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A open and accepting group of all things spanking from the great white north!!
  1. What's new in this club
  2. Wondering if there is anyone in sask that like to spank
  3. I am in a small community near London Ontario.
  4. Edmonton AB, It definitely is tricky to find other locals I find
  5. I am from MB, love to talk with anyone else from MB - yes finding spankos in Canada a hard, even with other sites I am a member of.
  6. I'm a french girl from Quebec šŸ˜› !
  7. Perhaps it's population/percentage. In Alberta we have 4.4M individuals and would've thought that there would be quite a few Spanko's within a pop size such as that. But maybe this website has no appeal to others. Personally I have found it to be a wealth of knowledge and experience that I could never find elsewhere. I've just been hoping to connect with someone from my area to share and learn on a more personal level (friendship). Apart from sexual services I don't even know if there are Disciplinary Services available apart from one individual in Lethbridge I believe ( which sexual services may also be involved, not sure.. ).
  8. I think it has a lot to do with total population and percentages. Also Quebeck is mostly french so your not going to see many from their here.
  9. I am also confused by why there are so few Canduans on here. Are we all keeping it so very private? Are there truly only a few of us? Are we embarrassed to share this desire even online? Thoughts?
  10. Hi, I live near Whitehorse and would love to chat with other Yukon spankos. I'm also the author of two books of male-submissive spanking fiction. Her Perfect Wife, my very kinky F/m novel, is out of print and hard to find, but Buccanneer Island, my award-winning gay-pirate-spanking novel, is still available online. (I even have about ten copies myself that I don't know what to do with!) HMU for a chat, even if you're not a Yukoner.
  11. Hello everyone, I'm a 21YO Male uni student that has been really slacking off. While I am a switch, I'm currently looking for spankers throughout Southern Ontario and neighbouring US States. As a university student, I've been really slacking off when it comes to my studies. If anyone feels the need to discipline this lazy nerd, or knows someone that's willing to do so, please feel free to PM me.
  12. Well who doesn't want to be closer to the Rockies! sorry to hear your trek west ended near Toronto. Come on back to visit we wont hold it against you.
  13. I love Montreal. I was born there. Currently and probably permanently near Toronto, wishing to be closer to the rockies and all those beautiful hiking trails
  14. i'm In Montreal. it's a fun city you should come to visit I'll be a great tour guide.
  15. I live in the US just a 10 minute drive from the border. As such, wouldn't mind meeting someone from southeast Ontario (I frequent St Catherines often and have also been to Hamilton frequently) 25m/spanker if any female spankees would like to chat. I'd want to get to know you first and meet in a vanilla setting before any spanking occurred. My email is sabres98765@gmail.com
  16. Hi folks, Iā€™m in Calgary. Love to chat with other Canadians.
  17. Hi JennyB Good to hear from you. I wonder if there are many others in the same situation. Do you have a spouse/partner that you have to hide this from? Have you been able to find a spanker and, if you have, how do you go about having a spanking session discreetly? Not long after I joined this community I was contacted by a young married woman who was in the same situation as me. She found someone online that she got to know and eventually trust and he became her spanker. Apart from the spanking their relationship was strictly platonic. At some point he asked if she would spank him. That scared her but she agreed and, according to her, became a very effective spanker, although it did not change her need to be spanked. She had seen my introductory post and messaged me with an offer to get to know one another to build the trust necessary to enter into a spanking relationship in which she would be my spanker. I didn't see her message until almost two years later. I answered her but too much time had passed and it was too late. I never heard back from her. It may not have worked anyway unless we both lived in the same vicinity.
  18. HI Slammin Sam I am the same, not one person in my life knows about my "double life" as a spankee. They would not understand that think that I was into all kinds of kinky sex - it is not sex for me, it is all about discipline, but they would not understand that.
  19. I am in Toronto - anyone else here?
  20. I often wonder if it is a cultural thing too? Spanking seems to be a strong part of the culture especially in the southern states

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