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Self Spankers For those of us who are unable or unwilling to find someone to help us. After reading several posts and profiles I saw there are quite a few folks who practice self spanking. It is my hope we can share our experiences and support each other.
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  2. They are evil, but also delicious. I can always count a good hard, sound spanking.
  3. I lay on my side in bed. with my knees bent at a 90 degree angle
  4. public all gender bathrooms are great. also i second the woods. I usually carry a hairbrush in the car with me.
  5. never tried self caning. might have to give it a go. Maybe with a switch or two from the apple tree outside.
  6. belts are too inacurite to me. i use a paddle or ruler or bath brush.
  7. I've been curious about them. but like others say they are so expensive.
  8. I usually stand in the corner for 10 minutes with my red sore butt on display after rubbing icy hot on my butt to continue the burn.
  9. this sounds like an awesome way to self spank myself. i would probable be spanking my naked but about 150 times and my butt will be really red burning and on fire, and would hurt to sit down for at least 4 days!!!🏏
  10. What do you do after a good hard self spanking? Do you finish and go back to what you were doing before,? Sit on a hard surface to continue the experience? Stand or lay down and rub to enjoy the head space your are in or diminish the sting? Admire your handiwork? For me I like to lay down and rub my bottom as it keeps me in the relaxed head space for longer. Any other post spanking routines?
  11. I don't think this club is really well-known, and that's a shame. An effort should be made to make our services available to self-spankers under guidance. I can say, after many years of experience, that guided self-spanking can, under the right conditions, produce effects almost as good and effective as in-person spankings. And of course, this can be done under a flexible schedule.
  12. I have a discipline school for bad behavior on discord. It's a totally self-spanking environment. Very strict
  13. here's one for those who may need a little motivation during the work week the rules are simple - for each TEXT or EMAIL you RECEIVE or SEND - give yourself 5 spanks with the implement of your choice good luck!
  14. Hello Everyone! I posted this in the main forums --- I have created and run (alongside the illustrious HeadDeveloper) an Online Guided Spanking / Discipline Community. This was primarily created as through the pandemic play was much harder, so for all the tops, doms, and switches who miss that type of play -- You can start again now! "This is an 18+ only spanko community where fantasies, guidance, structure, discipline, accountability, and behavior modification can be borne out.In the Academy, naughty students will be turned into a well-behaved, disciplined, and respectful people.Teachers will administer lessons, assignments, dress code, curfew, accountability, discipline, and yes... SPANKINGS!This is not simply a “role play server” while you are expected to adhere to your role, this is a space for real discipline and correction of real life misbehavior. The Academy setup is in a way aesthetic, but is a good conduit for authority hierarchy, rules, and discipline. Are you a student looking for discipline?Or a teacher looking to discipline others?Maybe a bit of both?! Come check us out!" Click Here to Join the Redbottom Academy
  15. I have found the woods is the best public place to self spank because you can usually find a private place to spank your butt yard and make it cherry red!!! The beach a secluded one or private beach is also good place to self spank. I have also self spanked in the car it can be ackward and make sure you are in a secluded place so you don't get harassed by the cops. Here is a picture of me self spanking in the woods!!!
  16. I enjoy bending over on my knees or laying on my my tommy on the edge of the bed!! These are the best position to be able to swing the implements paddle ect to get your bottom spanked thoroughly to get your naked bottom spanked cherry red! Standing up straight slightly bent over works but can be difficult to spank your bottom hard enough. Any other ideas of the best positions for self spanking!!
  17. I am having a busy day early meetings, a HR problem with a person in the team, etc. Had another coffee, took a 10 break and walked around outside (working from home) ... but it did not work. I felt like I was in a weird funk. So rather than struggle with this feeling to set myself right walked over to the garage. Locked the door. Grabbed a paddle ( I love and hate) about 1 1/2” wide, 3/4” thick, the contact part about 8” long .. with a nice handle. Walked over to a stool in the garage, dropped my pants, partially bent over the stool and decided I needed 25 as hard I could give them across my bottom to straighten out my mood. I started doing my best to get as full a swing as possible, hard as possible, with a clear smack sound and contact across both cheeks. Starting at the bottom just on the top edge of my thighs and working up and then back down. I applied the strokes as fast and hard as I could while still maintaining power, accuracy and speed. At 15 I really wanted to stop, but started with the commitment of 25 so I pressed on. I could feel myself start to tremble and hint of beginning to perspiration. I knew I was making a point to myself now. When I reached 25 , I wanted to give myself the hardest and best swat yet. I missed doing that, so to be true to my plan I tried 2 more time, get that particular swat on number 27. Now back at my desk, tingling and twitching with a slight throbbing sensation. I feel much more motivated. Just wanted to share.. Have a great day.

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