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Spankers and spankees, only over 50 years old please. Everyone over knees!
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  2. Hi Paparondoc - That’s an interesting question. I can only speak from my perspective of course... I believe single woman my age (53) who have an interest in spanking try to incorporate that within an LTR due to their desire to have both a spanking partner and devoted companion during the aging process. We no longer see the benefit in casual relationships. Older, single women who didn’t have a need for a committed relationship due to a busy career or parenting demands, begin to realize that once those are removed, they may be vulnerable or lonely in their later years. So they begin
  3. Looking to find a female any age in the west central area of Florida who is desperate to get a spanking. Ready to please..have car, hand, belt and vacination....will travel. Satisfaction guaranteed.. ( Probably sound like a car salesman...lol) Sure is nice weather here in Florida.
  4. I found this site a while back while browsing. I happen to be an older male, retired, single, primarily an -er, but in a vanilla relationship which gives me lots of time to persue my own interests. I have responded to the e-mails posted on this and other club sites to the desires/requests of women who have stated they needed someone to take them in hand for a spanking. I stated fully my situation re: travel, not interested in LTR, no sex, and amenable to satisfy. Yet I have had no responses, not even to get some correspondence in return. In answer to your response, do you think that wome
  5. Hi - I just joined this site. I am 53 living in Chicago. I can’t speak for other women, but my view is that at 50 women come into their own and really know who they are, accept themselves, and are not afraid to address their needs. This is the perfect age to pursue a DD relationship! As an older Spankee seeking an older male-led DD relationship on spanking dating sites (Find Spankers and Domestic Discipline Lifestyle); I receive an abundance of offers, messages, and interest from older male spankers. I was shocked by the demand for older female spankees! I think a challenge for w
  6. I am 70 and married and want to stay that way. I am bi though. I had a life long interest in spanking. Like many others of my age this arose from my schooldays.For me, it was the sound of the cane and boys gripping their bottoms afterwards. I never got it myself. The deputy head, had a thing about cp for sure. He used to attend PE with a plimsol under his gown and encouraged effort with a wallop to any short covered bum. He liked one boy particularly and , unbelievably, kept him otk for the whole lesson....patting and spanking him In front of us all. However one memory was Robert being conso
  7. Hello, how are you? Did you find a spanker or still looking? looking for a male spanker?
  8. Hello there Im Rob, a 57 year old, single Spanko in need. I've been into spanking for over 50 years on both sides mostly giving but lately I've been craving to be put over someones knees (prefer female) and have my bare bottom spanked a nice shade of red. I hav'nt been spanked in far to long n I think its about my turn, of course I'm allways up for giving a good spanking as well. I prefer females but open to select males to so can somebody help me?
  9. As a lifelong enthusiast as an EE, I know what various impliments feel like & how to use them for the most pleasure. I'm not a self proclaimed disciplinarian expert, but I listen & will be in tune with my spanking buddy / partner's reaction & needs. A long spanking could be tremendous fun.
  10. Looking to give a long spanking but not into traveling far from North west Central Florida (Brandon, Paris,h Wimoma, Bradenton, St Petersburg etc....Most happy to oblige any age female for what ails them
  11. If anyone has talked to caningabottom can you please tell him i need to talk to him Its important
  12. Been self spanker since my 20 tried to get away from it .but the more I tried the stronger the urge to be spanked hard until my butt is cherry red gets stronger and stronger!!! My wife does not understand this urge and thinks it us perverted because of her christian upbringing. I sometimes even pray before spanking myself and afterwards and find my negative behavior patterns change. I don't want to hurt her in any way but I want to go to the next level and want someone to spank me from the Tampa Bay Florida area!! If anyone would be interested in spanking me to help me fulfill my spanki
  13. Would like to experience being spanked by a lady.
  14. I new here, single Dom. Looking for submissive lady in Georgia
  15. Hi, recently found this group. I sm in the Dallas area and looking for women who like to spank or be spanked. I like both
  16. Greetings fellow seniors, Getting to the point, I am looking to make a long term connection with a special Pittsburgh area woman. One who is mature, discreet, and in touch with her submissive desires and needs. I am a mature, discreet, married, professional male who enjoys coaching exceptional professional and sexual performances. My spanking skills cover the territory from corrective scolding and very sound to the ever so sexy where no less than three orgasmic waves are coached to release. Cheers to all
  17. Hi, seniors, I am a lifelong spanko with experience on both sides of the paddle, mostly with women. Right now I lean more to the spankee side, but I sure know how to administer one as well. Nice to join this group ...
  18. Hi everyone! Noobie here from Michigan. Would love to chat and make friends. Hope to talk to some of your soon. - Red
  19. I am 64 years young and very interested in finding a Female Led Dd partner. Yes I believe this is the best way to live .
  20. I can't comment on the difference between younger & older DD relationships since I too am without a female spanking buddy/partner, however I can say there is a physiological component to it. As we age our hormone levels decrease and ratios change. Males lose testosterone and females especially after menopause lose estrogen along with other changes. These are large contributors to our interests and desires. This I can say from personal experience and a medical background. Be happy to discuss further.
  21. 62 y/o spanker from Wisconsin. Been spanking ladies for well over 20 years and hope to be able to spank them for another 20. I'm not into canes, but like most other manners of spanking, mentoring, role playing and overall shenanigans. Glad to have been referred to this site by another member (hi litlbirdme3).
  22. Greetings to all. Glad to find this group for other 50+ y/o spankos. Age is just a number and at least as I celebrate each anniversary of my 50th birthday, I can look forward to more birthday spanks. Hope to meet some friendly likeminded folks.
  23. I realize this post is 2 years old, butt I'll still comment.. Yes, Wal-Mart does have a wooden grill cleaner/scraper that looks like it would be an excellent paddle. I'm with you on the thought of some days almost everything looks like it could be used for spanking!

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