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Corporal Punishment of Schoolgirls

For many CP enthusiasts in the UK, punishments at school formed the start of the interest. Spanking was one method used, but the cane (particulary in England) and the tawse (particulary in Scotland), were other methods commonly in use.  As ones knowledge developed, it was realised that the paddle was used in US Schools A seminal work on the Corporal Punishment of Schoolgirls is now online: The Corporal Punishment of Schoolgirls : Margaret Stone : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming :

School Scene

For many in the UK who are are Corporal Punishment enthusiasts the school scenario is often synonymous with that  interest. Perhaps that interest grew from evocative memories...... The classroom.... A memorable Headmistress........ The Strict School Teacher ready to instil discipline ...... The uniforms.......... The Rules..... The Discipline...... And what tales those School Punishment Books could tell...  


I discovered 'Janus' UK magazine which was a revelation. A magazine published in the UK which indicated that there were many others interested in Corporal Punishment, and  often  had a school theme. There were pictures and stories of schoolgirls being punished, as well as a letters section with some true life accounts. A new level of interest arose, and how I used to wait in those  pre-internet days for a month between issues. Janus was first published in 1971 under the title of 'Mentor'. I

Corporal Punishment - Fascination

Corporal Punishment.... an evocative phrase conjuring up images from a spanked bottom, through school punishments to brutal judicial floggings. I am not sure what started my fascination with Corporal Punishment. Perhaps it was accounts in books such as Jayne Eyre and the harsh environment of Lowood School. I do not think I ever finished that book, I never got beyond Jayne Eyre being Birched. Jayne Eyre - Lowood School I think the first ever proper spanking I saw was in a film

The Morning After Sting

Last night I got a long hide tanning. The wife was a bit annoyed at my attitude for the previous few days and I can sense it. This was one of those occasions where you know you deserve it, and know your going to get it. She went to work and mentioned on her way out the door that I should not fall asleep before she got home. I was told to lay out the pillows, the Purple Heart paddle, and the leather strap so they were ready. As soon as she got home, I was marched into the bedroom and made to

3) Life as a Mentee

I've known I was a spankee for as long as I can remember, but in my early 20's I knew something was missing and I needed this in my life. My partner at that time didn't want to do it, he was intrigued with it but did not want to participate.  When we split and years later I got the confidence to try again I knew this time it had to be a part of our lifestyle together. I tried general dating but bringing up a subject like this was near impossible. There was a group on FB for UK spankers and

Niche is a Bitch

I like writing and occasionally write about spanking, but the trouble with niche sites is that they are niche and some are really laser-focused on nothing but the niche. For example, on one spanko-lit site, I posted a story that had just incidental spankings in what was otherwise a vanilla novella--result? Complaints, including aimed at the admin for permitting and, worse, approving of the story! "Not enough spankings!" was the (accurate) charge. I don't understand how anyone could just thi


St.George in Life


Her quaint shop in the middle of the city seemed from another era, the 1970s perhaps, with nothing newer than that. Walking through her store, I was assaulted by memories and stories from people long dead or, if possibly alive, much older than me. It was like walking through a cemetery... There were paddles - not specifically for our kink, but immediately adaptable - dirt cheap, less than $10 and sturdier than the flimsy boards I have seen swinging in RealSpankings videos that so often brea


St.George in Life

A Lovely Day

Today is special, you know--Beltane. 🙏 I am asking a woman out. She is some sort of pagan. I asked her whether she was Wiccan, and she nodded, but I thought to myself, nay, she is something else, not every pentacle means the obvious. It is difficult for me to predict what her response will be, but the Celtic Cross implies I will be well regardless. I made a list to bolster my courage of things I can lose by asking her out, and things I can gain. There is nothing under the Lose column. Under

Paddled Mid Afternoon

It’s been a while since I’ve added something to my blog, today presented me with the perfect opportunity. This morning left my wife and I with a quiet empty house. We decided to take advantage of it with some romantic alone time. During our intimate interaction, I was told I was getting a spanking immediately following. We finished up then laid back for a minute and started discussing the yard work and spring clean up that had to happen around the house. After some lengthy discussion, we go

Pornography and Sex

The first time I was exposed to pornography was in the primary grades at the school bus stop, when another boy had stolen a copy of Hustler from his father and brought it for all the boys to gawk at. I thought it was quite boring and wondered that they found it fascinating. In the years that followed, I would often try to summon interest in these things that other boys found titillating and arousing, because they seemed to get awfully worked up about them. In the end, I decided that I


As I was getting a massage this afternoon, the thought occurred to me, this is quite as good as a spanking, or rather better; vastly superior, really, and why didn't I think of it before--like thirty years ago? I was too cheap to pony up $50 - $75 for an hour, alas... scrimping and saving for... what? After divorce and the wiping out of my "castle built of sand," I have come to realize, one must indulge while one can. Time, too, is a limited asset, not just money. What, save it all for my sevent


St.George in Massage

Getting it bare for the first (and probably last) time

So this happened last week. I've finally had time to to write and reflect on it. A few reflections on my first bare bottom spanking.   Some of you will know that the guy who disciplines me is a good friend. We do stuff socially - beyond the discipline stuff (and have worked hard to maintain that separate space in our friendship) - and are part of the same group of friends (of course none of them know our secret). But we obviously don't live together and I've never experienced immediate c


Naomi in experiences

My Spanko Autobiography

This is an interesting, and surprisingly difficult, blog to write. Despite my spanko experience being generally very positive. So, today, I am going to write, my spanko autobiography! The Beginnings So, I differ a little from a lot of spankos in the sense that the spanking side of things wasn't the first thing that I discovered as a child. So I didn't look up the word in the OED like a lot of us had. I was simply fascinated by punishments in general. I remember once when I

Let's Talk About: Discipline Spankings and Dynamics

I've had a lot of chats recently about the nature of discipline spankings, why we do them and what we get out of them. I've heard a lot of thoughts from quite a few people about this and it's inspired me to write a blog on the subject. I'm just rambling through thoughts here, so this isn't likely to be anything especially well structured. Discipline Spankings and Unwanted Behaviour I hear a lot of people saying "how can something be a punishment if you enjoy it" since almost all of

Avoid Ending Your Relationships, Consider A Cathartic Spanking!

Avoid Ending Your Relationships, Consider A Cathartic Spanking! *A Spanking is not harsh, Death to a relationship is harsh*  Thomas Jefferson: “The art of life is the avoiding of pain.”  This is just my opinion. It is going to be long, It will most like have Scriptures and it may jump around a little. I miss not having my editor, laughs. The pain of a spanking is temporary. It leads to repentance and restoration. The pain of ending the couple's relationship is perpetual.  M

30 Spanko Questions to Think About.

A quick spanko quiz courtesy of a friend of mine on fetlife. Leads to some interesting answers, feel free to try it yourselves :). 1: When did you give or receive your first over the knee spanking? Give: Was about 19 with a vanilla partner. We'd experimented with kink stuff lightly before then, and we were messing around and she ended up in an OTK position. The spanking itself was VERY light - so much so that us spankos would probably not even feel it. That said - it was still ver


Am123 in Spanking


Trust is what makes it any relationship tick. You have no hope of having a successful relationship anyone unless you are willing to have 100% communication and dedication to each other. Trust is something that is important in every relationship. However, since a spankee is placed in such a vulnerable position, the need for this quality is magnified. We do everything in our power to gain the trust of another. If we can do that, we lay the foundation for a successful Domestic Discipline Relationsh


Oldbrat in Trust

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