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Giving this a shot



Never been one to blog but I figured to give it a go.  You all let me know if it is good or not.

What I will attempt to do is explain how and what we do in our family, how we got here, and to let you all know how we are doing.


We have been married 12 years and had many of the ups and downs of most marriages.  Somedays good...some days we have to work at it.  We started spanking on a regular basis about two years ago and for punishment about a year ago at ly request.  It is goal oriented around what we agree I need to work on.  Generally, she does all the spanking...but occasionally she invites me to turn the tables as foreplay.  However, to keep me honest not all punishments are spankings.  She mixes in other things and stay tuned for a future post on that subject.

We have small kids.  Which makes for interesting code words and schedules, but we can generally make it work. My wife is more educated than me but stays at home since we are fortunate that I have an executive level job that can pay the bills.


So more details will be filled in later posts.  For now I will let you know I have had spanking in my head for most of my life...we will over analyze that later.  My wife is vanalia and over the years I have been a bad influence on her and getting some other colored swirls in the mix.

It took marriage counseling to get us here...real professional counseling.  For those that care we are Catholic (raised various Christian Denominations ) and love this site for its lack of pornography...plenty of other places to find that.  We are very open about our faith and is a major part of every discussion to check ourselves as we go.


For those that need to hear something specific I will leave with this story till next time.  My last spanking was 3 days ago.  It was for a very small lie I told my son to get him out of my room without getting into a fight because I was already frustrated.  Normally, this would not be a spanking.  It would get a smaller punishment.  But earlier in the week I had lied about a different subject at work that was more significant and received a significant non-spanking punishment.

So she made the decision to do a 10 minute spanking with 5 implements.  I got to start by laying on the bed with my pajamas on (we spank after the kids are asleep) while she used a lexan paddle, wood paddle, wood spoon, and something similar to a bath brush for 5 minutes.  Now that I was good and sore she had me get on all fours and pulled down my pants to use the strap.  During the strapping she let me know she considered lying to family more serious and to note that for the future.  She then switched to the wood spoon and went for the upper thighs.  She then finished with the lexan paddle (don't recommend this on all four on the bare...it REALLY hurts).

She held me for about 5 minutes afterwards.  I then got ice and laid down.

NEXT TIME....How it all began.

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Wow. My wife and I are in a similar situation, but she never seems to have the stamina to spank me like that. Good luck to you. I look forward to reading future posts.

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