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Spankers and spankees, only over 50 years old please. Everyone over knees!
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  2. HELP! I would really like to meet some spankos in my area that are somewhat close to my age (57) for chats, meetings and (hmm let. Me think... Spankings?) I really dont care if your a man or woman or you like to be spanked or do the spanking I wanna. Meet YOU! So if your anywhere close to my location PLEASE contact me. More than likely it would in your best interest.
  3. I am interested in having my naked butt spanked 🍒 cherry red, for negative behavioral paterns. If still interested, I located in Tampa Florida, you can message me inbox me or email Ray Miles at rmiles2057@gmail.com. I really need a good spanking, because self spanking does not help with my issues and I need to go to the next look level if you know what I mean!!!
  4. Sometimes I feel no one wants to spank me because I am 64 abd quite out of shape. Trying to get things together to start working out again. Have health issues to resolve before I can get back in shape. Just need someone in the tampa bay area that will spank me to help in my negative behavioral, and get my life back on track of being more productive.
  5. Looking to play spanking games with a woman in Los Angles. Either role. If interested let's chat.
  6. I've never discriminated because of age, and have spanked women who asked to be spanked as young as 18, and even past 80. The 80 something woman had been spanked growing up but that was clearly decades ago, and she had not been spanked in the meantime. I think the desire never goes away, but finding people one is compatible with to interact with safely and discreetly is the real challenge as we get older.
  7. Thanks Jalena, very well said. As i fall into the 50-70 group, i will continue to look.
  8. Interesting answer to this topic. I believe I've had a good ineraction with you previously. I'm a member of some senior clubs, in which I've taken part. As a spanker of some experience in an older age category, I have answered pleas "I need to be spanked", and yet i am greeted by silence. Believe me, I'm not looking for business, but I would respond to a hopefully (reasonably local) ees request....see if getting together was feasable. Curious what your response would be. Also, in a general discussion, I was advised that some ees who had been married, were looking for posssibly another LTR relationship, rather than a "one night stand"...or a least some aspect of continuing meets.....yet discussions on this were not even started. I'm located in south east (Fl) and always am open to a least starting a conversation....just on spanking period.
  9. I am near New Concord, Ohio and am looking for; in this order; couples, women and lastly men that would like to give; and/or receive spankings, and All to be worked out prior to any meeting. Type of situation! THEN; position, speed, intensity, implement, restrained, and more etc., etc.. Evenings and nights; I host; live alone: look forward to some replies with comments or questions. ThanK. Doug
  10. Over the last 24 years, I have chatted with all types of women from ages 18 to 70. And here is what I have discovered-- Women have a built in need for discipline and for a real and effective spanking, is what most crave. Some women are more in touch with themselves than others. Almost all go through phases: like- I must be crazy for wanting a spanking -for wanting a pain in the bottom. And Denial phase- it just seem so un-natural to want a spanking. And a phase of embarrassment- I can't express my needs- I can't ask for a spanking (not in real life). Phase of hope-- maybe my needs will get met after all. Phase of giving up - I must have been right to start with-- the desire to be spanked is crazy (and stop looking). I am proud of girls 18 to 25 who are aware of their needs and can express themselves at least on line. I am also very proud of women 50 to 70+ who have not given up and still want a spanking. But to me the peak years of wanting and needing a spanking are ages 30 to 50. We can have a self realization about the NEED for a SPANKING at any age and I don't think age should be a factor in getting our needs MET. Thank God for the internet- as spanking has been dying out in the world, More and more women have discovered their not alone and find friends here, at sites like this and find people to assist them to have their needs met. I hope spanking can make a come back in the real world, for all.
  11. Any spanking activities going on in NJ around mid June?
  12. Quite the contrary for me; I have found women more on the mature side that I have spanked to be quite compelling and attractive; they bring so much to the table: intellect, experience, etc. On the other end, I have found spankers who want spankees younger than myself only because they look for that role play dynamic of Father/son; Maternal figure/ younger guy, etc..otherwise my age is not an issue with them.
  13. Well, videos are meant to appeal to a certain demographic, mostly younger guys watching porn and willing to pay for it, so of course, they are going to use the younger models, too. Cutting to reality, not every person is a porn star or has model looks. And not everyone who loves spanking, like we do, has the requirement that you need to be able to be cast in a spanking video to be able to qualify as a spanking partner. One of the ladies I spank is close to my age. One other is almost half it. Age is not the determining factor as to why someone gets along well enough with another person to want to spank them, or to go over someone's lap to be spanked. Hang in there, keep making friends and acquaintances on this site, as well as dropping hints at appropriate times to ppl you might think are into spanking and soon enough, you may find yourself getting that spanking you crave. It can happen. It's how I got started and I wouldn't consider a woman's age to be a deciding factor of whether I want to spank her, or not.
  14. Does anyone else feel nobody wants to spank their behinds because of their age? I mean i look at the vids and pics of the gorgeous young behinds. just wondering.
  15. Mature man looking for mature female spanker to administer discipline to me on a regular basis.
  16. I'm sure what made CL work so well back in the day was that our posting there reached a lot of people in our specific area. We got a dozen responses from locals the first day, of course only one or two were worth while.
  17. Hello, I'm Jessie and I am a male looking for a mature woman to administer over the knee spankings to me. Eager to meet some people, please come by and say hi
  18. Good for you Pinky in finding Spankers on Craig’s List. I wonder where those Spankers have gone since Craig’s List dropped in popularity? Probably to other spanking relationship sites or maybe even here. I hope the latter is true!
  19. It was back in 2009 when we used Craig'sList to find a spanker. Even though we clearly stated we were not looking for sex we still got a lot of replies from men who were obviously looking for more than spanking. We did meet two spankers, one woman and one man who were legit and they both knew others who were into spanking so that got the ball rolling. We also had some success with Fetlife..
  20. I never did trust Craig’s list. Glad you had luck though.
  21. Meeting compatable people is always a challenge, seems to me. Probably not just in our age group but any age. Years ago, we were fortunate to make some good connections on Craig'sList but those days are gone...
  22. I too have had a difficulty meeting compatible people in this age group.
  23. Hi Jelena - Yes, I would love to connect! I will send you a message.
  24. ChicagoLady - I totally agree with you and your words "We no longer see the benefit in casual relationships." and ". I believe single woman my age (53) who have an interest in spanking try to incorporate that within an LTR due to their desire to have both a spanking partner and devoted companion during the aging process." love to chat with you some time. I was in a DD from age 23 to age 39. Then I got stupid.
  25. Hi Paparondoc - That’s an interesting question. I can only speak from my perspective of course... I believe single woman my age (53) who have an interest in spanking try to incorporate that within an LTR due to their desire to have both a spanking partner and devoted companion during the aging process. We no longer see the benefit in casual relationships. Older, single women who didn’t have a need for a committed relationship due to a busy career or parenting demands, begin to realize that once those are removed, they may be vulnerable or lonely in their later years. So they begin to see the value in a partner / companion who can address several needs. This is a stage when women reevaluate their marriage / committed relationships and ask... Will we have a happy retirement together? Do I want to grow old with him? He doesn’t want to travel and I don’t want to be in the house all day. In our case, he doesn’t spank and I don’t want to spend the rest of my life with someone who can’t fulfill my deep needs. They also begin to experience or observe the later divorce bump of couples who split after the kids go to college, become financially independent, get married, retire, etc. Potential male partners also increase due to widowhood. So we begin to have confidence that we can leave an unfulfilling relationship and find a better suited partner as a companion and a spanker, especially with the abundance of dating sites. Does this explanation help? As I wrote in the beginning, this is all based on my observations, discussions with other older women, my experience.
  26. Looking to find a female any age in the west central area of Florida who is desperate to get a spanking. Ready to please..have car, hand, belt and vacination....will travel. Satisfaction guaranteed.. ( Probably sound like a car salesman...lol) Sure is nice weather here in Florida.

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