Looking to chat and get to know fellow spankos. Does anyone know of any 'Spanking Therapists'???? And I am not talking about thigh booted dominatrix types who are mercenary and know nothing about connection, rapport and administering a sincere and therapeutic spanking. This interests me.
  13. As I'm moving soon I thought it would be a good time to update the intro. I'm currently near Windsor (just of the M4 to the west of London) however I'm moving back up to the East Midlands area (ish). I'm looking to rent initially, so if anybody knows of somewhere available (ideally detached so not having to worry what the neighbours think!), please let me know. Rog
  14. Hello. I'm originally from South London but now based in Johannesburg, South Africa. I do get to Europe regularly and in fact I'm supposed to be there now but restrictions on airline services due to the Coronavirus have compelled me to delay the trip.
  15. Hi Pezza, Welcome to a growing number of Brits on here,I'm in London. Have fun and enjoy ! Foxy
  16. Hi Pezza, welcome to the group. We are a small band as most of the site seems to be US. But we are dedicated to the cause.
  17. Hi. Just joined this forum. I'm from Clacton-on-Sea in Essex. I'm 63 and married late in life (2018) and love my wife very much but we have a vanilla relationship and I keep my spanking desires largely secret, though we have indulged occasionally. I have been fascinated and aroused by spanking for as long as I can remember, certainly since school. But I have only received consensual spankings on s handful of occasions and despite my age, I still feel like a submissive boy inside. I certainly look and behave younger than my years and because of my obsessive interests, think I may be autistic. I have fetishes about certain clothes and like to dress up in smart clothes including shirt, tie and trousers and to see women in skirts. I am interested in hand spanking, slippering, the belt and the cane, by men or women.
  18. Hello and Welcome ! Always good to see another Brit on board. Also happy to chat anytime. Foxy.
  19. Hi there Sirsilas here, shout out to all from the lovely county of Lancashire. Educated gentleman in early 60's been into spanking since my teens. Have spanked quite a few bottoms over teh year but it never gets old. I like to spank a little on the hard side but no blood or super extreme. Also never mix sex with spanking. Happy to chat and who knows....
  20. Although I didn't realise what it was at the time, I was fascinated by floggings in a book about the Navy (aged 11/12).
  21. hi have been on spanking needs a lot of times and on uk spankers but can not remember if i ever introdued my self! hi my name is Paul from London like to contact other uk spankers and spankees i am both
  22. I agree, that's certainly what lit my fire. It was a different age.
  23. I am convinced that what brought me into spanking was early school experiences of seeing spanking done in front of the class, especially a girl I was very friendly with. It was a mixture of sympathy and wanting it to stop and excitement wanting it to carry on. I confined my interest to fantasy for many years until the internet came along and I realised just how many others there were like me. Up to that point i had always thought that female spankees only did it because they were paid to appear in magazines and the like. The internet opened my eyes to the huge world of spanking and I soon did my very first adult spanking. Since then I have had many "one off encounters and four longer term relaionships.

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