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Sometimes I wonder why I like a good scolding. I don’t think it’s because I like to be talked down to. I think it’s more that someone is holding me accountable for my actions or non-actions and telling me they know I’m capable of doing better. I used to despise hearing how disappointed someone was in me. That was the worst! Now though, it’s almost a cleansing. Hearing how disappointed someone is and then having them tell you that they are going to spank you for your behavior just makes me feel a


TroubleMaker76 in Journal

Early days and a consensual spanking from my older brother.

I have had an interest in spanking from a very early age. In the UK we had comics where many of the characters received parental spankings in the stories. I think they were a seminal influence on me. Growing up in the 1960s, parental and school spankings were very common. Generally these were not cruel or abusive, but seen as a good way to maintain good behavior. Usually 12-24 smacks on the bare bottom with the hand or a lot less if a slipper or hairbrush was applied. I was never spank


Blushing in Spanking Memories

The end of a couple weeks without the opportunity

The past couple weeks have been really hard. My wife and I have a family health issue that  we're dealing with. We've been assured the outcome will be good, but the road to that point will not be easy.  I self spank for stress relief and relaxation, but oddly if I am to stressed I don't want a spanking. Yesterday and today that dam broke. I had the opportunity, and the desire and need was really strong. Needless to say between the two days and some sessions with a pickle ball paddle, rubber


selfsp12 in Stress Relief

A new DD relationship story

This is a fictional story I wrote awhile back but have lost the orignal copy. I am going to rewrite it here. Enjoy!  Laney and Karl had been together a few months now. They met at a slosh where some mutal friends introduced them. They went on a few dates and had a couple of spanking playdates, but Karl hadn't given Laney true punishment spankings yet. The two of them agreed to take it slow as both were new to the lifestyle. Neither of them had been in a DD relationship and didn't want to ru


TroubleMaker76 in Fantasy

Stuck in my head

While I enjoy using my spanking machine I often think of house nice it would be to be laying across a lap receiving a good hand spanking. I’ve got a lot of things that I find “wrong” with myself that prevents me from opening up and trusting an EE. It’s all in my head. Stuff I don’t like about my appearance mostly. If I could just get out of my own head I think I could open up and enjoy spankings from others. 


TroubleMaker76 in Journal

My first ever spanking

Exactly who brought it up or how we came to even talk about it, I don’t remember anymore. But at age 15, a female friend and I discovered we shared an interest in spanking. It was me who first took the initiative to spank her. I still remember how we were very quiet and flustered about the whole thing as she slowly lowered her jeans in my bedroom. Nobody else was home. She was too embarrassed to lower her panties so she went over my knee with her white cotton briefs still covering her bottom.


boy2spank in experience

Self sabotaging

I took off two hours of unplanned time from work yesterday and because I didn’t have the sick hours to cover it I was out on an attendance warning. I worked myself up I to a tizzy and thought for sure it would prevent me from being able to apply and be accepted for any promotions in the next 60 days. After talking with my manager I have been informed that I can apply and still be promoted for any future positions that come available.    So now that I have calmed down it has been deci


TroubleMaker76 in Journal

Public Bathrooms

So as a child I was taken to public bathrooms and spanked if I acted up. As an adult this is one of my fantasies.    I always fantasize about being out in public with friends/my partner and saying something I shouldn’t or doing something wrong that would be cause for an immediate spanking. No waiting until we get home but a quick hard spanking right there. I picture being told by a whisper in my ear that I’m going to get a spanking and then being stood up by my arm (gently as to not cause


TroubleMaker76 in Fantasy

Late to Work Part 2

She did know. In those few seconds as she looked from Chris' face to the strap in front of him, she recalled just how often she'd been late and actually found herself wishing she'd asked him to do this so that it could have happened sooner.    Seconds passed. Chris stood up and took the strap in his hand. "Let's go" he said.  He walked out of the office and Joy followed behind until they reached a sitting room where they would often meet clients.    It was decorated, out


BansheeGal in Spanking Fiction

Late to Work Spanking

Joy was so often late for work, it had become expected. As a high performer who always wanted to reach her highest potential, the fact that this one simple thing constantly evaded her was the bain of nearly every work day.  "Why can't I get this together? No matter what I do, there seems to always be something that comes up to slow me down." Even as she thought it, she knew, deep down. The real reason was that she just didn't want to be on time badly enough.  She knew from experie


BansheeGal in Spanking Fiction

Banshee's Spanking Autobiography

I was never not fascinated by spanking. I think every '90s baby Spanko remembers the clock on Pinochio with a boy being spanked. I recall my older siblings watching a video sermon or a class of some kind that for whatever reason included an acted-out spanking. No clue of the context, but I remember that spanking as well as the one on Split Infinity which was rather unsatisfying in the end because who considers 3 whacks with a paddle, over jeans no less, a spanking?  Self-spanking never work


BansheeGal in Musings of a Spankee

When the Plumbers Came to My House

Apparently, I have a gas leak in my cute 2 bedroom cottage in my city's historic district.  After a quick call to the gas company, two solid midwestern men showed up at my door. Unbeknownst to them, I have a spanking machine. In my closet. The same closet that houses the gas furnace. As they tested around the house and outdoors, the realization crept up on me.  What if they need to get to the furnace?!  I scrambled into the room, grabbed the giant lexan paddle first thing bec

He is tall and blond and kind of a libertarian. He caught me altering my employement card and did not say anything but told me we could manage it later.

I arrived his home and he was waiting for me. I thought he was going to ask for money but he has a surprise. He cracked his belt. I felt scared but at the same time I wanted for him to give me at least one lick. He told me to strip and I tried to protest but he cracked the belt again so I decided to oblige. I assumed the position and closed my eyes. He came hard but I did not move. It hurt but I liked it. I was afraid to tell him since this was a punishment. He waited a little and this was e


Frida54321 in Spank

A True Story

I was a teenager, probably around 15 or 16. It was summertime and I happened to be alone in the house with only my grandmother who lived with us at the time. She was still upstairs sleeping in her bedroom. My mom, dad and older sister had left to go shopping. I went outside for something and accidentally locked myself out of the house via the inside door from the garage. I did everything I could think of to get back in, starting knocking on the door, ringing the front doorbell, ringing the back 

....so then I said: "Goodbye, Daddy"

It was great having a Daddy. It was the best 3 years of my life. Yes, there were many up and downs. In fact, there were two instances within those 3 years when we went our separate ways....once being my fault, the 2nd because he had become overwhelmed and had told me he was leaving Twitter...and he did for a a few months, but then he was back and I was really the most happiest girl to have her Daddy back...but then I also got a sister...and a Papa...and then another sister.... January through Ap


Powpaulie in Journal Entry

Strip Those Panties Down.... (Part One)

The woman couldn’t seem to shake off the feelings. They crept up her spine like a serpent that nestled within her chest, coiling around her heart making it impossible to breathe. She clenched her eyes shut as she tried desperately to swallow the lump in her throat. Unable to reconcile her need for release with the fury of thoughts that raced to the living room. Her eyes searched with need until they settled onto the safe haven of his tender face. He could barely push himself away from his

A story

This is a test to see if there are any reactions. 😉 Unfortunately, you cannot upload PDFs here. Or I'm not smart enough for that. ---------------------------- T H E   O A T H At least a dozen! Didn't daddy order it, mommy? You don't want me to break the sacred oath we made him on his deathbed, do you? Yes, his belt hurts terribly. You don't have to tell me anything about, Mom. Still, that's his clearly stated wish, and you really can't argue that you didn't know


AgnesB in Stories

Spanking, Punishments and Safewords

This started as a reply to a thread on one of the groups I follow on here, and then became really long so I turned it into a writing. Watch out, I'm on a rant! I've met a lot of spankos who've told me they've been warned away from the spanking scene because it is "very lacking on consent." The warnings often from older and more experienced people in the scene. After reading some of the comments on this thread, I can see why. The OP appeared to be a well known blogger at the time and I've se


Am123 in Spanking and Discipline

For His Pleasure: Emotional Release Spanking for the Spanker/Dom

The ping of her phone startled her into reality. Her heart skipped a beat as it was the only ping that sounded differently from all the rest, alerting her to know exactly who was at the other end. Shaking her head, she fumbled in her pocket searching for the phone. A smile widened across her lips as she read his message, “When will you be finished with your day so I can have you to myself?” Although they both had busy lifestyles, their evenings were always spent together. Unfortunately, th

Halloween Spanking

***Disclaimer!  "Little Girl" in the context of this story is the name of an adult female in a consensual relationship with a man she calls "Daddy"***   Little girl eased the key into the lock.  If only she could be quiet, then she could sneak into bed without Daddy seeing her coming in.  She cautiously turned the key, making the smallest "click" noise she thought could possibly be made, and slowly opened the door.  It was dark inside.  Was Daddy still downstairs?  With any luck, Daddy h


Spanker83 in Stories

Skipping an appointment with my ER

After coming to the forum with questions about it (and the discussion that created) I thought I'd share what happened in the end. I won't go back over the detail of the mess I got myself into, and I also won't go back into the history of the arrangement I am in but it is in my previous posts if anyone is interested. Basically- I had an appointment with the guy who disciplines me because I had been struggling with one of my rules (that I have for myself). Instead of making sure I was at my place


Naomi in Punishment

The Emotional & Mental Foundation: Vulnerability, Reciprocity & Spanking

For many many years, I wanted to experience the depths of emotional and mental bondage with a Dominant man that was capable of leading my mind. The core of mental and emotional bondage begins with a submissive’s desires for her Dominant. At first, it may present itself as infatuation. That little feisty spark of lust then turns into adoration and progresses into something that many may call love. Love is the foundation of mental and emotional bondage because it is the composition of all positive
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