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My Spanko Autobiography

This is an interesting, and surprisingly difficult, blog to write. Despite my spanko experience being generally very positive. So, today, I am going to write, my spanko autobiography! The Beginnings So, I differ a little from a lot of spankos in the sense that the spanking side of things wasn't the first thing that I discovered as a child. So I didn't look up the word in the OED like a lot of us had. I was simply fascinated by punishments in general. I remember once when I

Let's Talk About: Discipline Spankings and Dynamics

I've had a lot of chats recently about the nature of discipline spankings, why we do them and what we get out of them. I've heard a lot of thoughts from quite a few people about this and it's inspired me to write a blog on the subject. I'm just rambling through thoughts here, so this isn't likely to be anything especially well structured. Discipline Spankings and Unwanted Behaviour I hear a lot of people saying "how can something be a punishment if you enjoy it" since almost all of

Avoid Ending Your Relationships, Consider A Cathartic Spanking!

Avoid Ending Your Relationships, Consider A Cathartic Spanking! *A Spanking is not harsh, Death to a relationship is harsh*  Thomas Jefferson: “The art of life is the avoiding of pain.”  This is just my opinion. It is going to be long, It will most like have Scriptures and it may jump around a little. I miss not having my editor, laughs. The pain of a spanking is temporary. It leads to repentance and restoration. The pain of ending the couple's relationship is perpetual.  M

30 Spanko Questions to Think About.

A quick spanko quiz courtesy of a friend of mine on fetlife. Leads to some interesting answers, feel free to try it yourselves :). 1: When did you give or receive your first over the knee spanking? Give: Was about 19 with a vanilla partner. We'd experimented with kink stuff lightly before then, and we were messing around and she ended up in an OTK position. The spanking itself was VERY light - so much so that us spankos would probably not even feel it. That said - it was still ver


Am123 in Spanking


Trust is what makes it any relationship tick. You have no hope of having a successful relationship anyone unless you are willing to have 100% communication and dedication to each other. Trust is something that is important in every relationship. However, since a spankee is placed in such a vulnerable position, the need for this quality is magnified. We do everything in our power to gain the trust of another. If we can do that, we lay the foundation for a successful Domestic Discipline Relationsh


Oldbrat in Trust


The journey to healing from emotional, mental, physical and or sexual abuse calls for us to change our thinking about relationships, self-love, and self-respect and self- kindness. Abusive relationships often serve as the channel for shocking change and have the capability to motivate us towards freedom and strength, should we take advantage of a new thought process. Here are some life- altering truths I try to embrace in my journey. At times, sometimes often, I feeling was not good enough


Oldbrat in Survivor

The button that seeks to be pressed

I have a lifelong fascination with spanking and discipline. I am not sure why but it is there in my head like a blinking red button asking me to press it. Sometimes it is a short cut to eroticism but sometimes it is a nagging and demanding red light that keeps moving into view and wants to be pressed. It feels hard wired, deep in my psyche. I cannot rationalise it not can I negotiate with it or avoid it. I felt bad about it for a long time. I like and respect women. I work in an industry which h

Public Spankings/Getting Caught in the Act

I was reminiscing about spanking earlier today and a specific couple of times came to my mind. Which was times when we've been caught in the act. The one that came to mind first, happened whilst with an ex girlfriend in my family home when I was around 19 or 20. It was a hot summer day, we were fooling around in the bedroom and she soon found herself over my knee. Caught up in the whole thing as we were, we didn't realise that the window was wide open and next thing we knew we heard, "


Am123 in Spanking

Step One: The New How of Spankings During Covid

You know how it is. The desire rises up in you, after a period of trying to ignore it or being distracted by life. (And vanilla relationships.)   But it becomes something you can’t ignore any longer and you can’t easily suppress.  You start watching all the spanking porn again ... pulling up your favourite saved videos, pouring over pictures of perfect posteriors, allowing yourself to think again about what you so deeply need and crave and WANT.   When the feeling rises up like this, it’s

Do or Do Not...

" ..."There is not try." -Yoda" -My disciplinarian. For privacy's sake, lets call him E. bonus points if you get the reference from "The Office"   I've slipped a bit recently. I made some very important commitments for work that I have slacked on in addition to losing touch with my own personal commitments/sight of my own goals. Anyways, I felt like today was such a productive day compared to recent weeks. "E" had me write out a schedule with some time allotted specifically f


scarlet in General

"Good Night, Sleep Tight, Tomorrows Spanking Will Bite"

E and I agreed on a bedtime. A consistent sleep schedule definitely helps me and if I do not have a bedtime.... I am any word that is antonymous for consistent. It got so bad before we began our dynamic that I was late to work... TWICE. During the school year, I am in bed at 9:30 with lights out by 10. We added the "lights out by 10" part because I complained about having the same bedtime as his son. That really put things in perspective for him, haha! Now that it is summertime, we agreed on a l


scarlet in General

It All Evened Out

x100   E was... less than satisfied when I admitted to driving a little too fast for the 4th time since February. This all goes back to my own disorganization, though. I swear- WHY does it always take so much longer than 43 minutes to drive forty-three miles??  I had the most amazing Saturday recently, meeting up with some of my best friends (who, yes, are in my little COVID bubble-- safety first!) to celebrate a birthday and exchange Christmas presents. We chose to meet up for th


scarlet in General

Last Night I Got A Spanking

It had been quite some time since my last spanking. Life had gotten so crazy over here that many things were pushed aside, discipline included. I went in to take a shower and found a paddle waiting on the bed when I got out. I knew that meant there would be some discipline before bed. I dressed appropriately in anticipation then went to watch some TV. Not a word was said about what I knew was to come when I joined my wife in the living room. It was so quiet we actually both dozed off for a


Busted4fun in Long Overdue


I pressed the door release button and had about 90 seconds to my thoughts while he walked upstairs. And, I'll be honest, one of those thoughts was: what have I done! Then came the knock at the door. I slowly went to let J in.   We had our usual quick embrace but it obviously felt different. He nicely asked me how I was feeling, to which I replied "really nervous" - he responded that that was normal.   We walked through to the open plan bit of my apartment. The three implements


Naomi in experiences

Getting started

I was chatting earlier about my beginning into spanking and thought I would write a short blog on it. During my early 20's I was good friends with a group of 6 and we used to spend a lot of time in each others company. Normally starting at the pub and always finishing at someone's house. ( for those who remember the 80's pubs closed at 10.30 then ).  One evening we ended up back at Val's house and continued drinking and chatting.  She for some unknown reason had lots of Jelly in the fridge


Tate999 in Party


MY FIRST TIME - PART 1 of 2   So this the first part of my account of my first experience of spanking and discipline, which happened last Sunday. Some of you have kindly asked how I’m going – it went well, if that’s right word for what was still a really painful, chastening, and cathartic experience. I’ll get to that part in part 2 because I don’t have time to finish this today I’ll tell the story of how I got there – some of this might be familiar to those of you who’ve read my



Why do I spank?

A follow on to my previous blog on the aspects of spanking. I wanted to talk a bit more in depth about the reasons I like to give a spanking, something which I do get asked quite a lot. I enjoy all aspects of spanking, discipline, most roleplays and it's release of stress. But I've often found myself wondering what I gain when I'm on the spanker side of things - which is most of my sessions, I'm going to go through some of the reasons.  Sexual Here me out here, I do find spanking sexua



Spanking Process Capability Study

Notice! This will probably go down as the most brilliant literature ever written on this site and in a few years, it'll be common place for everyone to be demanding that their spankers process have a CpK value of at least 1.67!  Actually....I'm very aware that this will most likely be considered the most pointless and boring post ever made on here.... I also just realized I should have used Cp Upper but it's fine, it wont matter for the sake of this example.....  Find out if your spanking a



Things to NEVER do around your ER/EE

Surely this kind of information is common sense, but it's probably the only thing of substance I can contribute to the site... Never engage in the following behaviors Don't schedule a session and then forget to show up  Don't take them for granted  Avoid at all costs discussing any of the following items  at any point in your relationship - especially the first few days Clinical Depression Anxiety Your dysfunctional family Chemical dependency 



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