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Tales & reflections on seeing my (temporary) female disciplinarian...

So I promised ages ago that I'd blog about this. It's been a busy start to the year but I've finally managed. Hope you find it interesting - and I'm always happy to discuss stuff I blog about if anyone is interested.   I've posted about my temporary ER before so I'm not going to set out the full background but, basically, my regular ER (who is a good friend of mine) moved away for work (temporarily, I hope) at the back end of last year. We discussed it and decided that it would be for th


Naomi in Experiences

Spreader bar for me...

" Pull down your panties and lay on the bed! ! he told me and i did as he told me.  I heard  a rattle of metal and i know he found the spreader bar for my legs. He reached down to my ankles and secured  both of them - my legs are now far apart and he spread my out.  He kneeled in front of my spreader legs and next to him he had couples of toys, dildos and a lot of lube. He grabbed the lube and put it all over my pussy and i was already turned on. He than started with a vibrator on


maturevanessa in Board

Man to Man Spanking

I am just a regular straight guy, but there is just something about submitting to a bare bottom spanking administered by another guy that excites me. I am not looking for sex just the feeling of losing control and being placed into a valuable position.   There is nothing like the feeling of nervous anticipation as you are on your way over to meet your soon to be punisher. Then standing at the door a feeling of almost nervous dread. The knock at the door your heart skipping a beat as the door ope

A guide to Disciplinary Spanking

How to spank a submissive to teach proper discipline in a loving manner. This is what I follow to discipline my loving wife. Number 1: CONSENSUAL, it must be consensual. There is absolutely no alternative whatsoever. No consent means no consent, do not pressurize her to submit to you if she doesn't want to. Situation: She lied that she finished her share of the chores but actually goofed around. You had warned her of strict consequences earlier. Ideally what should you do?


psd in Advice

What's Next

I am reading Kraig's verbose treatise Sex Magick to better acquaint myself with the techniques current among the occult community to use sex for power, which is I think the higher purpose other than the biological one of procreation, which has little purpose given our seven billion (soon to be eight: https://countrymeters.info/en/World ). It is pleasant and satisfying to have, for the first time in my life, a spanking partner, but it is also human nature to want to improve any good thing an


St.George in Life

A Couple of Switches

When I was a young man of fifteen, I reckoned I'd be dead by fifty, even long before. The mere notion of fifty seemed remote and impossibly ancient. I imagined I'd be dead by a car accident, murder, drug overdose, drinking, AIDS or suicide--and even that suicide might be preferable and justifiable, fifty being so painfully decrepit. My attitude toward aging underwent a remarkable transformation as I got closer to fifty. First of all I discovered that I preferred driving like a sensible adul


St.George in Life

The Wedding Night

The man was perfect. He made me feel safe while also inspiring just a bit of awe and the good kind of fear that makes you not want to do anything that you shouldn't.  There was something that had pained him not too long ago. When it came to self-control, I had none. I desperately wanted to be slender again, but every time I tried I would end up cheating on my diet. Every single time.  He loved me, wanted me to be healthy, and he brought up that I kept doing this and feeling bad about i


BansheeGal in Spanking Fiction

I Made an Er

So cool. I feel too cool for school. My brain is only operating at 65% efficiency, so please excuse the obtuseness of this post. In my previous posts and elsewhere in the forums--unremarked and unnoticed most likely--I mentioned my ambition to form a relationship with an attractive and compatible woman, compatible from the standpoint of morality, character, personality, and personal traits. This I accomplished. I also mentioned my ambition, not necessarily to seek in the usual quarters for a spa


St.George in Life

Spankings Underground

"Only those in need of discipline may enter here. Once entered, you may not leave until you have been thoroughly punished." The voice was deep and foreboding.  I replied, "I need to be punished." The round door swung open and I stepped through to find a winding staircase leading down.  The door shut and locked behind me.  I took a deep breath and started down the stairs.  As my footsteps echoed off the hollow walls, I pondered. I thought of the years of refusing to exerc


BansheeGal in Spanking Fiction

Kilkenny Castle Bedroom

The house was silent as I made my way to the bedroom. I wanted to explore all the nooks and crannies that had been collecting secrets since the last High King of Ireland, but it would have to wait. Tonight the castle walls would bear witness to yet another secret: mine.  As I stepped into the room, I trembled slightly. It was as if it had been designed for both comfort and a certain subtle sternness. Safety but also chastisement. The furnishings were soft but the walls and ceiling were made


BansheeGal in Spanking Fiction


We had been chatting for about 6 weeks and decided it was time we actually met. Jan is fun divorced and only ever been lightly spanked before. The meeting was a local pub for Breakfast as she had work at 12.30. I wanted to leave time to take her home if we clicked. I will add here Jan has asked me to write she will be so turned on reading and knowing this is about her. Meeting her outside as you never let a lady, let alone a Babygirl walk into a place by herself. We greeted with a cuddl


Tate999 in Spanking experiences

Reflections on spankings while on holiday

So I thought this one was worth sharing as it raises lots of interesting issues and dynamics for me. Sorry, it's a bit long: a creative writing background isn't always helpful and I've been in a reflection mode for the past couple of days after discovering that my ER might be heading away for 6 months. I find writing about this stuff helps me with my thought process. Any comments are welcome - I'm always interested to hear whether my experiences resonate, shock, contradict etc!   For a b


Naomi in experiences

Coffee and more final chapter

So we had agreed she would take either the belt or strop to finish and this would be laid on her bed over 2 pillows and would receive 20. She sat on my knee cuddling in naked for about 15 minutes before she said I am ready but not sure if I can take 20. Belt or strop I asked and she took my hand leading me to the bedroom Belt she said I walked in the room to see the 2 pillows in position and a large mirrored wardrobe perfect i thought I can watch her face and she can watch her sore bottom taking


Tate999 in Spanking experiences

Coffee and more continued

Lynn is fumbling at her buttons of her white blouse, dropping her hands to her side please Sir she asks. hooking my finger into her blue skirt I pull her a step forward unfastening her buttons her blouse slipping down her shoulders and off.Her head looking down she is fidgeting with her skirt . Her bare feet ever so slightly moving. I stand and walk slowly round her before unhooking her black lace bra her hands automatically cover herself as her bra falls down her arms. Leaning in I kiss her nec


Tate999 in Spanking experiences

Coffee and more

We had been chatting for months and decided we would meet for coffee. I arrived first choosing a seat at the back, as Lynn walked in she greeted me with a soft kiss, she looked even better in the flesh, she had done well a shortish blue skirt and button front white blouse, We ordered and sat chatting I looked at my watch and she knew why. "You are serious" she asks, of course a small grin on my face. Lynn had clear instructions if she wanted to be spanked she had to remove her Knickers an


Tate999 in Spanking experiences


The Birch is formed from binding together twigs or rods to form an implement for Corporal Punishment. Originally a prime implement of punishment in English schools, it was prevalent from the Middle Ages till Victorian times when it was replaced by the Cane. The Birch remained an implement for judicial punishment in the UK till 1948, being retained in the Isle of Man till 1976. There are two distinct types of Birch, a brush birch and the Manx birch. The 'Birch'


jstorey36 in Corporal Punishment

Notes towards a Spanker/spankee commitment ceremony

The spankee-elect shall declare the following:   I [name] take and accept you [name] henceforth as my Spanker. I place my trust in you to administer fairly and calmly such spankings as I may be in need of. I promise to accept without complaint or protest your decision on all matters pertaining to the spankings due to me. I promise to take these spankings as bravely I can, knowing that you have my best interests at heart I further promise to admit to any naughtiness


lydia2 in ceremony


I find myself drifting further away from my spanko nature. The main problem, as I see it, with being a spanko is the scarcity of potential partners. I just don't perceive it as a widespread or prevalent practice, and it is held in low repute to say the least, else why are we all here anonymous, hm? Being a magician, I hold that almost all things are subject to control in accordance with Will. Perhaps it is not possible to go without eating and drinking, say, but I do not yet know what the h


St.George in Pornography

F/F Spankers in Maryland

Hello. I haven't explored much or interacted on this site at all but thought I'd give it a shot in my search for a female spanker. ( Sorry Boys). I'm in search for a Female spanker in Maryland, I live in Baltimore county and am looking to experience my first spanking with a female spanker though i know they are a rare breed. If any want to reach out and see how things go please reach out


Naughtyberry in Spanking

Corporal Punishment of Schoolgirls

For many CP enthusiasts in the UK, punishments at school formed the start of the interest. Spanking was one method used, but the cane (particulary in England) and the tawse (particulary in Scotland), were other methods commonly in use.  As ones knowledge developed, it was realised that the paddle was used in US Schools A seminal work on the Corporal Punishment of Schoolgirls is now online: The Corporal Punishment of Schoolgirls : Margaret Stone : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming :


jstorey36 in School CP

School Scene

For many in the UK who are are Corporal Punishment enthusiasts the school scenario is often synonymous with that  interest. Perhaps that interest grew from evocative memories...... The classroom.... A memorable Headmistress........ The Strict School Teacher ready to instil discipline ...... The uniforms.......... The Rules..... The Discipline...... And what tales those School Punishment Books could tell...  


jstorey36 in School CP


I discovered 'Janus' UK magazine which was a revelation. A magazine published in the UK which indicated that there were many others interested in Corporal Punishment, and  often  had a school theme. There were pictures and stories of schoolgirls being punished, as well as a letters section with some true life accounts. A new level of interest arose, and how I used to wait in those  pre-internet days for a month between issues. Janus was first published in 1971 under the title of 'Mentor'. I

Corporal Punishment - Fascination

Corporal Punishment.... an evocative phrase conjuring up images from a spanked bottom, through school punishments to brutal judicial floggings. I am not sure what started my fascination with Corporal Punishment. Perhaps it was accounts in books such as Jayne Eyre and the harsh environment of Lowood School. I do not think I ever finished that book, I never got beyond Jayne Eyre being Birched. Jayne Eyre - Lowood School I think the first ever proper spanking I saw was in a film
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