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I overdrew my checking account and my apartments are charging a NSF. I have since rectified the issue and rent has been paid. 

I feel awful and would like to feel better about my mistake and make sure I don’t let it happen again. Scoldings, groundings and spanking suggestions are welcome to make sure I learn a lesson.

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I think that a spanking with the bathbrush each morning for 3 days would help you start the day remembering to handle your finances 

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Unfortunately, I only have privacy in the evenings for now, but yes, that would definitely teach me a lesson.

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It's hard to give yourself a real spanking but you need a good blistering. NSF is a serious issue you should take that bathbruah to your bare bottom at least one swat for every dollar not for the amount overdrawn but for the original amount of the bill plus any fee charged. If you can't do it all at one time then stand in the corner in between thinking about balancing your banking account and budgeting your money so this does not happen again. If it takes more than one session over multiple days then that is what needs to happen at least one swat for every dollar and one minute in the corner for ever dollar.  you should also be grounded until you have written a complete budget accounting for every penny you earn. Discretionary spending is not allowed until you have saved a months worth of that budget then and then only should you be off grounding.  If you do not meet the conditions of your grounding within a determined time you will need to start over including the spanking. 

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This is actually what my last spanking was for. Repeat offense 😬 I got tge hairbrush and lotttts of paddling

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That was very irresponsible of you. Don't let it happen again! That said I hope you have someone to give you a good paddling on your behind. If I was around I would gladly take you over my knee and give you the spanking you deserve. Then you could go cry in the corner. Pay attention, check your balance before making payments and get on the ball!

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