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About this blog

My journey as an abusee to a spankee

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3) Life as a Mentee

I've known I was a spankee for as long as I can remember, but in my early 20's I knew something was missing and I needed this in my life. My partner at that time didn't want to do it, he was intrigued with it but did not want to participate.  When we split and years later I got the confidence to try again I knew this time it had to be a part of our lifestyle together. I tried general dating but bringing up a subject like this was near impossible. There was a group on FB for UK spankers and

2) Mental Health to Spanko

That big taboo subject that nobody likes talking about, the one that makes you feel all cringy inside and you're scared to admit to having problems with. Yet, in the world we're living the statistics for Mental Health Problems are shocking, causing drives such as Mental Health Awareness. We're more then comfortable to complain of our awful cold (man-flu), yet can't admit we have anxiety and so I am here to open up some discussions and hopefully freedom about this topic.  STATISTICS How


leighaddyTiH in Life as a Mentee

1) Abused to spankee

I guess this blog is quite selfishly for myself, to make sense of all this. I have been into spanking as a child and can quite clearly remember going into my own little spanko world, imagining myself in different scenarios (any but the one I was in). Spanko world was safe, loving...I was protected and held accountable. It was only until my first relationship that I found a book and read it and there were several spanking stories that it really clicked and I attempted to get my now Ex into it but


leighaddyTiH in Life as a Mentee

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