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Self sabotaging



I took off two hours of unplanned time from work yesterday and because I didn’t have the sick hours to cover it I was out on an attendance warning. I worked myself up I to a tizzy and thought for sure it would prevent me from being able to apply and be accepted for any promotions in the next 60 days.

After talking with my manager I have been informed that I can apply and still be promoted for any future positions that come available. 

So now that I have calmed down it has been decided that I must be disciplined for missing two hours unnecessarily and having to be called into my manager’s office about it.

I recently received a new paddle from @Spanknutt and have named it HR. So HR will be having a meeting with me tomorrow about this incident and will be disciplining me for it. 

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I would have  sent you to bed 2 hours early every night  for a week after a bare meeting with HR 25 swats 

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