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About this blog

I once wrote a fair amount of spanking material and exchanged messages with mostly women. 

They were posted to old Usenet and other forums but I have not done anything with them in a long time, so thought I would post a few of my old favorites here.

Entries in this blog

Debby, my first spanking girlfriend in high School

Debbie   I met Debbie when I was in 9th grade.  She was an awkward 7th grader, and just beginning to bloom into adolescence.  She had a sparkle to her brown eyes and was friendly but not especially outgoing.  We did time together in the junior high choir at the First Baptist Church in Dallas, where both of our families were regulars.  We found out that we both lived in a fairly new neighborhood in North Dallas called Farmer's Branch.  We became better acquainted on a choir trip to Austin



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