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A club for those in the UK or who like to visit
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  2. Hello I am constantin and I am from Istanbul. I get into spanking for ten years. I am 24, and ı spankers sametime spankees.
  3. I grew up in the North West of England, and in the Midlands. I was brought up in a caring and loving family, and still very close to my brothers and sisters. I wasn’t particularly naughty growing up, but did have a handful of spankings from my Dad with his slipper which were deserved. I was also spanked at Primary School and caned at Secondary School. I certainly don’t think I was harshly treated or excessively punished at the time I was a boy and teenager. Some of my friends were smacked far more than me, my brothers were caned and spanked, and my sisters were spanked too. I’m glad that the days of kids getting corporal punishment is well in the past. I guess seeing others spanked at Primary School started off my interest, along with spankings from my Dad, and the weekly UK comics were characters like Dennis the Menace, Mini the Minx, Roger the Dodger, Nobby, Bully Beef and Smasher were spanked by their Dad’s most weeks. It has been in me to want to spank a woman. I have given previous girlfriends an occasional playful slap on their behinds (a couple of which had great bubble bums), but none were interested in spanking. So would love to meet a woman who enjoys an over the knee spanking. People would describe me as a kind, supportive and caring person. I spend most of my time doing things for others and hate letting people down. Happy to chat, get advice and share experiences from my childhood punishments.
  4. Hello all. Also British. Scottish parents, born up north, now live in London. Happy to chat!
  5. Hi Jane, I'm relatively new here too, not many of us Brits about, more than happy to chat Jeff
  6. Hi everyone Jeff here, I've been into spanking since my teens, I switch but am particularly looking for Lady Spankers but am more than happy to chat and share experiences with anyone, look forward to chatting and who knows Jeff
  7. spankers and spankees keen to meet up after lockdown but can not organise it but would like to know of any plans in the future? Also as a matter of interest how does spanking work on zoom self spanking?
  8. Hello I am 70 years living in Essex but London is very close (30mins). I am married and want to stay that way but would love to meet others for some spanking fun. Discretion is of course guaranteed. I am good fun. I play music, sail, dive and talk a lot. A coffee and chat only will be fine. Cute and modest!
  9. I am trying to buy short leg 38-40" boys/adult school shorts and all I can find are the long length boys school shorts. My headmaster expects short leg only. If you can supply a link to a suitable website, I shall be grateful.
  10. I would certainly be interested in post covid meets and perhaps I can help in some way.
  11. Yeah, I've done a couple of these already. I'm looking for stuff post COVID though.
  12. I have decided after quite a while of pondering, to show my public interest in being spanked. I have been spanked before as an adult but never really followed through to make it a regular event as I would but this desire has changed into a full expectation or hope of finding a regular headmaster or headmistress to deal with me and start my journey properly.
  13. I am finding a lot of people are using zoom meet ups. Where at the moment we cannot have munches , due to covid.
  14. North London ( possibly Camden ) would work for me.
  15. I and my partner are keen to attend munches when it becomes possible again... so Sussex, Hertfordshire and North London would be our preferred locations. i have organised swinging events in the past, so would consider organising a munch in one of those locations - or assisting with such - if there was sufficient interest. DarkArts
  16. I'm quite tempted to organise one, I do have to say
  17. I’d potentially be interested in a post pandemic London munch too. Wouldn’t sign on the dotted line to organise at the moment but maybe later...
  18. Interested in Am123 suggestion uk spankers and spankees meet after lockdown London prefebly don’t want to organise it but interested?
  19. In an update, I've actually found a few. Will post links if anyone's interested
  20. I had a 4 year relationship in which I spanked a lovely older (Middle to Late 30's) woman progressing through hand spanking, working my way up into using a leather belt, before reach out towards a fine whippy cane. since then (Aged early 20's in 1970) I have been unable to satisfy my sexual apatite without thinking in my imagination, about firstly administering some form of punishment? I'm now retired and living in the northern vastness of Northumberland, but I wish I could again meet someone who needed the sexual relive of being disciplined before and during sexual play. Squire.
  21. Without a doubt, I'll have to have a look at this. Perhaps we should arrange one within this club after lockdown.
  22. I used to go to a couple of general beam meetings/play parties with a healthy dose of spanko play in London in the mid 2000s ( Firm and Club Subversion ) but lost touch with the scene. It was good fun. Nothing commercial beyond door entry and a couple of beers. Post pandemic spanko/bdsm lunches sound fun.
  23. Hey UK Peeps! So, I wanted to put a question to you all. Have you ever been to/know of any spanking munches in the UK? I've seen a few parties where you can pay to spank pro EEs (stinging tails, bottoms up) and while they do look fun, I'm also looking for more traditional munches. As the vaccines start to be rolled out, this is something that I really want to do, any help would be really appreciated. Cheers
  24. Who gives spanking in this club?

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