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  1. I have used the cane which is reserved to special circumstance when my patience has gone far enough. And yes, it is capable of leaving welts for a few days depending on the number & severity of strokes..
  2. Be it over jeans, slacks, shorts, panties or pantyhose; doesn't matter. Because I will ​Get to the Bottom of it​. ​​However, one problem to consider would be with slipping an article of clothing over an already very sore ​hiney.
  3. So, having to ​sit at an angle ​doesn't appeal to you?
  4. I get good results when using a 5 gal paint stir stick either over clothing or across the bare, doesn't matter. They are easily accessible & free. I also coat the stir stick with several applications of polyurethane which makes more durable.
  5. Certain issues may designate a certain number of swats on occasion, depending on the issue. I may have a certain number to address a particular issue, such as inappropriate language would designate 1 swat per letter per word for example. However, any verbal counting can be a distraction to the ​business at hand.
  6. I am always upfront during those times when there maybe more than one involved, tho' I am discrete regarding any particulars unless it's permissible. When others are involved which would produce a conflict with an individual, then I am reasonably certain that I'm not the one for them.
  7. Tho' a conflict can happen, I tend to schedule disciplinary appts. within a time frame when there would be the least chance of it happening. However, if such a conflict develops & is thoroughly justified & excused, then it's rescheduled to the next immediate available time. But should the disruption be unwarranted & could've been avoided, then it's......"dum, dee-dum, dum".
  8. In essence, when all the " smoke has finally cleared​​ " ( ) then no, it really doesn't matter.
  9. It was soo long ago, but it happened when I had come to the realization that there was indeed an alternative to getting frustrated.
  10. Oh, I would definitely do it. Nodda problem, as I have never issued an idle threat.
  11. Discipline only for personal improvement. Whether to help develop good personal choices, structure. Or to overcome detrimental habits for one's own good.
  12. I'm always open to a fair discussion. I listen to the other side. And then to follow with my side which will not be verbal. I can assure you.
  13. I don't necessarily feel bad about it. The task is both unpleasant & frustrating b/c it could so easily have been avoided. And hopefully next time it will be.
  14. Burt Reynolds once asked Jack Lemmon, who never spoke ill of anyone, for his opinion of working with a particular director prior to a film project. [prior to the experience] Lemmon: "he's okay" [after the working experience] Reynolds: "he's an asshole" " " Lemmon: "I guess you could say that" Just a thought, which is to consider the source to be credible when asking for a personal reference.
  15. Firm 'n Fair...........Swift 'n Just.