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Spankers and spankees, only over 50 years old please. Everyone over knees!
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  2. I firmly disagree with the thought that aging drives one away from the desire. Rather I suspect one’s tone-tastes-desires and yes needs, are directed by a combination of factors. Trust yourself to lead, you to your pleasures. Allow the wisdom of your acquired age to insure that your pleasures last by being mindful of your surrounding and connecting with like minded discreet souls. Cheers from Pittsburgh Pa
  3. I am 65 and my urge to get spank becomes syronger as i get older. Have not found a spanking partner yet, I live in tampa florida and i self spank myself at least 2 to 3 times a week and the urge gets stronger as i continue to spank my naked bottom until it is red burning and on fire so it hurts to sit down. I want to take it to a higher kevel level to find a good spanking partner or group in tampa florida!!!!
  4. I think you are definitely not too old! I’m 55 and prefer to be spanked by 60+ men. They tend to be more on the traditional side and give no-nonsense hard spankings. They also tend to scold firmly, yet calmly and provide nurturing aftercare.
  5. Can't say I remember seeing the paddle you've pictured. Who remembers the "For the little (picture of deer) with the (picture of a bear) behind". Seems they were in every souvenir shop I ever went to in the 50s and 60s. Denny
  6. Does anyone else feel nobody wants to spank their behinds because of their age? I mean i look at the vids and pics of the gorgeous young behinds. just wondering.
  7. The old time spanking paddle in our groups header picture was very commonly found in souvenir shops in the 50’s and 60’s. Two questions: Has anyone seen one for sale in a shop recently? Does any one actually have one that was passed on from hand to hand? (Or maybe more accurately, cheek to cheek.) Feel free to share your own pictures with the group.

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