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    1. Board News & Updates

      News and information about the board, as well as rules of conduct.

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    3. Ask the Staff

      Need help posting or something moved? Whether it is a simple question of where to find something, name change request, a concern about another member - feel free to start a private thread here that only staff members can read and reply to. 

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    4. Introductions

      Welcome to Spanking Needs! Come introduce yourself in this forum. Don't be a stranger!!!

  2. The Study

    1. General Spanking Discussion

      Discussion area for all those needing to give or receive spankings.To find friends or a Spanking Partner please check out our Meeting Hall section to see which best fits your needs.

    2. Spanking Safety and Advice

      This is the place to share advice and safety tips for those that may be new to the lifestyle or a refresher for those who have been around a while. 

    3. Roles

      Maybe you're not sure, maybe you’re a Spanker, Spankee, Switch, or another title (or even no title); if you want to talk about your role in this lifestyle and how it makes you feel this is a good spot.

    4. Relationships

      Discuss your relationships and your adult spanking needs. These can be non-sexual, platonic, intimate or romantic relationships. Success stories? Frustration? Advice? Do you have a "Vanilla" partner? Struggling with understanding a Spanko partner? Do you need help discussing your needs with a family member, friend or medical provider? Discussions of your needs in a healthy and appropriate way. These are posts of "coming out of the closet" so to speak. Do not be ashamed of who you are.

    5. Spank Me, Oh Yes! (erotic)

      Forum for those who have a sexual interest in spanking and being spanked. You can be both emotionally AND sexually attracted to the belt or paddle, so here's your place to talk about it.

    6. ... In the news

      Spanking Therapy and Spanking in General in the news.

  3. The Foundation

    1. Creating Structure/ Guidelines

      This is a spot for talking about how we create the structure of our various arrangements. What works for you. Perhaps you don’t have a set of rules for your arrangement and that’s OK too. But do you have boundaries or hard limits you want to talk through? What implements make you tick?

    2. Reflection Circle

      Sometimes you just want to (or have to) tell other people about the punishment you got (or gave). Come here for commiseration, or as a way to process through your experiences. What punishments have worked for you? Which made you (or your partner) feel frustrated or resentful?

    3. Inspirational Box

      A lifestyle such as many of us live can be very lonely and frustrating at times.. Seek, give and support one another in this section. (Music, quotes, prayers, songs, etc, all welcomed!!) This can also be used to talk about our religion and our desires.

    4. Our Health

      A place to talk about our emotional, physical, and sexual health -- without being judged.

  4. Meeting Hall

    1. Daily Banter

      Got something to share that is unconnected to spanking discussion? Talk about it here.

    2. Polls and Surveys

      Get to know each other!

    3. Regional Directory

      Find friends and connections. This is not a sexual posting section.

    4. Local Groups and Events

      Post your event idea's and your local events you have planned. 

    5. Pen Pals/ Online Dynamics

      If you are looking for online only please post here.

  5. The Library & Media Center

    1. Music, Paintings, Photographs & Videos

      Post all your art here. Please keep it tasteful! :)

    2. Writing Desk

      Fictional and non fictional writing. An outlet for your creative side of spanking, or life experiences, Stories, poetry. etc. Share it!

  6. The Game Room

    1. Forum Games

      Chatty fun. Good old time-wasting fun stuff!

    2. Role Playing Discussion & Recruitment

      For discussing role playing and recruiting participants for a role play of any sort (including age play and ABDL that includes discipline).

  7. The Outside World

    1. Debate Section

      Controversial subject matter. No flaming! NO DEBATES ABOUT CHILDREN!!!!

    2. External Links

      Links to other websites of interest to our community.

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    • countspankulot

      Happy Krampusnacht everyone! I hope all you naughty boys and girls get what you deserve.

      · 0 replies
    • Imperium

      She stood there wearing only the thinnest of nightgowns. In her mind, it granted her more modesty than it did in reality. Tough the lights had been turned off to reduce her embarrassment, the glow of the street light filtering in through the window cast her body’s outline as if being viewed through X-ray vision. She looked over her shoulder, unsure of her next movie. With nervous resignation, she slowly reached up and softly pushed the gown off of her shoulders. Completely exposed, her arms moved to cover he bare breasts and her thighs clinched tighter at the air teasing her most intimate parts. She looked back again to confirm that her actions had been correct. A silent nod reassured her, even if it did nothing to ease her humiliation. Knowing the expectation, she bent herself forward over the bed - a place she was familiar with for other reasons. Again her mind imagined that her private places were well concealed by the darkness. If only she could see how the outside light illuminated everything she had desired to keep modestly hidden. In other circumstances, she’d be in the perfection position to be enjoyed, but she had many tears owed - and this evening her debt was going to be surrendered in full. The sound of belt being unbuckled filled the silence of the room. her breathing became short and shallow with anxiety and anticipation as that familiar sound of leather slipping past firm belt loops. Then the sound of heavy foot steps slowly moving towards her cause her eyes to clinch shut ass she knew all to well what was coming next. 
      · 1 reply
    • rubyredd

      It was a banner day for kinkster found objects.
      · 0 replies
    • DaChief

      We're still virtual at my job, and I thought I didn't have any meetings today, so I put my OTK4U baseball cap on.

      Guess what? I did have a meeting. 

      So, I figured I'd just leave my webcam off. We do that sometimes. 

      Guess what? The leader of this cross-team meeting used to be on my team, and she got all sappy and asked us to turn our webcams on so she could see our faces again. And there I am wearing a baseball cap with an inappropriate logo. 

      Okay, I've seen other guys in the virtual work environment twist their caps backwards, so, uh, yeah...I'll do that and then turn on my webcam. I mean, yeah, those guys were like 26 and I'm 53 going on 54, but, whatever. If they can do it, so can I.

      So, there I am, cap turned backwards, three days growth on my face and wearing a flannel that looked like it was from Seattle '93. But they didn't see the OTK4U logo! 

      Because nothing gives my Gen-Z and Millennial co-workers more kicks than seeing my aging Gen-X ass on a Friday looking like I'm gonna leave work to do some airwalks and alley-oops to Blues Traveller and Gin Blossoms at the skatepark. 

      All this, thanks to my OTK4U baseball cap! 
      · 8 replies
    • rubyredd

      I want to pick one as a present  - which one would you choose: martinet or tawse? 
      These are from The London Tanners - if you want to check the specs. 

      · 19 replies
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