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Stuck in my head



While I enjoy using my spanking machine I often think of house nice it would be to be laying across a lap receiving a good hand spanking. I’ve got a lot of things that I find “wrong” with myself that prevents me from opening up and trusting an EE. It’s all in my head. Stuff I don’t like about my appearance mostly. If I could just get out of my own head I think I could open up and enjoy spankings from others. 

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While how we see ourselves is important if it is any help to you I think you look perfectly spankable. 


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I feel your pain but I learned that beauty is not in how one looks but in who they are. While you might have some issues in your life that concern you and you feel the need to have them corrected.  That in and of itself makes you a beautiful person.  No one is perfect but I find your desire to be a better person beautiful.  I hope that is how my ER sees me especially after she has finished giving me a well spanked bottom. 

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