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Discussion of real (not role play) discipline for college students
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  2. After two previous attempts, set to graduate in May of 2021 with my AAS in Hospitality Management. Current GPA 3.83/4.0
  3. Any of you in the Austin area that are struggling with class and need some motivation? I have a few different implements that can be used. Let me know, Spanking_ATX
  4. Best of luck! You're almost there!
  5. I actually dropped out of community college in 2018, and it sort of had to do with spanking 😂 i was more focused on the social aspect of college (looking back, wrong choice and I regret it now of course) and would skip classes to hang with my friends. 2 of these friends were women, so a couple times we would go to one of their cars, and I would spank one of them while they were making out with eachother. Looking back, i wish i focused on my studies more. Maybe if I had been the one being spanked, i wouldn't have skipped? 🤔🤔 i am currently 21 and a male switch
  6. Well passed my next two classes with a 77 and a 92. 4 more classes until my degree !!!!
  7. I had a young lady that I worked with for quite a few years. I always called her my brat. My brat was in a local community college that was near my work. I would pick her up sometimes when she had a long break between classes. We would study together and when she has a test/quiz coming up, she would make up study cards and then we would hold OTK reviews. She hated OTK reviews, as if I asked a question and she didn't know the answer, it would lead to spankings. I would say it really help her in the learning process!
  8. Canes and rulers are very effective. They really beat in the sense of learning.
  9. I accidentally clicked submit, but there's more. There was structure to how the spanking was carried out. We'd agree to punishment times about a day in advance. During the punishment time, I was to have the requested implements on his bed, with me sitting in a nearby chair awaiting punishment. The attire was leggings and the school t-shirt. He'd come in, ask me why I was being punished. If my answer did not satisfy him, he'd hand spank me until I gave a proper answer. The punishment would then commence, and conclude as fast as it started. I always felt sad after punishments but redeemed. I
  10. Back during my first and second year of college, my ex boyfriend was a year older and knew how to properly punish a lazy girl like myself. He himself, like me, was raised strict and understood the need for discipline in life. I, of course, asked for mentorship and the lifestyle it entailed. We had a system, and a protocol — Had a schedule of all my due dates, test dates, and knew when my lectures were. I was to report every grade to him as soon as I got it. Any hiding would be considered a violation itself. Certain faults always led to specific punishments: Missed a lecture? 6 with the can
  11. This club seems like the best place to ask this - I'm getting ready to try to take a short break from spanking sites, but I think I need one more good spanking before. Things have been rough lately, one of my friends actually came and picked me up last Monday to take a bath at her place because I had barely eaten or left bed in days. There's been so much going on, and I ended up failing one of my finals. I managed to finish the class with a B, but I know if I had tried harder I could have at least had a B+ or A-. I really could use an intense, completely non-sexual directed discipline/motivati
  12. If I were to mentor a girl for a long period of time, like all four years of college, I could imagine giving harder spankings/using stronger implements as the girl got farther into her studies and more became expected of her. Perhaps for a girl straight out of high school, we could begin with just hand spankings, but by the time she is a senior, she could expect a thorough hairbrush spanking for the same offenses that got her hand spanked before.
  13. I'll open that to discussion by posing a question, one which may not have a clear answer. For average people, those with no professional training as a psychologist, how does one determine that any specific level of maturity has been reached in a young adult? Since it's not the same for everyone, what criteria do we use to make that determination? Also, is taking responsibility for one's behavior and actions the main judgment of maturity, or do other things also need to be taken into consideration? My personal experiences over the years cover a wide range of behaviors, which is even mor
  14. I find this post to be very accurate! As a new college student, it does feel a little strange to suddenly have so much freedom to do and come and go as one pleases. Adding to that, there are so many distractions at hand that at times it's easy to forget there is an academic side to college and with parents away it's nice to have someone that can hold one accountable. I also think you bring up a very good point about psychological development and maturity. The age range of college students is a very interesting and particularly vulnerable age because they are being asked to both be held c
  15. I moved to an off-campus house in my junior year of college, and the distraction of partying all the time caught up with me. I started screwing up and got placed on academic probation. I knew I had to do something drastic, and when a neighbor offered to mentor me, I eagerly accepted. At least until I found out that spanking was part of the deal. I thought he was nuts, but I figured he wouldn't actually do it. We met on Saturday afternoons for an hour, and during our second meeting, I admitted receiving a failing grade for a missed project. That's when I found out how a leather belt fe
  16. I'd remove my last two paragraphs if I could edit my posts. I realize they are inappropriate in a group called "college motivation". I really shouldn't be here at all, but your original post intrigued me, simply because I didn't see why you would pose the question here, and only about college students, rather than in the general forums. I wondered what made an active student status different in your mind. Then I read Longtimespanking's response, and re-read your question, this time noticing that you used the word "girls" rather than "women" or "students". I think I get it now. You're talking a
  17. Vox, the only reason scholastic status mattered as a subject was because this was a discussion of college motivation. As to those "fortunate sons" (or daughters) there has been enough in the news lately to make anyone pause.
  18. My only college experiences are as an older student, strictly there learn specific material, not to get credentials. I guess I was wondering if the whole idea of a "college motivation" group was really about college, or simply geared toward young adults. I think you've answered my question.
  19. There are some college students who want to be spanked and disciplined over their grades as they know they can do better and are expected to do better by their parents or friends. In those situations when the person has specifically requested to be spanked for bad grades, it can be effective in motivating them to do better. The very first spanking relationship I had was in my first semester of college, with a girl I had met at school who felt she needed the spankings for her grades to motivate her to do better. I have learned over the years that college students who are seeking spank
  20. I don't want to detail your thread, Chastener, but I ran across it in the activity feed and...I don't get it. As far as implements, why would someone's scholastic status matter? Would you spank a college student differently than you would spank anyone else? Does the age of the student matter? I have taken courses over the years whenever I want to learn something. I took my last class a couple of years ago, and I'm 49. Spanking me for motivation would be ridiculous. I take freeware courses unless they require field work, but sometimes I'm paying an arm and a leg for that knowledge. Even if
  21. Thank you, Longtime for your response. I've always been opposed to spankings for bad grades because they are a result of conduct, and the girl will have to pay the price for them on her own. For bad behavior, procrastination, excess partying, I'm in your camp.
  22. I am an experienced disciplinarian with over 15 years experience helping people improve their lives by providing rules and accountability. I am located not far from OSU in Oklahoma and am offering my services to struggling college students that may be having trouble adjusting to college life with no rules or immediate consequences. I can help with bad study habits, partying too much, spending habits, and much more. We will talk about your individual issues and develop a discipline program specific to your circumstances that includes a set of rules, schedules, and consequences.
  23. Hand spankings can be quite effective, but there is no reason not to also use implements. When spanking college students who have asked to be spanked for motivation and as punishment for bad grades or bad behavior, I have also used a belt and a paddle which sometimes produces longer lasting results.
  24. Every girl should learn this position.
  25. I would be interested in whether spankers of college girls believe otk hand-spankings are the best, or whether implements such as the ruler and wooden kitchen spoon should be used.
  26. Vacation is over. Time to begin motivational discipline for the new term.

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