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I joined this site about a year ago because I was interested in exploring my interest in spanking in greater detail. Ever since my late teens, it has continued to hold my interest. Initially I had stumbled upon some xxx spanking videos and then I later began to read the stories and find that I had specific interests. It was those interests that I came here to fulfill to some degree, however; it has remained fairly elusive. 

I did have the pleasure of being subjected to a one hour session with one of the most highly acclaimed and celebrated female spankers in Michigan, and I'm very sorry to say that I screwed up any chances of  future sessions with her due to my poor punctuality but also because I was naive and I took the whole thing for granted. I've spent the last year looking on various sites trying to find another female spanker without success. 

Surely I am one of a million men on  this site in search of the same experience, the same type of person, and feeling compelled to  satisfy the curiosity and desire. Over the course of the last year, I have come into contact with some very good people, but most of them live at least three hours away. I have been in contact with someone else who is reasonably close, but as of now, we are still becoming acquianted with each other. She is very kind and precisely the type of experienced and strict spanker that I have been hoping to find and built rapport with - with hopes of eventually being subjeceted to her collection of implements, but I think she's apprehensive about it, and I don't blame her. She's a really great person and I envy those who get to engage in that type of experience with her. 

The two most highly acclaimed female spankers in Michigan and I've managed to get in contact with both of them - I took one for granted and I got too personal too fast with the other - which I KNEW  was a bad idea, I knew before I even said anything that it was going to make an unfavorable impression in terms of making progress towards finding another female spanker.  This is ithe downside to being too honest - it alienates people.


Entries in this blog

Spanking Process Capability Study

Notice! This will probably go down as the most brilliant literature ever written on this site and in a few years, it'll be common place for everyone to be demanding that their spankers process have a CpK value of at least 1.67!  Actually....I'm very aware that this will most likely be considered the most pointless and boring post ever made on here.... I also just realized I should have used Cp Upper but it's fine, it wont matter for the sake of this example.....  Find out if your spanking a



Things to NEVER do around your ER/EE

Surely this kind of information is common sense, but it's probably the only thing of substance I can contribute to the site... Never engage in the following behaviors Don't schedule a session and then forget to show up  Don't take them for granted  Avoid at all costs discussing any of the following items  at any point in your relationship - especially the first few days Clinical Depression Anxiety Your dysfunctional family Chemical dependency 



Tried and True Methods to Get Out of a Spanking

I have been a stable and consistent member on multiple spanking sites for the duration of the last year (without intermission) and for years before that (on and off). Collectively, I have years of experience being threatened with all forms of corporal punishment, and in my lifetime of experience I have been seriously threatened with the most severe and unpleasant forms of corporal punishment  on thousands of occasions, and on every single occasion, I managed to get out of it. The one and only ti



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