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Why do we Submit? Submiting means we choose to act selfless as we put the will of our God loving leader before ourselves. So in essence we are putting God's desire ahead of our own. We are called to be obedient in all things our ways, wills, affections, thoughts, desires and understanding. The volitions or driving force of our submission can be broken into three parts. We can submit out of duty. Meaning we have an obligation to obey and we want to avoid discipline. This is the


tmmaier in CDD

I'm Sorry

Hey guys for everyone that was on the other day when i was being a total downright brat on the chat and told someone to f you.im sorry and i was punished severely for it.my punishment was icy hot applied to my bare bottom then 50 swats with the bath brush,then 40 swats with the wooden paddle,then i had to get down on all 4 and put my nose to the floor for a longgggggg time and finally had to take a cold shower.im very sorry for being a down right brat and for saying for you to f off.Plus im stil

Be Accountable For Your Own Words & Behavior

The way that you treat other people is unacceptable. You do not get a pass. I gave you far too many passes for excuses of how you treated me. You even said yourself that I don’t deserve to be treated that way by anyone not even you. As lovely as that sounds, words like that mean nothing after you continue to do the same thing over and over and over again. You told me that one day you will “come for me” when you’re ready to pursue a real romantic relationship with me unless I tell you to not purs

My spanking origins

As a kid, I was spanked by my mom. Nothing there except she spanked me. Not anything bare or anything like that. My dad tried to spank my brother and I once but we laughed. So, mom did the spanking. She used my dad's belt. It was intimidating and it hurt. Anwyay, that is nothing to me but bad memories I want to avoid. As a teenager, for some reason, I kept this big wide flat board in my room. Honestly, I do no know how I justified it to my parents. In the afternoons, when I was ho


arguy in Origin

The Art Of Letting Go Through Self-Awareness

There is a beautiful art of self-awareness that consists of letting go. The art of letting go is knowing how to identify what no longer serves a purpose in your life, knowing when you are trying to force a square peg into a circle, and choosing to let go of these things to bring peace into your heart.  Naturally, people enjoy having a sense of control to ensure emotional safety and security. But sometimes this desire to have everything in control becomes detrimental to creating the life that you

A Note On Respect & Courtship

I respect the man that tells me that he just wants a one night fuck or a one night spanking session. I respect the man that tells me what he wants out of me for his satisfaction. I respect the man that tells me what I lack. More than the man that preaches that he wears his heart on his sleeve. More than the man that tells me that he wants me for himself. More than the man that claims he will court me with his absolute all. Why? Because the man that wants a quick fuck r

A Lesson On Self-Discipline & Effort

I just heard the sexiest remark anyone has ever stated to me. A remark that was filled with undeniable truth. A remark that silenced my need for spanking in a heartbeat. Well, silenced isn’t the appropriate word. My need for spanking transformed. Ah, that’s better.   My biggest turn on in another person is effort. My biggest annoyance with most people is laziness. Laziness has many forms from excuses, to sheer ignorance, to stagnation, etc. But, there is another form of laziness out t


LIVING AS AN ORPHAN During much of my childhood, I lived with my Aunt and my cousin – my cousin’s name is Janis. I have lived with them ever since my mum and dad were both killed in a car accident three years ago. My uncle was also in the same car but although he survived the accident, also later succumbed to his injuries some four months later. Auntie was devastated. She had lost her husband after holding out hope of a recovery for four months. Janis, who was now seventeen, was an


NeedDiscipline9 in F/m

Kaya's First Spanking From Alex (Fantasy Based Spanking Story)

“Alex?” She whispered as she stepped into his room. The man was splayed out across his bed with a pile of books laying on either of his sides. Kaya smiled gingerly at the sleeping man, gathering his books into her arms. As she placed them onto his desk she noted the titles which all related to binding spells and the risk factors of magick. Even though he had the tendency to be overbearing and often times too blunt for her liking, she undoubtedly knew that she was always safe in his care. Kay

The First Time I Spanked Sonia With a Hairbrush.

Growing up, I had always been fascinated by the prospect of being spanked, but I had no interest in  actually spanking somebody else. It wasn't until my 20s that I actually developed an interest in spanking women. I loved to see shapely legs and spankable pert bottoms! But alas, it wasn't easy to find a suitable girlfriend, I also found it very difficult to broach the subject. It wasn't until I was 38 that I met Sonia who was 32 at the time. Sonia always found it easy to express her sexual


Spanking is almost like an addiction for me. Sometimes I have to completely abandon it so I can focus on other things like work and school. I’m currently focusing on some good things happening at work so I’ve been avoiding all things spanking because it distracts me. I need some time to get through what I working on with work without being distracted. I still think about it but right now I’m pushing it away and will come back to it when I don’t have to focus so heavily on work. 


TroubleMaker76 in Journal


She sat watching TV casually flipping through the streaming apps not really finding anything to watch. Her roommate walked in the room and asked her if she had finished her laundry yet. She looked up at her roommate and shook her head side to side telling her no.  Her roommate walked over to her and snatched the remote away from her turning off the TV in the process. Her roommate then grabbed her arm pulling her up out of the chair she was lounging in and bent her over her outstretched knee

Topping from the bottom

I’ve often been told I top from the bottom. Basically if I don’t feel the situation is going the way I want it I tell the other person what I want. In most cases having an open line of communication is a good thing but doing this prevents my tops from being able to be in control. So, I’d thought I list some things that I like to hear in my blog.  If you message me asking if I have behaved my answer will almost certainly always be yes because in my eyes I haven’t done anything wrong. I


TroubleMaker76 in Journal

Meeting myself in the middle

I’m very hard on myself. I’m not a confident person and mostly it’s because I’m always putting myself down. I also deal with life in a black and white environment. (Not in regards to race.) Like if I mess up when trying to diet it derails my whole plan. Instead of giving myself grace and picking up where I messed up and doing better I just throw it all away. I don’t know how to accept one mistake and move on. It drives me nuts. I am my own worst enemy. 


TroubleMaker76 in Journal


I overdrew my checking account and my apartments are charging a NSF. I have since rectified the issue and rent has been paid.    I feel awful and would like to feel better about my mistake and make sure I don’t let it happen again. Scoldings, groundings and spanking suggestions are welcome to make sure I learn a lesson.


TroubleMaker76 in Journal


Sometimes I wonder why I like a good scolding. I don’t think it’s because I like to be talked down to. I think it’s more that someone is holding me accountable for my actions or non-actions and telling me they know I’m capable of doing better. I used to despise hearing how disappointed someone was in me. That was the worst! Now though, it’s almost a cleansing. Hearing how disappointed someone is and then having them tell you that they are going to spank you for your behavior just makes me feel a


TroubleMaker76 in Journal

Early days and a consensual spanking from my older brother.

I have had an interest in spanking from a very early age. In the UK we had comics where many of the characters received parental spankings in the stories. I think they were a seminal influence on me. Growing up in the 1960s, parental and school spankings were very common. Generally these were not cruel or abusive, but seen as a good way to maintain good behavior. Usually 12-24 smacks on the bare bottom with the hand or a lot less if a slipper or hairbrush was applied. I was never spank

The end of a couple weeks without the opportunity

The past couple weeks have been really hard. My wife and I have a family health issue that  we're dealing with. We've been assured the outcome will be good, but the road to that point will not be easy.  I self spank for stress relief and relaxation, but oddly if I am to stressed I don't want a spanking. Yesterday and today that dam broke. I had the opportunity, and the desire and need was really strong. Needless to say between the two days and some sessions with a pickle ball paddle, rubber


selfsp12 in Stress Relief

A new DD relationship story

This is a fictional story I wrote awhile back but have lost the orignal copy. I am going to rewrite it here. Enjoy!  Laney and Karl had been together a few months now. They met at a slosh where some mutal friends introduced them. They went on a few dates and had a couple of spanking playdates, but Karl hadn't given Laney true punishment spankings yet. The two of them agreed to take it slow as both were new to the lifestyle. Neither of them had been in a DD relationship and didn't want to ru


TroubleMaker76 in Fantasy

Stuck in my head

While I enjoy using my spanking machine I often think of house nice it would be to be laying across a lap receiving a good hand spanking. I’ve got a lot of things that I find “wrong” with myself that prevents me from opening up and trusting an EE. It’s all in my head. Stuff I don’t like about my appearance mostly. If I could just get out of my own head I think I could open up and enjoy spankings from others. 


TroubleMaker76 in Journal

My first ever spanking

Exactly who brought it up or how we came to even talk about it, I don’t remember anymore. But at age 15, a female friend and I discovered we shared an interest in spanking. It was me who first took the initiative to spank her. I still remember how we were very quiet and flustered about the whole thing as she slowly lowered her jeans in my bedroom. Nobody else was home. She was too embarrassed to lower her panties so she went over my knee with her white cotton briefs still covering her bottom.


boy2spank in experience

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