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Meet and get to know members from the Carolinas
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  2. Hey everyone, I've spent my whole life living in the Carolinas, specifically SC. I'd love to chat any spankos in the state. I don't see many posts from SC, so if y'all are out there, feel free to message me. Maybe we can chat.
  3. Hi. I'll be moving near by soon. I would like to talk with you if you're interested. Care to?
  4. Hi. I'm about to move to SC. I top 95% of the time. It would be great to talk.
  5. Spanknutt, what are your recommendations for the Triad Area that focus on the fine art of spanking?
  6. I'm in the Charlotte area but over that way for business regularly. Let me know if you want to chat more or are still looking.
  7. Recently moved to Charleston, SC. Anyone local tops or bottoms?
  8. Hi Im in South Carolina upstate and Ive found it hard to find Daddies in my area. I was really surprised to find this club to be honest. Has every one else had issues finding lifestyle people in the carolinas?
  9. Im looking for someone relatively close to the Wilmington area to push my limits and give me a real spanking asap.

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