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Spankee Reactions

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Posted 29 June 2010 - 12:57 PM

I have always liked to analyze the reactions that a spankee has to getting a good butt blistering. I will describe some of these below.

Spankee Reactions to the Spanking
When receiving a good spanking the spankee will naturally react in a number of ways. Spankee reactions are part of the visual and auditory rewards for the spanker and any on-lookers and are fun for even the spankee. Most of these reactions can be countered if restraints are used but the spanker would miss out on much of the fun. A spanking without any spankee reactions will be a very boring one indeed.
These reactions can be either voluntary attempts at resistance or involuntary reactions to the pain of the spanking. The one reaction wanted in a punishment style spanking most is, of course, a good crying scene. To R/L spankers it’s not a spanking if the spankee doesn’t shed real tears. The same holds true for adult punishment style spankings, even though tears are harder to come by. But there are quite a few others. A good spanker has to be familiar with the myriad reactions that a spankee will display and how to counter them for they will often interfere with proper spanking execution. Resistance actions include:

Defensive maneuvers - There will often be attempts at blocking the butt from further hits, either by fleeing, turning sideways, or using the hands to cover their own butt. Most spankers appreciate the feel of a spankee squirming during an OTK. It is part of the fun. But if defensive moves get out of control then some restraint may be necessary. A hammerlock on the spankee’s free arm is a good solution in an OTK, as seen below. In addition, such gambits always call for some penalty strokes. These will usually be attempted even before the first stroke so the spanker should get control of these right from the start.

Clenching – The spankee will instinctively try to clench her gluteus muscles to alleviate the effects of the strokes. Clenching tightens the gluteus muscles which leads to more surface sting and just below the surface thud but will prevent deep tissue thud. When unclenched the relaxed butt will absorb some of the stroke force but the implement will penetrate deeper, causing more deep thud damage but less surface sting. However, clenching is counter-intuitive in most cases. It does not really make the spanking hurt less since a relaxed muscle will absorb a greater part of the impact than a flexed muscle with less damage to the pain-sensitive skin layers. So it is in the spankee's own best interest to avoid clenching. While a little clenching can be a nice visual feedback for the spanker, continuous clenching is usually undesired because it is considered a sign of spankee resistance and also because a clenched butt is less spankable and less visually appealing than a relaxed one. Spankers will then either order the spankee not to clench or they might choose a spanking position that makes clenching more difficult. Or they may simply be told to “Relax” at this point. Such positions include any where:
• the spankee's hips are bent.
• the spankee's legs are spread.
• the spankee’s heels point outward and toes inward.
Adult spankees who like to get spanked will always relax when being spanked. Professional disciplinarians will always tell their clients to relax for their own pleasure.

Moving out of position - Some spanking positions like the standing ones make it easier and more tempting for the spankee to get out of position while others like the OTK make it more difficult. Regardless of position used, one rule that should be followed is that the spankee must stay in position when a stroke is to be delivered, otherwise it might land off-target. That’s how it is sold to her, as a safety issue, but of course the real purpose is to deliver more pain. Right after the stroke is delivered and the stinging is most intense, the spankee can be allowed to react a little – it would be unreasonable not to. But once the pain dies she get back in position, which must be held steadily so that the spankee can aim and apply the next stroke. The spanker will often explicitly instruct the spankee to “hold still” and not get out of position while the punishment is administered. This not only makes for a safer but more painful spanking but also requires more spankee submission. Breaking position means strokes done over and perhaps penalty strokes on top of that.

Verbal resistance - Most people do not want to be spanked so will continue their anti-spanking arguments even as the stokes fall. This is true even in consensual spankings. It takes discipline to submit to discipline, especially with adults big enough to offer actual resistance. Profanity, name calling and failing to comply with instructions often occur in this situation and are usually countered with penalty strokes.

Criticism Protests – The spankee may also feel the need to criticize the spanking itself. She will invariably think that the spanking is more painful than is justified and that if continued dire results will occur. They will accept a spanking but only one that doesn’t hurt, apparently. But a good spanker always spanks within the spankee’s limits, so this will not occur. A spanking should hurt but not beyond the spankee’s ability to reasonably suffer the expected number of strokes. They must be unpleasant but not unbearable. The usual rejoinder to this is “Of course it hurts! A spanking is supposed to hurt! But it was your behavior that earned this so you better get ready for a lot more of those.” And of course there will be no let-up. Continuing is its own penalty.

Involuntary reactions

The physical reactions of a spankee can be many and varied. Most are bodily contortions are resorted to as the spankee is forced to endure pain not of her own choosing. These will include the following:

Back Arching - As each stroke lands there will be generally an automatic arching of the back, especially on OTKs and also especially as a reaction to the shock of the first stroke. That is another reason why arching is required before each stroke. If the back is already arched, it cannot arch further. This will make the administration of the spanking easier for the spanker. But if spankee raises her back after the stroke, she should be told to get back into position before the next stroke. She may be told to “Look straight ahead!” Or else.

Squirming - Squirming while OTK can make the spanker's job difficult as she has to spend much energy on holding the spankee in position. Squirming can also make the spanking more unsafe if an implement other than the hand is used. If the spankee does not remain still, a blow that was directed at the buttocks may accidentally hit a wrong body part, such as the tailbone or the hand. The spanker does not want to hurt the spankee by hitting the wrong target but she does want to hurt her by hitting the right target. But squirming can also be a desired reaction when it helps to convey the spankee's pain and helplessness. It also is somewhat pleasurable to the spanker. If squirming is a problem restraints or penalty strokes may be considered. It is for this reason that schange during the spanking. If a painful spanking is anticipated listen for some fear in the voice. This means that the spanking will likely have its desired effect. Putting the spankee through some fear of what’s coming next was a big part of any spanking. In short, if a spankee doesn’t want to be spanked, that spanking will usually be effective.

Changes in breathing pattern - This will all be accompanied by many nervous gestures. Gasps and fast breathing indicates that the spanking is being felt by the spankee. It is very important for the spankee to be able to breathe freely all during the punishment. If a crying spankee is desired it cannot be performed properly unless the lungs are first filled with air before each sob. If the spankee is having breathing problems stop and sort them out before proceeding.

Distraction maneuvers – These are done by the spankee to make her think of something else besides her butt pain. A common one is to flex and extend the knees. In an OTK she will flex them back and forth often alternately. If required to stand she may buckle at the knees with each hard stroke. A more vigorous maneuver involves kicking their legs in all directions order to alleviate some of the pain and possibly to free them from the OTK position. Another manoeuvre is to tightly grip the furniture. Biting their own lip is another. These are usually desired by the spanker and onlookers so they should not be discouraged as long as they don’t delay the spanking. So no penalty strokes here.

Anticipation Trembling and Flinching – Spankees also often tremble with fear and anticipation between strokes and even before any strokes are given. The butt muscles will often flinch right after a well delivered stroke and again soon after as the spankee anticipates the next stroke. These reactions are hard to control in a spankee since they are natural and automatic. They do add to the spectacle so they are usually seen as desirable. They mean that the spanker is getting through to the spankee. But to add some spice to the role playing the spanker can demand that the flinching stop, that she will be spanked regardless and that such tricks will not do her any good. No penalty strokes here either.

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Posted 29 June 2010 - 01:33 PM

Good post.

The thing I have most difficulty with is maintaining position, especially when getting strapped. I dread the strap the most, and when it is applied, I sometimes don't maintain position, but that is definitely not in my best interest, as it always results in penalty strokes. :o As a result, I've gotten better at maintaining position, but it is definitely a work in progress.

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Posted 29 June 2010 - 02:54 PM

Thanks for this very informative and interesting post. I really enjoyed reading it. The spankee's reactions to discipline adds a rather fascinating element to the experience.

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Posted 29 June 2010 - 05:42 PM

Love this! I would say I am definitely of the squirming variety. I've also been known to reach back and try to stop the spanking from time to time, which is the nice part of having a strong spanker to keep my hand in place.
"The best way to behave is to misbehave." Mae West.

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Posted 29 June 2010 - 08:46 PM

Hey ButtPain:

Thanks for the great posting. This is a good list of the reactions that are possible.

I definitely think that if the spankee is silent and not begging and kicking then it’s not much of a spanking.

In my opinion the spankee should be kicking, yelping, begging and pleading. Everyone watching will greatly enjoy seeing the spankee’s real (not fake) reaction as their butt turns cherry red. It’s particularly hilarious when a bunch of people watching are laughing, smiling and having a good time while the person getting spanked is upset and shamelessly howling away!

ALTHOUGH lots of nice yelling and perhaps even crying should be encouraged the spankee should be strictly required to keep their butt nicely presented at all times so that the spanking can continue. No matter how much it hurts they must keep their bare butt nicely in position for the convenience of the spanker. It’s an incredible example of humility and submission to see someone who is begging for their spanking to stop keep their butt up and perfectly positioned so that the spanking can continue.

BUT IF THEY DARE to try and stop the spanking or they try to prevent their butt from being spanked an ADDITIONAL penalty should be available. The first time it happens the spanker should stop and give them a warning so that they fully understand the repercussions of not keeping their butt in a good position for more spanks. I think it’s hot if the spanker is very calm, paternal and matter-of-fact about it. For example the spanker might initiate a discussion regarding staying in position by saying something like “As you know if you don’t keep your butt nicely presented we will need to switch to the hairbrush. Do you want to upgrade to the hairbrush?” Naturally the spankee will insist that they don’t want the “upgrade” and they will quickly get back into position so that the spanking can continue. It’s cute watching them talk about how much it hurts, how they have learnt their lesson and how they don't need any more spanking but ultimately they reluctantly get back in position and promise to keep their butt presented for more punishment because they realize that not submitting voluntarily will make their spanking even worse.

#6 Guest_Pa1ge_*

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Posted 29 June 2010 - 11:07 PM


Thank you for posting "Spankee Reactions", you really hit the "butt on the cheek" with this one.

I am feeling a bit anxious about my next spank. The information you posted here
helps me understand my reactions to spanking and what to do to avoid additional swats.

I am definitely going to print this and take it to heart (if you do not mind).


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Posted 03 April 2013 - 10:16 PM

One thing I noticed, which was not covered in this post....the last spanking I had, I was sweating bullets!!!! My breathing became harder, and I sweat like crazy!!

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Posted 04 April 2013 - 04:18 PM

This is old, but is really interesting! I tend to be pretty still when I get spanked. I may move my feet some depending on what position I'm in, but will usually clench my fists. I was also pretty quiet when I first started getting spanked, but have become more vocal recently, LOL!

#9 ammon


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Posted 04 April 2013 - 10:59 PM

Lots of neat posts, Thanks!~! Glad some spankers want and enjoy some reactions...alwyas try not to react too much cuz the spanker might subside...when She should continue!

#10 geo2



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Posted 05 April 2013 - 03:44 AM

I have to agree. The purpose of a lot of adult spankings is to get a reaction. If the spankee does not have some kind of involuntary response, it must be a pretty mild spanking. I like to see some movement even after warning them to stay still. Lets me know I am doing a good job.

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