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A club for those in the UK or who like to visit
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  2. hello, i’m becca, i’m 22F from scotland who’s new to both this group and being spanked, looking for a mentor to show me the ropes, so to speak…
  3. I've no looked at Fetlife and there are still loads of Munches, if not more. I hope to get along to one soon and meet real life kinksters! D
  4. Hello DennisTM, i noted your interest in Munches. I have a similar interest and seem to get nowhere. Not a major problem for me , as i do go to a variety of spanking parties. Yes, they do cost me, about £150 to £170 for 4 hours of fun, food, and drink. also meet between 2 to 6 girls and from 4 to 20 guys. My preference is the smaller parties, as they tend to be in private house, and so more intimate.. I use the larger parties to network to meet more guys and gals, to be able to set up Private 1-2-1s
  5. i live in the north midlands , would welcome a tutor .
  6. Did this thread go any further? I haven't seen much in the way of munches advertised. Getting on for 20 years ago I went to a few - I'd like to meet up with other spankos again. Can someone point me in the right direction? ta D
  7. Hi Pete - you will see my intro I just posted. Did you get any feedback from club members....are there other members in Bucks? D
  8. I've recently joined. I'm 57 and in a nearly totally vanilla relationship. My partner will occasionally spank me but she does not enjoy it. Nearly 20 years ago I had a play partner and we went to clubs etc... I've recently had a yearning for some discipline: my partner would not tolerate me playing with others....so I guess this is mostly a social opportunity for me to connect with like minded people. Im a switch interested in DD, school themes, nettle and figging.
  9. Hello there! I'm a newbie to the whole spanking thing and live in Ipswich! I'm 25 years old and love to discuss and hopefully have a spanking and spank someone.
  10. Hullo all, just joined this group. Retired, married male switch. Love to chat to other UK spankos. My wife spanks me during foreplay but really need more ! Chat to males or females, any types, switches, spankers and spankees.
  11. Hey UK Peeps! So, I wanted to put a question to you all. Have you ever been to/know of any spanking munches in the UK? I've seen a few parties where you can pay to spank pro EEs (stinging tails, bottoms up) and while they do look fun, I'm also looking for more traditional munches. As the vaccines start to be rolled out, this is something that I really want to do, any help would be really appreciated. Cheers

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