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Spanked by Mother-in-Law...normal?

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Posted 30 December 2009 - 04:43 AM

Hi everyone! My wife and I have been married 18 years. I am 36 and she is 43. Yes I got married young. My wife and I both share a desire to spank and be spanked. My desire is stronger than her's though. She has given me "erotic" spankings and "discipline" spankings. Over the years of our marriage I developed a desire to be punished this way by my mother-in-law, but never had the nerve to tell my wife fearing what she would think. I finally got the nerve 2 years ago to tell her and she didn't say anything, just stared at me with a blank expression. She thought it was strange. After a few weeks she brought it up and asked why I want this. I had developed a need to be punished by a motherly figure. My mom passed away 19 years ago and I view my mother-in-law like my mom. My mother-in-law is 67 and is old fashioned in her thinking. My wife said she would find the right time to talk to her mom about this and see what happens. Long story short, my mom-in-law said that she would do this for me and actually thought it would be a good thing. I couldn't believe she had agreed to it. She has spanked me 3 times as of current, all at her house. The first time was very awkward to say the least! I was scared to death. My wife and I went over to her mom's. We all talked about it, my wife included, before it happened. I didn't want my wife to see it, so my mother-in-law took me into her bedroom and shut the door. She has a small rocker chair in the bedroom that she sat on. She had me bend over her lap and she spanked me quite hard over my jeans. It lasted a few minutes and then was over. I felt relief afterward, free of guilt and stress, it was amazing. I actually felt closer to my mother-in-law. She has spanked me 2 times since, both on the bare, no genitals showing. Nothing sexual, far from it. She had me loosen my pants and then when I was over her knee she pulled down the back of my pants revealing my butt. That embarrassed me and hurt like heck getting it with no clothes to cushion, but I always felt better afterward. She still hasn't made me cry as yet. It was embarrassing after the spankings when we emerged from the bedroom and my wife was sitting there having heard me being punished. This must satisfy something in me from my mom passing at such a young age, I don't know. My real mom had many physical problems my whole growing up, it was tough on the whole family. I still get spanked by my wife and I'll spank her. I know this story is strange and most will not relate to it, but it's my story and I guess that's all that matters. My mother-in-law threatens to spank my wife from time to time, but hasn't yet. My mom-in-law says she should have spanked her more as a child and may have to make up for lost time one day. My wife laughs and says we'll see, but it may actually happen. Thanks everyone for reading my story! I feel safe to share here!

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Posted 30 December 2009 - 02:20 PM

Congratulations! As long as your mother-in-law is willing to accomodate your need and keeps it nonsexual, then I see no problem. Perhaps your mother-in-law will spank both you and your wife together or your wife and her mother both spank you. Sounds like your living every man's fantasy. Best of luck to you.

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Posted 30 December 2009 - 03:54 PM

Congratulations! As long as your mother-in-law is willing to accomodate your need and keeps it nonsexual, then I see no problem. Perhaps your mother-in-law will spank both you and your wife together or your wife and her mother both spank you. Sounds like your living every man's fantasy. Best of luck to you.

Agreed... Congrats! As far as the answer to your question, I don't think being spanked by your mother-in-law is common. Too bad... :)

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Posted 06 January 2010 - 08:32 AM

I am intrigued by this particular post as I have read a few accounts on various sites of people being spanked by their in-laws. It has to be said that most are fantasy but many seem to have a ring of truth about them. I would imagine that it is not going to be a common occurence - particularly these days.

A few thoughts on the subject -
People who have long held "old fashioned" views and had no problem in administering spankings in the family home may well be disposed to treating members of their extended family in the same manner. There are so many accounts of old fashioned parents still spanking their children who are still at home well into their 20's (and beyond!) that many of these accounts can be held to be true. This said, it is not too far to stretch the point that an incomer to the family unit could be expected to receive the same treatment.

No doubt when young adults are dating and finding out more about their new girlfriends that a great deal of time will be spent "getting to know them better" and there will be many discussions about each other's experiences, views and opinions, upbringing etc. It would be easy to tell if your girlfriend led a chaotic, unorganised and reckless lifestyle or if they had strong self discipline, well organised and if they held conservative or liberal views on a whole range of subjects. You would quickly sense if the family unit was the old-fashioned, well disciplined and respectful type by her manners and behaviours.

The longer your relationship lasted and the more you become involved in your girlfriend's family, you would probably be warned in advanced by your partner that certain standards are expected and basically to watch your P's and Q's if you still wanted to keep on the right side of their parents. Keep them sweet and you will always be welcome to continue dating or a stormy relationship might result as your girlfriend struggled to keep their parents happy although they view you as being unsuitable. If their parents were of the old fashioned sort that still resorted to spanking their sons and daughters of all ages it would only be a matter of time before your girlfriend would inform you of this situation so that your behaviour might not result in your girlfriend copping some punishment (e.g. missing curfews etc).

The longer you spend in the family circle and become "one of the family" and more relaxed in the their company, it becomes less embarrassing to exchange views and opinions - even when you hold opposing views and are happy to discuss and explore various issues. As familiarity creeps in, there are more opportunities for your girlfriend's parents to set down their expectations for you while spending time in their family home. If they are the type to continue with spankings it is likely that they will know that you have picked up on this facet of their domestic arrangements. You will have to live with this as they are not likely to change their lifestyle (which they must see as being a good way to lead their lives) to suit you.

As familiarity with your "second family" deepens, there will have to be compromises made to make for a happy and contented union. By far the easiest method is to adopt the "when in Rome do as the Romans do" approach and observe their customs and traditions as far as possible (e.g. they may be in the habit of saying grace before meals where your family do not) and for their part they must expect that while they must make some allowances as well that some family customs and practices are beyond compromise. As you are viewed more as part of the family rather than as friend (who was only recently a stranger) then there is a good chance for the parents to be more outspoken and to even pull you up when their sensitivities are being threatened. If they wouldn't accept some behaviours from their own family members why should you be the exception.

It is not such a huge leap to suggest that there will be occasions where they are more than annoyed with something you say or do. You may even have been aware that your girlfriend or one of their siblings had been spanked for the same offence. If they are at the stage of regarding you as very much a family member and openly treat you as such without any embarrassment or hestitation, they might have the confidence to show their acceptance of you within the family circle by proving that they will treat you on an equal basis. Pointing out that that conduct would have earned every else a spanking they might easily issue a warning that a repeat of the same by you would earn the same reward as will any future breaches in their rules or standards. Undoubtedly embarrassing - but conceivable.

How do you react? Apart from apologising and promising to watch your step in future, your mind is buzzing.
"Are they serious" - probably yes
"They are barking mad, I'll never submit to that" - say goodbye to being accepted in their home, cause a rift between them and your girlfriend, might it end your relationship?
"They are saying this to put me in my place by embarrassing me and that's all" - or is it?
"Will there be any comeback on my girlfriend" - maybe

Point of no return? A few weeks later you slip up when in their home. You know full well that it falls in the category of a spanking offence and the whole family who are present have picked up on it. Now you will find out if they were trying to embarrass you the last time or if they were serious. You try to carry on with something else so that the moment will pass without a further mention. You can see that your girlfriend is looking at you to make you see that you are sailing close to the wind. The other family members are shooting glances between you and their parents to see what their reaction is.

A few seconds pass in silence (although it probably seems like minutes) as everyone (except you) pauses to see what happens next. You try to initiate a line of conversation perhaps or read a newspaper/book etc - anything to break the mood of the moment. Just when it seems that the ploy has succeeded your girlfriend's father or mother interjets. "Do you recall our last conversation when we said what would happen if you misbehaved in this home again?"

It's your move and you have not been in a more embarrassing position for years. What do you do? You apologise of course and hope that will be it.
"Thank you for your apology but this is not satisfactory. Everyone else in this family would be getting a good spanking for what you just did - we warned you that you would get the same, what do you have to say for yourself?

So you tell them to take a hike - and you are out the door in minutes and probably not allowed back for a long time.
Apologise furiously again and hope they were only out to embarrass you.
Plead with them not to spank you - and look like a wimp in front of your girlfriend.
Admit you are in wrong and say that if they insist that a spanking is required that you will accept it - hoping that your girlfriend will admire you for showing due respect. They might relent seeing that you are being respectful.
Do and say nothing - keep the ball in their court and see what happens.

By the time you are churning these thoughts over, they are losing patience. You are now aware that the parents are signalling to one another obviously deciding between who is going to execute the deed. You can't make up your mind which could be the more embarrassing.

After a few more quiet whispers between them and you are still hoping that the embarrassment factor is going to satisfy them that no further action is required on this occasion, you are stunned when one rises from their chair and tells you to follow them. You leave the room with mother/father - still hoping that you will be taken into another room where you will get nothing more than a verbal dressing down and the rest of the family can believe whatever they care to think is happening. However, 2 minutes later you find yourself standing at the side of an armless chair while your girlfriend's father/mother is getting themselves comfortably seated and you are trying to find the words to ask them please not to put you over their knee.

A few minutes later you rejoin the family - face bright crimson and backside burning and ask your girlfriend if she would like a walk. Anything to get you out of the house until your embarrassment has passed. However the parting shot of the evening is from your girlfriend's parents "Now you know what to expect in future" - and you know full well that it is unlikely to be the last occasion you experience their displeasure in that fashion as long as you stay a ember of that family unit.

Not a common scenario of course - but possible.

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Posted 07 January 2010 - 09:00 AM

Thanks to everyone for your comments and advice. It is so nice to have a place to share these kinds of things and to help me feel normal and that there are others like me. My mother-in-law has spanked me now 4 times. She spanked me 2 days ago and this time she saw everything I had and I mean everything. To this point she had only seen my bare butt, but not anymore thanks to my wife. It was my wife's idea for me to completely take my pants and underwear down so I obeyed out of respect & love for my wife. I really feel blessed to have 2 women in my life that discipline me when I need it. It's weird I know and that's why I like being able to share here. My wife witnessed my spanking this time and then she spanked me after my mother-in-law was done. The reason for the spanking was my wife saw something on my Facebook account where I had been flirting with another woman, telling her how pretty she was and how she was hot. It really hurt my wife to read that and I felt terrible. She apologized for snooping in my account, but she was very hurt and upset. I know it was wrong and now there's a trust problem between us and that's not good. So my spankings were a punishment for this and I've been "grounded" from Facebook for a couple weeks. I also had to remove the woman as a friend from my Facebook account. The spankings happened at my in-laws in the bedroom. First one by my mother-in-law and I cried this time hard, maybe from feeling so bad from guilt, I'm not sure. I was also humiliated because my wife came in the room with us to watch me, which she had not done with my previous 3 spankings from mom. My wife made me drop my pants and everything, so now my mother-in-law knows what I look like naked for the most part, at least everything you see with no pants or underwear. So I was over my mother-in-laws' knee being spanked so hard in front of my wife, humiliated and embarrassed, more than I've ever been. I also felt embarrassed to cry in front of my wife. I take pride in being a strong male, leader of our home, protector and provider, but I felt like a little child and a wimp crying like a baby. My wife then spanked me after my mother-in-law was done. I don't know how long I cried, but I felt exhausted afterward for a couple hours. I do love my mother-in-law like my mother and consider her my mom, even though my real mom passed many years ago. My father-in-law would likely never punish me this way. Heck, he hardly spanked his daughters growing up, they mostly were spanked by their mom. So I seriously doubt he will ever do this to me, but he knows his wife has punished me a few times. So now I'm grounded, yes a grown man can be grounded by his wife, and I feel I deserve it after what I did and I am truly sorry for how it hurt my wife! I will obey her because I love her and want to save our marriage. I know it's not normal for a mother-in-law to do this, but we do have a close loving family. My wife's grandma, who is almost 90, heard about what I did and she wanted to spank me, but she is far too weak and old. She couldn't spank anyone, but she thought what I got was well deserved. I had no idea I would marry into a family like this. I am on the internet telling you all this, but I'm not getting on Facebook and I know my wife will check.

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Posted 09 January 2010 - 07:09 AM


Thank you for sharing,
I consider you to be the lucky one.
You asked and got...
I really respect that you discussed this with you wife, smart.
Barefoot @ the beach
I wake up everyday feeling great. I wish that for everyone!

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