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Spanking is almost like an addiction for me. Sometimes I have to completely abandon it so I can focus on other things like work and school. I’m currently focusing on some good things happening at work so I’ve been avoiding all things spanking because it distracts me. I need some time to get through what I working on with work without being distracted. I still think about it but right now I’m pushing it away and will come back to it when I don’t have to focus so heavily on work. 

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I've been sent to bed a little early in hopes that sleep will help me be more focused on work.  Truth is I have also been spending to much time thinking about spanking and not getting work done.   I have a project that should have been done on Friday but I thought I would work on it at least a little over the weekend but didn't.   She knows I am behind on it and didn't work on it over the weekend.   If I can't get it done tomorrow I will be in trouble with work and that will mean my wife will punish me. 

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I completely understand this....like I'm working on personal projects and have to leave spanking alone for a bit because I wake up thinking about it and constantly through out the day 

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