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    • Writing, Photographs and Videos (Please read the full Guidelines here).

       This is an adult site with a focus on spanking. Nudity is allowed so long as the following guidelines are met:

      • The user posting the content has the legal permission to post it (e.g. you wrote the work yourself, you took the picture / video yourself, OR you have permission from the author / artist / persons involved to post it.)

      • Photographic depictions of adult nude bottoms may be shown as it pertains to spanking. Full nudity in spanking setting is acceptable.

      • No explicit genital photographs or videos will be allowed. Nudity is allowed but don’t include explicit genital close-up. 

      • Drawings, sketches, or other types of artistic expression of age regressed and or fictional characters are permissible so as long as they are tasteful. Similarly, discussion of minors engaged in spanking is prohibited except in the context of discussing a personal experience as a minor or observation. The discussion of age regressed fictional characters engaged in spanking scenarios is allowed, so long as the discussion is age appropriate for the regressed age of the character(s) (i.e no sexual overtones or insinuations when age regressed fictional characters under 18 are involved). The Site Owners reserve final judgement on taste. If a fictional or non fictional writing piece has illegal or distressing content especially involving  potential minors/ age regression the content can be reviewed and removed if deemed harmful for the community. 

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  • Open Club  ·  200 members  ·  Last active

    We'll do just about anything we can to stay warm during these long winters. Some ways just happen to be much more fun that others.

  • Open Club  ·  160 members  ·  Last active

    Meet and get to know members from the Carolinas

  • Open Club  ·  261 members  ·  Last active

    I've decided to start this group for male spankees and for those who identify as male and those who support, love and spank us. Whether you're spanked for discipline or erotic reasons, whether you're straight, bi or gay, whether you're just curious let's share and support each other. There's so much pressure on us to be "macho" and so on that owning and hopefully enjoying this side of ourselves isn't always easy. I struggled with my metal health for many years coming to accept this side of myself and I'd like to try and help others if I can - even if it's sharing part of my story.

  • Closed Club  ·  163 members  ·  Last active

    Open to females, 21 and over only. Female EEs and ERs can discuss any and all topics of spanking that include any perspective or interest. Whether you are married, single, partnered or unpartnered, in a relationship or not. It doesn't matter what your specific tastes are; whether you prefer spankings with men or women or if you self-spank. All ladies are welcome to discuss anything here. Hopefully we can help each other from our experiences and because it is a closed club, all posts are private to club members only. Women tend to be so outnumbered here. Let's stick together! We may wish to talk about how we can support each other as we share some of the same challenges. We place ourselves in a vulnerable position and no one wants to be taken advantage of. A spanking is not an invitation to any sort of abuse. We all seek safety, care, trust, and understanding. What do you see are the challenges for women related to spanking? What would you ladies like to discuss? NB: I have not accepted anyone who presents as a Dominatrix, Domme, Femdom, Mistress, Goddess, Priestess, etc. This club does not cater toward BDSM activities; dungeons, owners/slaves, or to other extremes in the spanking community. This applies to paid professional disciplinarians as well. (Sorry that paragraph breaks don't format!)
  • Closed Club  ·  25 members  ·  Last active

    A Place to learn and understand the dynamics involved in a Female-Led-Relationship (FLR) How to introduce the subject to a Lady, Suggestions on how to begin in your FLR-101, The terminology, the pros, the cons, contracts of expectations for those that need it. Some FLR's are very militant some are more go with the flow. But one thing is common in them all, in the end, She decides, She is in charge. She administers consequences for agreed-upon areas of behavior or actions. Men who fast come to realize that they are better men better husbands, son-in-laws- brother-in-laws, uncles, Better off all the way around with Her devoted love and Her wise hand of leadership in our lives. There are many different shapes that this wonderful world can take. But one thing is always common in them all, SHE IS LEADING THE RELATIONSHIP. She is HOH. Let's discuss this subject and keep it respectful. strong opinions are expected here but in no way will disrespect of Women be tolerated, Men alike. Women will be given the right-of-way here. While the club owner is based in Seattle, the club is populated with members worldwide. Let's share and learn about the long-lived history of the world of FLR's Female-Led-Relationships.

  • Open Club  ·  512 members  ·  Last active

    Self Spankers For those of us who are unable or unwilling to find someone to help us. After reading several posts and profiles I saw there are quite a few folks who practice self spanking. It is my hope we can share our experiences and support each other.

  • Open Club  ·  170 members  ·  Last active

    A place for those from Florida to meet and mingle.

  • Open Club  ·  212 members  ·  Last active

    For all Spankos in Pennsylvania.

  • Open Club  ·  33 members  ·  Last active

    A place to meet like-minded Iowa folks who love spanking

  • Open Club  ·  357 members  ·  Last active

    A club for those in the UK or who like to visit

  • Closed Club  ·  17 members  ·  Last active

    PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. FROM NOW ON I'M DELETING ANY JOIN REQUESTS THAT DON'T INCLUDE A MESSAGE PER THE RULES BELOW: This site is for some of my spanking art, as well as some favorite spanking art found out there, as well as fellow spanking artists. If you are not familiar with my spanking drawings, I suggest checking them out elsewhere before asking to join. The dictum here is YKINMK. All content is within site rules, dig? PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU WANT TO JOIN THE CLUB, PLEASE DROP ME A LINE AS WHY YOU'D LIKE TO JOIN, AND CONFIRMING YOU UNDERSTAND THE CONTENT OF THE CLUB. NO MESSAGE, NO MEMBERSHIP, SORRY.
  • Open Club  ·  667 members  ·  Last active

    Spankers and spankees, only over 50 years old please. Everyone over knees!

  • Open Club  ·  196 members  ·  Last active

    A place for all of us Texas spanking fans, natives and transplants alike.

  • Closed Club  ·  69 members  ·  Last active

    Come chat and get to know spankos in the area. All welcome!

  • Open Club  ·  93 members  ·  Last active

    For anyone who lives in the great state of Indiana. Spanker or Spankee, doesn't matter.

  • Open Club  ·  159 members  ·  Last active

    For all The Spankos that are in Ohio to find each other in this club to chat.

  • Open Club  ·  30 members  ·  Last active

    Christian Domestic Discipline Biblical Gender Roles in Courtship/Marriage

  • Open Club  ·  30 members  ·  Last active

    A place for everybody to discuss the significance of their zodiac signs as Spankos.

  • Open Club  ·  110 members  ·  Last active

    Finally a place to talk to local spankos!

  • Closed Club  ·  135 members  ·  Last active

    Exactly what it sounds like. If you're a total spanko (top or bottom) and live in/spend time in Michigan, this is for you :)

  • Open Club  ·  83 members  ·  Last active

    If you create visual spanking art, whether it be drawing, painting, photography etc. meet up here to talk techniques, reference, or anything else related to it. We only ask that whatever work you submit is original.

  • Open Club  ·  164 members  ·  Last active

    A open and accepting group of all things spanking from the great white north!!

  • Open Club  ·  106 members  ·  Last active

    Anyone looking in the Chicago area try to give who you are looking for in your profile. Any discussion beyond spanking is good as well

  • Open Club  ·  51 members  ·  Last active

    This is a place for spanking enthusiasts from Oklahoma and the nearby area to meet, chat, and share ideas.

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