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Spanking Professionals

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US Listings appear first as we are hosted and owned in the US.

International Listings are at the bottom of the page in alphabetical order by country.

US: Alabama:

I am an experienced professional, mentor and disciplinarian. I use various forms of discipline to assist naughty boys and girls to curb unwanted behaviors and/or improve sour attitudes. Complete individual discipline programs, as well as occasional attitude adjustments are available real time by appointment only. I am experienced in role play and therapeutic spankings as well. Online consultations can also be arranged.

No sexual context, just private theater between consenting adults.

However, if you have trouble with motivation, need a firm hand to assist with goal setting and accountability, or just need some caring correction over a maternal-type lap, drop me a note.

Your Auntie Rhi knows best.......

Fee For Services

Auntie Rhi


I am a disciplinarian serving the Gulf Coast region. This is first and foremost NON-SEXUAL. I provide in person discipline or online discipline. I would be more than happy to talk with you about your needs. Your safety and trust is first and foremost with me. Please let me know if I can be of assistance to you.


US: Arizona:

I am a Disciplinarian and Dominatrix in Phoenix, Arizona.

I enjoy many aspects of BDSM, but consider spanking very special. I enjoy creating the role play that may make your spanking experience unique, and am always happy to include the types of things all naughty boys and girls need, including line writing, mouth soaping and corner time!

Hand spanking, paddles, caning, strapping...over my knee, bent over holding your ankles, I am more than happy to tailor a spanking and discipline session just for you..

Fee For Services

Miss Kiley

US: California:

Nice looking clean-cut white male, 5'9 160, slender muscular build, looking to provide spankings to both guys and girls in search of discipline. I live near Sacramento CA, can host, and I am discreet and safe.

I have given a lot of spankings, so I know how to spank without leaving marks and do respect limits. If interested, contact me on this site or via my email address listed on my profile. Spankings are disciplinary in nature, and are given with me sitting on a flat back chair, and you over my knees with your pants and underpants rolled down, positioned for a real bare bottom spanking via hand, lexan or ping pong paddle, belt or wooden hairbrush. Spankings will result in a stinging red bottom, followed by corner time with your pants still lowered, back facing me, spanked red cheeks on display.

Free service, so contact me if you are over 18 and wish to set up a time and date to stop by and go across my knees to receive a good old fashion bare bottom spanking, or contact me even if you just have questions.

This is strictly a spanking ad. Spankings are to help you out with discipline needs. lack of focus, inability to stay on track with your goals, or just curiosity.



Central Coast. I am an athletic male early forties who probably looks a lot like your high school phys ed teacher. Over the years at Springfield High I have been forced to provide gentle but firm correction to young women and their moms who were unable to make a serious committment to their physical fitness. In addtion to making them do jumping jacks and situps (sometimes without a stitch on!) I have found it necessary to bend them over the pommel horse for an old fashioned spanking. Needless to say, by the end of the class they are both much more interested in getting into shape and in dire need of a cool shower to ease the soreness of their rear ends.

You know you need to recapture your youth, your health and your carefree high school days, so contact me now to arrange a workout you will not forget.

Disclipinarian Dean

US: Conneticut:

Elderly gentleman in the Hartford area, offering spankings to wayward girls who need discipline and structure in their lives. Willing to travel short distances to visit you. I have many years experience.


US: Georgia:

Stocky WM, 5'8", 195, late fifties administers bare bottom discipline via palm, paddle and hairbrush to men only, straight, bi or gay that are height weight proportionate up to age 55 and in need. Questioning, lecture and corner time, like your parents might have given you. Do well with men in positions of authority or that are usually dominant but need a period attitude adjustment.

Mr C

US: Michigan:

I provide motherly guidance and discipline. I have many years experience as spanker.
I'm fair but strict.
Contact me if you like to know more.


US: Minnesota:

Twin City area Spanking sessions available for...
~Guilt/Stress release
~Parental Guidance (AB's welcome) **Must 18 years old and consenting**

Payments if any will be negotiable.


US: North Carolina:

Disciplinarian with over 20 years experience for ladies in the Charlotte, NC area and surrounding towns. I am 49 years old, tall, well educated, athletic gentleman with large hands.
Perfect for the first time woman or a lady with unresolved guilt in her life. A woman who has been thinking of this for a long time and never acted on it, and needs to experience the closure and forgiveness with a Christian man who is understanding, gentlemanly, and kind...or, a woman who has unresolved guilt in her life that she needs to deal with in order to move on with her life.
If we decide to proceed, our time together will include a good sound long lasting trip over my knee. I spank by hand the old fashioned way.



I am a professional disciplinarian working with women, men & couples in Charlotte, NC. I have been doing various aspects of corporal punishment including role-play for (& it amazes me to add the time up!!) just over 20 years now, and specifically doing a more domestic form of discipline (in other words, no leather catsuits or gothic dungeons) for over 6 years. I do both ongoing accountability programs combined with discipline sessions for real life goals, domestic types of role play (ex: mother, teacher, boss...), simple "I need a spanking for no other reason than I need one" sessions, couples counselling for those who are trying to start a domestic discipline relationship, & long distance email, Skype & phone sessions. I also work with a woman who has been my apprentice/assistant for several years now as well as a male who is available to join or go solo for certain types of sessions. I would REALLY advise anyone who has an interest in contacting me to read through my website FIRST, so we don't waste each other's time with questions that are clearly answered there:

Fee For Services


US: Pennsylvania:

Entering college soon?
Do you procrastinate?
Are you having trouble focusing at school or work?
Are you good at what you do but you lack motivation?
Do you need to relieve guilt for a mistake you have made?
Do you need to relieve stress?
Perhaps you just need to not be in control for a little while...
I can help I have been providing non-sexual accountability for 9 years. Together you and I will create structure and boundaries, a plan to help you get back on track. .

I do not want there to be any confusion in what I do so here's some more detail. I have mentored more than 30 women ranging from ages 18-56, helping with everything from procrastination and Professional motivation to weight problems and temperament issues.

We would essentially make rules to help prevent you from doing those things that got you to this point. I would be in control of that issue and slowly, as you reached your goals the control would be given back. We will get to know each other and discuss the things that may and may not work for you and together create the rules for you.

This part that is unique, but please understand I am completely serious. The consequences I use are corporal punishment based. I use spanking, corner time, lines, essays, early bed times, groundation, and anything else that that person and I may agree on. (Hence the disciplinarian part of the topic) I do have references if needed Please ask me any questions you may have.
I Travel (with expenses paid)
I will never judge
I am very serious about this and if you don't want to change then you are simply wasting your time and my own..




Western PA, Eastern Ohio, Northern West Virginia

I provide fatherly guidance, mentoring, stress relief, discipline or just a spanking if you want one!. You'd be surprised what a difference a good, old-fashioned spanking can make. Male or female. Young or old.


This is strictly non-sexual. Confidentiality guaranteed. Newbies are more than welcome to begin their journey with me. And I'm old enough and experienced enough that you don't need to worry about hormone-induced behavior that may come with younger spankers/mentors.


Think of me as an adopt-a-pop.


Please visit my website -- -- and view the FAQs -- and maybe purchase a paddle!


If you are serious please contact me and we'll see how we can work together.




I'm a 61 yo man in the Harrisburg area of south central Pennsylvania. I'm an experienced spanker and disciplinarian. I'm very clean, healthy, educated and well mannered. My background is in education. I'm very discreet and will respect your privacy and limits. My spankings are primarily for ladies, although I will consider male spankings on a limited basis. A session would normally include otk spanking done bare bottom, corner time and light scolding. I can tailor the session to meet your needs and can use paddles and strap on a limited basis if you feel this is what you want and need. Please get in touch so we can chat and I can answer any questions you may have.



US: South Carolina:

I am a mid 40's man with 10 years of experience giving sound spankings to adult ladies.  Purely non-sexual, just old fashioned spankings and related punishments. I spank for real discipline, stress release and also just for fun.  Nothing over the top or extreme but I do believe in giving real spankings.  I am in Central South Carolina but I travel all over the state and to Charlotte, Raleigh, Myrtle Beach, Summerville etc.  I can be reached here, by email or on Yahoo IM: Publikk



US: Utah:

I am a Professional Punisher in Salt Lake City.

I punish all [BOTH genders] that have been naughty, the disrespectful, those that sass or talk back and of course those with potty mouths.

Fees to be discussed at session.

The Punisher

US: Wyoming:

Gentle to serious, always memorable spankings provided to deserving misbehaving men & women on bare butt by hand or paddle. Bondage provided as necessary to assure your complete submission. Role play, other aspects of discipline as required. North of Jackson, by appointment only.



Australia: Melbourne:

Very experienced mentor, Counsellor and disciplinarian. Interested in assisting people to address and treat behavior issues, phobias, sexual problems and dysfunction, weight issues, motivational and lack of discipline issues, major depression, anxiety, bipolar, internalised and repressessed issues that require airing, lesbian and homsexual issues. Contact by e mail in the first instance.

Dr. Holmesacourt

Australia: N.S.W:

I'm a mature, well-experienced spanker of adult ladies, 25-40 yoa range. Non-smoking and drug-free please!

I'm an ex-teacher from the caning era, so the cane and tawse CAN be options for the more adventurous.

I like meeting new women who share our 'urge' and promise total discretion, safety and an understanding wife to watch and take pics IF REQUIRED.

Otherwise I'm happy for a discreet 1-1 with a lady in her home or in a motel of her choice. No sex required.

Don't delay, write today!

Father Jon

Canada: Ontario:

Do you need a Dad/Grandpa who will listen to you, advise you, mentor you, rejoice in your success and correct you when you are wrong? I believe in encouragement, positivity...and discipline. Just as a man needs to be helped and encouraged, he also needs to be spanked or get a belting on his bare bottom if he is going off the rails. If you agree with that, get in touch.



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