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Early days and a consensual spanking from my older brother.



I have had an interest in spanking from a very early age. In the UK we had comics where many of the characters received parental spankings in the stories. I think they were a seminal influence on me.

Growing up in the 1960s, parental and school spankings were very common. Generally these were not cruel or abusive, but seen as a good way to maintain good behavior. Usually 12-24 smacks on the bare bottom with the hand or a lot less if a slipper or hairbrush was applied.

I was never spanked by my parents though, although they often threatened to, but I don't think they had the heart to hurt me. But I often wondered what it would be like to go over my mother's knee with my shorts and pants pulled down.

On one occasion I was splashing around in the bath after my mother told me to get out. She threatened to smack my bum if I didn't get out promptly. "It stings more on a wet bum" she informed me. But being a good boy I dutifully got out of the bath.

Once I was waiting at home for a friend to come round, he turned up quite late, looking rather glum. He announced that his mother had given him the slipper for an ongoing bad attitude, after numerous warnings. My mother teased him a little, asked him how many he got - 6. "Well you can sit down, so it couldn't have been that bad" she declared. "Maybe I should try using a slipper on Kevin (me) next time he's naughty" 

My older brother got punished at school a number of times with the cane and slipper. He seemed quite proud of it and told me the details. Of course, it would be the  school I would be going to the following year. So he would try to scare me a little, telling me about some of the teachers.

But I had a perverse interest and would ask him what it felt like. On one occasion he offered to give me a taste of the slipper to prepare me. I took up his offer, as an opportunity to find out what it was like, but obviously I was a bit nervous too!

He said he'd use a plimsoll slipper that I was wearing, he'd give me 6, since I was unlikely to ever get any more at school. He suggested I lie across the seat of a chair, supporting myself with my hands on the ground. He would slipper me over my shorts, like they did at his school.

So I was in position and a little excited. Then the first stroke came down on my bum! I didn't realize it would hurt that much! "Ow! That really stings" I cried out, covering my bottom with my hand.

"It's supposed to" my brother said. "You're meant to be getting 6. If you make a fuss like this, you'll be the laughing stock of your class. You're meant to take it with dignity, then your friends will respect you. As it's your first time I'll make them a little lighter."

So I got the remaining 5 and made no more fuss. But at the end, my bottom was feeling very fiery indeed! My brother said I'd done well and said I should be fine at the new school. "I bet your bum is really red, maybe you could fry an egg on it!"

He was right. Looking at my bare bum in my bedroom mirror, it was very red. But I didn't think I would be able to fry an egg on it though!

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